Saturday, March 29, 2014

Accountable to Me...

Hi there...this post is just about accountability for me....

I am still really fighting this migraine....but more fighting a feeling of defeat!

I need to keep in perspective that this too shall REALLY ifs, ands, or buts...

I am letting this minor a major roadblock...

I needed to write down here that this is temporary....This is only a bump in the road...and God has got this handled.

I love the below saying!

I needed to remind myself.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frayed Knot

A Joke:

A String walks into a bar...sits down on a barstool and orders a drink.
The Bartender looks at the String and says, "Are you are String? The String replies, "Yes"...Bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve Strings here"
The String leaves the bar...but REALLY wants a he sneaks back into the bar...sits down and orders a drink.  "The Bartender says "Hey, I told you, we don't serve Strings here!!
So, desperate,  the String leaves...goes outside, ties himself into a knot....messes up his "hair", walks back into the bar...sits down and again, orders a drink.  The Bartender looks at him closely and says..."Hey, aren't you that String?" The String looks at the Bartender and says
"Frayed Knot"

Sorry...but I love that joke!

So, I have a reason for sharing this joke today...I am hanging on to the frayed knot at the end of my pain tolerance rope.
I am out of the hospital with a good report on my ticker!  My heart palpitations were induced by the ass kicking pain of the monster migraine!
For those of you that have been on this Journey well beyond the past 18 months,  then you know that my Migraine headaches have been debilitating for me...and I have gone through extensive treatment over many years.
As part of this Journey,  I have seen diminished migraine attacks...for which I am profoundly grateful. I am getting quite used to NOT having them!

So truthfully....I have been experiencing headaches quite a bit lately....and this beast of a migraine is hanging on...

So...I hate feeling this sick...and I refuse to be stopped in my tracks...and though it may sound dramatic....The knot I am hanging on to is dwarfed by the size of the knot in my stomach! THAT KNOT...the one in my the fear of a chronic migraine cycle...hospitals, meds, shots, nausea and more nausea.

So here is what I am doing....I am talking about the knot in my stomach in hopes of making it smaller and hanging on to my hope "knot"...hoping that the ground will rise to meet my dangling feet!

That knot I am hanging onto is my has to be larger than the knot in my stomach!

"My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.- Psalm 63:8

Bottom line...I am feeling afraid...sick and overwhelmed...Today! But am I giving up? FRAYED KNOT!

Pray vs. Worry-I am working on THAT!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tools For Survival

Good evening...As I post this I am, unfortunately, in the hospital!

I woke up this morning with a serious migraine...not the every day, run of the mill migraine. ..but a real beast!

I stuck it out until about 1:00 PM or so...then decided I needed to make a trip to the ER. Along with that migraine....came some heart palpitations that have landed my fluffy self in the hospital! 

I have managed to be "hospital free" since June of 2012.  I was hoping to stay that way for a long time. So feeling a little disappointed tonight.

But you know....I am in God's hands...thank God

This Journey continues to be just that...a Journey....through all kinds of experiences...blessings, challenges, powerful moments and it seems...a hospital stay!

I learn something new everyday....I am loved everyday and I am a recipient of God's Grace Everyday!  Today...the only difference is geography! Today all of the above happened....just in a hospital room!

This too shall pass...
I continue to Ask...Seek...Knock!

Prayers are welcome...needed...and are the best tools for survival on this Journey!  That...and a migraine relieving "cocktail" have gotten me through this leg of my Journey!

Goodnight my friends!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pray Vs. Worry

Happy Friday...I hope you all are geared up and ready for the weekend!

It has been an interesting week...another wild rollercoaster ride!

On the physical front...Lindsey and I walked 6.1 miles Tuesday night...the day AFTER I decided to do squats, lunges and the bike....
Let's just say that I may have cried a little bit on my way home that night...and laughed...because I cried!

Wednesday...all I can tell that any movement I made was accompanied by a sound much like that of a dying humpback whale! 

Suffice it to say....I did NOT workout on Wed.

The gift hidden in the agony of the 6.1 miles...great catchup conversation with my Lindsey and the burning of 794 calories!

In the middle of all of sweet friend Camille had to make a trip to ER...which of course, being the excellent "worrier" that I am...freaked me out!

She sent me these words...

Pray vs worry! If you worry, replace it with prayer. God can help us both that way.

Love her! Now my friend...with an already amazing heart...has a turbo charged  heart of Gold! Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers! 

I have thought a lot about her words....Pray Vs Worry...

