Thursday, December 11, 2014

Status: It's Complicated

Do you remember that status option on Facebook....the "It's Complicated" one? Generally intended I think to describe the temporarily or possibly permanently dysfunctional romantic relationship and a short, concise way to vaguely share our most personal relationship in a social media kinda way!

Well...though I have no dysfunctional romantic relationship to be vague about here...I do find myself wanting to apply the "It's Complicated" tag next to my proverbial status update.

As I write this...I must admit I find myself wondering if IT actually IS complicated...or am I just complicating IT!

The latter may be more accurate...but regardless this Complication is distracting, painful and I find myself lost in it. 

This complicated situation is bringing out some of my less than stellar traits...prideful ego, anger, and my ability to throw sarcasm like a dagger.

I find myself unsure of how to "un"complicate the situation today...but if I am gut check honest with myself...I do know how to disengage from the complication...I do know how to lessen the stress of this It's Complicated moment.

Pretty clear as I sit here that I, as I said in last night's post, cannot allow myself to be distracted from this Journey....I cannot let old behavior undo the progress I have made.

I must stay true to my goal, to my Faith and rely on my own will power (it is in here somewhere) and to the Power in God's Will.

Not feeling courageous today...but trusting that my courage will prevail...

Today It's Complicated! Tomorrow though, is a new day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Keeping My Heart In My Dream

Today I took a minute to breathe...something I have not been doing lately.  And in that moment, I could here this song in my head...

When You wish Upon A Star...Makes no Difference Who You Are...Anything Your Heart Desires...Will Come to You...
IF Your Heart is IN Your Dream...No Request is too Extreme...
When You Wish Upon A Star...
As Dreamers Do..
Your Dreams Come True.

The line that struck me in my "If Your Heart Is In Your Dream"...

Lately, my head has derailed my heart a bit...stress, unhealthy schedules, tending to other peoples' agendas, getting caught up in unnecessary "Have To's" and forgetting that my health....and ALL that entails...cannot be put on the back burner.

There are consequences for doing so...and I am feeling the effects of those consequences as we speak.

I have to get back to the heart of this Journey... sooner rather than later.

I have to keep my Dream in my Heart and I must keep my Heart in my Dream.

I saw this quote today...I love Other people's wisdom...

At times,  I must slow down in order to catch up...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thought of the Day

My thoughts for today:

If there really was a State of Exhaustion...

I'd be Governor!

There is nothing like a friend who is willing to meet us where we are at...and at the same time, be willing to remind us...we don't have to stay there if it sucks...

I got these from my friend Brig today....thanks for the reminder! This is just the kind of balance I need...a little less Pina...a little more Colada!  

Goodnight!  Blessings!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Balance is Key

It has been a long time since I posted about a healthy "work-life" balance.  In the beginning of my Journey, it seems it was almost an everyday occurrence....that, and my obsession with the whole ups and downs of life "rollercoaster" analogy.

I have battled "balance" this entire Journey...or at least heavily wrestled with it. 
It is one of those topics you can find discussed in a million different places on the blogs, articles, funny internet memes, quotes...everywhere!
I know...because I have read them ALL!

Here is what I have found out...READING about work-life balance is a helluva lot easier than LIVING it.

Here is something else I have learned...having balance is essential to every facet of my life...physically,  emotionally, spiritually....

Another tidbit I have learned....when one part of my life is out of balance...the rest of it goes haywire in no time at all. I sit...out of balance,  outta whack...or as I like to say..All Jacked Up!

I would like to post a sign around my neck that reads:


I would like to blame my imbalance on middle aged hormonal crap..or this heinous Aircast boot contraption on my right foot...or maybe even blame it on the fact that I am in the middle of Fat Season and am surrounded by people who are NOT trying to lose big ass amounts of weight...

Sadly...though each of these things mentioned above surely deserve SOME blame is lame and profoundly unproductive! I am...stumbling through my Journey to redefine my life...rebuild my health and reinvent and refine this stubbornly, fluffy body!  Every Single Day!

After 2+ years...I know that having balance in my life is key...a must have and a must do.

For today...that balance is missing...Not having NOT about my circumstances though.. it is in fact, about my choices.  DAMN!

I wonder how much info I can find on the internet about making good choices....we shall see! :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Good Day to Be Thankful

Today was a good day to be Thankful...actually...everyday is a good day to be Thankful!!!

The day was spent with family....good fun and good food.

Hope our TX family had a good is our day encapsulated in a few pics!

As customary, it began with the watching of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...for the 47th straight year! :) Christmas PJ's, coffee, sausage balls and pumpkin bread!

The rest of the day was relaxed,  more great food thanks to Chef Charlotte! A lovely drive...a little football...a couple of movies...Thankful for every moment! 

God has blessed us richly! 

Hoping each of you enjoyed every moment of this day! Much love to all! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Road to Nashville-A Thanksgiving Journey

So...I will try to make this brief (fat chance) After a few semi-unexpected delays...Mom and I struck out yesterday for a road trip to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle. We did not LEAVE Houston until 9:30 PM...but made the 5 hour 1st leg drive to Texarkana.  Got to sleep at 3:00 AM or so and back up and at 'em by 8:30 AM! Today, we drove another 9 hours and finally arrived safe and sound here in Music City!

I love road the drive was fun for me...I love traveling during the holidays...seeing families travel to go see other family and friends...always makes feel all warm and fuzzy! 

As I was driving,  I just really felt so incredibly grateful for all the parts of my family, friends, the amazing love and support I receive...daily.  Even grateful for the challenges, for those challenges make it possible for me to fully experience the Joy of this Journey.

Lately, I have been slumping...wearing my best Negative Nelly face and thinking that I am falling behind and failing. But funny enough, just the act of admitting that here, proves that I am still in the game...still swinging for fences and still "willing" to BE willing! 

Not perfect...but persistent! 

As I drove today...I was reminded that each minute of each day has value...even the most mundane, the most challenging, the most difficult...they ALL  add up to create an experience.  For me, it becomes about how I choose to view those moments,  how I choose to use that time that determines how MUCH value each moment has in my life.

So as Mom and I traveled on the Road to Nashville,  I made a point to document some of these little moments...highlight even those seemingly insignificant little bits that when gathered together create a wonderful experience.  An experience for which to be eternally grateful and forever Thankful.

Here are a few pics of our Journey...some funny, special, silly, even seemingly mundane moments on the #RoadtoNashville

Happy Thanksgiving my dears! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am Weak but He is Strong

I am fighting a bit of a losing battle these last few days...
Derailed a bit by the injury...trying to survive this season of eating in midst of off the charts levels of stress in my work life...and the motivation to fight all the daily temptations is no where to be found!

Not feeling it these days...but not liking not feeling it, either.

Definitely still struggling.  Hoping that telling the truth makes the pressure of this slump less oppressive and makes room for better energy. 

Just need to keep praying...keep believing and needed this reminder below.

I am weak but He is strong!