Monday, July 28, 2014


I am HOME!

It has been an eventful, rewarding, inspiring and at times...a little stressful (procuring auction items from my favorite Olympian stresses me out...she handles it beautifully though).

I come back with a big dose of Sunshine...a booster shot of inspiration...and hopefully, the UMPH I am gonna need to finish this 2nd year of my Journey to Light and FINISH THIS THING!

Here is pictorial recap of my time in SoCal...along with my traditional Cali selfie!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Good evening...It is my last night here in SoCal. was Golden!

Kerri and April masterfully won another FIVB event...GOLDEN!  My first time to see Kerri win live and in person! I cried! Still cry when I think about it!

Kerri took some of her very precious time to make sure we had some fantastic auction items for Play It Forward-Rally to Serve...Golden!

I leave here knowing that each time I am around Kerri and her family...I have learned a little more about the power of love...and how a team grounded in that love cannot be overcome!  Golden!

I leave here with a finish this! To live everyday doing something I love in a healthy, kick ass kind of way!

I know that I too, am surrounded by love...that I too, have a great team...It is just time for me to push through and do what I came here to do...

I want to be Golden!

Here some pics from today!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ok...Day 3 in word...AMAZING!

Amazing athletes....

Amazing setting...

Amazing people...

Amazing victories by Kerri Lee and April...

Amazing love and support....

Amazing messages from home...

And for me...another amazing blessing!

Each day I am here...I feel a growing desire and quite frankly...a growing responsibility to accomplish this goal. Not only that...I feel a growing desire to keep pushing through the self imposed boundaries that keep me from fully embracing this path that God is creating and guiding me along.

I am beginning to think that UMPH is all about LOVE...witnessing it...receiving it...Living it!

Here are a few reasons why for today! Great Day...

Tomorrow Kerri and April play for the Gold Medal! Can't Wait!

Scratch and Claw

Day 2 in SoCal has been many ways...I got to see some world class volleyball.

I got to spend a bit of time with Kerri and her family while watching Kerri's husband Casey play...

And then I was privileged to watch Kerri and April scratch and claw their way to a win to advance to the quarterfinals!  Truly amazing to behold! I thought I was going to puke from nervousness!  Lol!

Lastly, I ended the night in Hollywood with Donna, Bill and Emily! Interesting walk down Hollywood Blvd...followed by a lovely meal at  Angelinos in North Hollywood!

As I reflect on the brain is full of the experiences of the day...with one particular thought at the forefront of my mind.

As I approach the end of the 2nd year of this Journey....I know that I must scratch and claw in order to win this battle I am fighting...I must be willing to show the heart I saw in Kerri, April, and the German team they played!

Also, I must continue to reach for my goals with the knowledge that all the glory and blessings of this Journey are through God's Grace. 

It's funny....I watched Kerri play some amazing volleyball today....but much more moving and meaningful is her incredible kindness, heart, and patience in relationship to ALL the people who pull her in more directions than you can imagine!

She seems to have so much much appreciation for the blessings in her life...she is truly inspiring...I am truly blessed!

Today was a total UMPH boost if there ever was one! 

Here are a few pics!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In Heaven

I am Sunny California! It has been a great 1st day!

Got to see Kerri and got to meet April and so did Emily! 

I was up at 3:00 AM...and am now officially exhausted!  I will post pics tonight...and provide thoughts tomorrow night!

My thoughts tonight are generally mono-syballic and generally incoherent! 

Just know this...I am in heaven!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dream Another Dream

It is 11:20 pm CDT.  At 3:00 AM I will be getting up...getting dressed and heading to the airport for a very early flight! But I don't think I'll mind...because by 8:00 AM PT....I will in LA...and heading to the beach...where I will see Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings play some serious volleyball and I will be surrounded by ALL THINGS UMPH!

This Journey seems quite unreal at times...Almost unbelievable....until I see the the words...and most wonderfully...FEEL the experience!  At times...It feels like a dream...and not to sound too cliche' Feels Like A Dream Come True...

I think I will keep dreaming!

I leave you with this quote by one of my all time favorite writers/screenwriter!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Good Tidings" to You

In less than 48 hours, I will be in Sunny California...getting a needed dose of inspiration from Six Feet of Sunshine! ;)

Today...I am struggling to stay on top of all that is going on...but gratefully am running on adrenaline like nobody's business!

The event is taking shape...but still a lot to do and lots of planning, fundraising and details to complete. 

I know you are probably tired of hearing about is link to how you can help and a link to register to join us for some really great family fun.

Play It Forward-WAYS TO HELP


Recently, I provided a little insight into one of our chosen charities...Cy Hope. 

Tonight...I would like to share with you a bit about The Good Tidings Foundation:

As most of you know, this Journey is inspired by Kerri Walsh Jennings, a native of the Greater San Francisco area.  She has been involved with Good Tidings for quite some time and I chose the charity to honor her and her amazing generosity. 

Good Tidings is a children's charity "that looks to equally support Arts, Education, Athletics and Dreams for you from communities of need".

They build youth athletic facilities and art studios in lower income communities and they grant over $100,000 in community service scholarships annually.

They have constructed over 100 athletic facilities including basketball, baseball and sand volleyball (Kerri's Courts) courts/fields.  Including:

47 Basketball Courts
24 Tennis Courts
34 Baseball Fields
3 Football Fields
3 Fitness Centers
3 Volleyball Courts

They opened the Leroy Neiman Art Center which provides free art instruction for low-income students.

In 2014, Good Tidings will be building additional art studios throughout the Bay Area.

Additionally, Good Tidings offers "Rock Star Road Trips" mentoring programs for the kids.  These programs allow kids to meet, talk and learn from "influential professionals and leaders in their respective fields on daylong outings to inspire and encourage them to dream big."

These are just a few of the great things done on behalf of kids that need hope, need support and that will flourish if given the chance to do so.

I hope you will take a minute to check out Good Tidings at the below link:

Good Tidings

I am proud that I have the chance to contribute to both Good Tidings and Cy Hope.  I believe that when we invest in our kids, that we in fact, invest in our Future!

Blessings and Good Tidings to YOU!