When I started this Journey, I knew that I would have to replace unhealthy food..with healthy food...
Replace unhealthy inactivity with healthy activity. Those were no-brainers!

As this Journey has progressed,  I am learning to embrace Faith vs. Fear, Feelings vs. Food, Victories vs. Failures. These present a few more challenges for me! and has been just a part of whom I am for as long as I can remember....

Pray Vs. Worry...when I first read my friend's words...I thought...if I prayer instead of worry...I'll never stop praying....

Maybe that is the point!

Again...another way in which God offers the opportunity to see and feel His abundant Love...

Next week my life gets VERY I will be Coaching 2 girls volleyball teams...playing on a co-ed sand volleyball ball team...and planning for Year 2 of Play It Forward-Rally to Serve! 


Still my prayer is for Clarity of mind...of direction...and of heart!

If you see me...head down...eyes closed...hand clasped....Don't worry...just pray for me...that is what I will be doing!

Pray Vs. WORRY....Go Fluffy Go!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That's All A Girl Can Do

So on March 6th, I wrote a post called Embracing the F.A.T...and I created my own definition of F.A.T.




  • Losing weight...takes Faith (more than I could have ever have imagined)
  • Losing weight-takes Action-Food choices, exercise, attitude...being in Action creates the energy needed to make big changes
  • Losing weight takes TIME...and Patience!!!  For me, it has been a slow, methodical, amazing, and at times, overwhelmingly frustrating process.
So...many of you know about my Mom's Garage Door Signs...they have been part of this Journey from the beginning...Olympic signs...Overcomer Signs...Birthday Signs...So it will be no surprise to anyone that after I created the F.A.T. acronym...a Sign was Born:

Lately...this whole Journey has been about Signs...and the opportunity to have the Faith it takes to hear and see the importance of those signs...The opportunity to take the necessary Action in heeding those signs..and the always challenging (for me) Time and Patience it takes to embrace those signs!!! 
Today..I am just looking for a little Joy...a few victories!
...I lifted weights last night for the 1st time in a while...SQUATS...and hind end and legs are ANGRY!!  But...I lifted AND got in my cardio as well.
Tonight...I will be walking/running (according to my own personal Jillian Michaels-(Lindsey) at Memorial Park (one of Houston's biggest green spaces)...We will be doing "The Loop" least it is a lovely day here in Houston!!  Good to be outdoors! 
Here are a few Joys from this week:
My Em and I went to see the Mr. Peabody 3D of course
I went to see Maroon 5 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo..Me and 65,000 other people.

The sky last I left the gym!
Riley and I...taking Selfies
I continue to seek that magical Clarity...To Seek that sometimes Elusive knowledge that everything is already OK...To Seek the even more Elusive loss of a lb or two...
AS the Sign above says...FORGE ON!!!  That's All a Girl can Do!!!  That....and pray with conviction...believe with Faith and Love with a full heart!!!
Still more ways than one!
Thank you to ALL of the Champions of  this Grateful Fluffy Girl!




Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am Listening

My last two posts have been about Surrendering...My will, My way, My Life fully to God and the difficulty I have doing so...

I discussed the Faith that it takes to truly surrender.

I shared the lyrics to and older hymn called "I Surrender All"

All to Jesus I surrender;
All to Him I freely give;
I will ever love and trust Him,
In His presence daily live.
I surrender all;
All to Thee, my blessed Savior

This Church service ended...the worship leader began to sing

I Surrender All

I have not heard that song in Church in more years than I can remember....

As I sat there somewhat stunned at how clearly God is speaking to me...I thought...

Ok...I am listening!

I found this quote in the Peter Scazzero book I am reading.  He says:

Journeys involve movement, action, stops and starts, detours, delays, and trips into the unknown.

I am willing to move and BE in action...I am living the stops, starts, detours and delays...

It is the trip into the Unknown that gets me...

That is where the need to Surrender lives for me...

And here I am and I am Listening....I guess that is a start!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Faith it Takes to Surrender

I Surrender All...those are the lyrics I quoted in my last post.

Easier Said than Done.

Surrender requires an immense amount of least for me.

I confuse it with Giving Up.

Funny enough...I am quicker to Give Up than to Surrender...go figure.

After experiencing a big disappointment this week, getting my feelings hurt badly by someone I am close to and feeling as emotionally raw as ever...I again..struggle with wanting to give up and give in!

But not Surrender. 

