Thursday, May 7, 2015

Out of the Worries...Come Wonders

Hello to all. It has been a long time since I posted here...have tried to several times in the past month...but just could not quite get the words out of my head...through these hands and into print!

Honestly...I have been living at break neck speed (at least my brain has been), dodging curveballs, managing change...well..."managing" is a strong word...feeling everything from from ecstatic to completely overwhelmed.

It has been so long since I posted...I could not possibly recount all of the events of the past several weeks...You're Welcome!

But for train of thought sake here are the ups, downs and all arounds!! A recap of sorts...

In April, and my focus was getting back on the bike and training hard for the MS150, after taking a tumble in late Jan..

Fell again on April 6th....effectively ending my training...but vowed to ride.

During 2nd week of April my Mom became very ill...very difficult time. Hospitalized for 10 challenging but surrounded by some amazing, loving friends.

Despite all of the "signs" that cycling may not be my sport...I rode in the MS150...or as it were, the MS75...due to a deluge of rain...the 1st day was cancelled...I may have been the only rider that thought that was a miracle of God!

Good news...I finished...with very little Grace and few style points...but completed my longest ride to date! Better news...the people that supported, cheered, encouraged and stuck with me to the bitter but triumphant end!! You know who you are!!!!!

After MS150...literally the next week...I resigned from my job of 5 years to accept a new position that I started in late April. A move I had been trying to make for close to 1 year. May flies by...

Mom is now officially on dialysis...We call it D' lighten it up a bit. She is better and she is adjusting to this life change that quite frankly, is one of those strange know the ones...those "blessings in disguise".

I am doing my own adjusting...again with very little grace or style...but doing my best to put the focus back on the importance of this Journey...back on improving my health...growing my faith...and NOT getting sidelined by my own worry and stress...BACK to the business of DeFluffing.

As it body is "Tore Up From The Floor Up" so...I am taking it very easy...light workouts...mostly just moving and about giving myself a place to release stress.

I have some obstacles to overcome...some "stuff" to work out...BUT... It is time to center my focus back on the goals of this Journey.

One of my closest friends wrote this to me in an email during one of my most difficult days...

"This too Shall Pass and out of the worries will come wonders.  All in due time".

Out of the worries will come wonders...She was right (she often is)...Out of some of my biggest deepest fears...Wonders have risen!
What a gift that she shared this insightful, loving opened my eyes to the reality of God's grace in that moment and continues to do so...with an occasional reminder needed. ;)

Over the past several weeks...I have done my fair share of worrying...and probably everybody else's share too...But there are Wonders to be be be grateful for...every day.

As this Journey continues, a Wonder in and of itself, I will keep my eyes open to the the presence...the inevitably of Wonders.

I have some work to do...some challenges to overcome...some growing pains to stretch through...some worries to convert to Wonders...and I will...All in Due Time and by the Grace of God.

Oh...and to the uncredited author of Out of the Worries will come Wonders...You are a wonderful "Wonder"! Thank you.