But I found this posted on Pinterest:

This is the spiritual definition of Surrender:
To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power.
Here is the definition of Giving Up:
to cease doing or attempting something especially as an admission of defeat : 
There is a Hope in Surrendering that does not exist in Giving Up...
I am Asking, Seeking and Searching desperately for the knowledge and the understanding it takes to Surrender and to find that Hope. I am needing the Faith it takes to Surrender
In the meantime, I continue to move forward in this Journey...I am not giving up...just thinking about it a lot! Not thinking so much about Surrendering...and therein lies the problem.
I found this prayer...
Please hear my prayer. I go along each day, trying to run my life my own way. I forget to let go and give you control. I wonder why things aren't going the way I want them to go. I forget to stop and ask what you want, Lord. Please help me to give you control, Jesus. I want to follow you. I want what you desire for me. Help me to realize that when you close one door, you open the one you want me to walk through. Help me also to realize that what I desire may not be what is meant for me, or what is best for me. Maybe it will lead me away from what your great plan is for me.Lord, let me accept each day as a gift. Let me follow the path you choose for me. Help me to be thankful for what you give me and not to worry about my needs. I trust you will take care of all my needs.
I received these words from a dear friend particular context. Completely out of the blue.
What ever it is, it's okay!
As she sent them...I was praying for the strength and faith to surrender and to trust that all will be OK. 
She said she had no idea why she sent them...other than it was on her heart to do so.
I know why!
May God Bless and Keep each one of you!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Walking to Nebraska

Hi all...having a few struggles today...not one identifiable thing...but a collection of a little bumps along today's road.

I watched the movie Nebraska last night.  Truthfully, I thought I might hate it...thought it might be a slow moving, depressing stroll through a life of dreams unrealized!  I was right....sort of...

The movie is billed as a comedy/drama..and that is generally true...there are certainly some funny characters...some funny quips and observations and I suppose that the entire plot could be considered funny...but for me it had a poignancy to it...a deep sadness...however, there was a funny bit of Hope wrapped up in this somewhat gloomy, mundane look at this life of a moderately dysfunctional Midwestern family.

Now I have no intention of busting out my best Roger Ebert movie reviewing skills...nor am I am going to give a blow by blow plot description..but something did resonate with me as I watched.  Unfortunately, it may not make a bit of sense to anyone who has not seen the movie!!! 

So that makes this post kinda just for me!! Sorry...for any confusion I may create! :)

As I watched I thought...I don't want to have to make that "drive" the end of my life...looking for something to fill an empty spot...I don't want to have to drive to my version of Lincoln, NE looking for my pot of gold, literally or figuratively...

Now don't get me wrong...I want to be chasing dreams until the day I die...I just don't want them to be old dreams I did not chase earlier...when I had better odds of fulfilling them...

There is a line...a funny, kind of awful the movie that reminded me of my own Journey in a funny way. 

AS the older, some addled main character attempts to "walk" to Nebraska to collect his supposed sweepstakes winnings...His sharp tongued, somewhat cruel wife says this: 

" I never knew the son of a bitch even wanted to be a millionaire! He should have thought about that years ago and worked for it!"

Though this Journey is not about being a millionaire for me...I do want some things that have to be worked for...that I can't wait to "just happen".  There are some things in my life that if I don't work to accomplish now...I will be the old, addled person "walking to Nebraska" to collect on a delusion! 

So where I am going with this... is where I think I am going...In the midst of one of those "off" days we all have...I started thinking about how important it is for me to keep moving forward...even when I have days that feel like a reversal of direction...I have to stay in the the Love of this Journey...

So as I said above...there is Hope in this quirky, funky movie...and for me, it comes in the form of the the form of the Love between a Father and a Son...even as bizarrely as it manifests...Love...being willing to keep going against all reasonable odds...Love overcame the insanity, the delusion, the sadness...the loss...Love Conquered All. 

So as I sit here today...feeling a bit sad, with a little gnawing fear that I too, am going to someday be "walking to Nebraska" when I am too old to stand...looking for something I missed...searching for some dream I did not chase...I gratefully remembered the HOPE...the Hope that manifests as LOVE...The Love of this Journey...The Love of the people who keep pushing me to embrace this path I am on...The Love between of the Heavenly Father and his child! 

I am aware that while this post may be as clear as mud to you the reader...for me..It was a needed step into Clarity...

I have a choice to pursue the dreams I have for my life NOW...Now is the Time...No reversal of direction..unexpected misfortune or bump in the road is worth stopping my forward momentum. 

PHIL 4:13

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living in the I Cans

So...I am of the belief that God has the single best sense of humor ever. I believe that for many reasons but here are a couple...A. I don't think we would have been given the gift of humor if He did not have the BEST sense of humor AND B. There are just those moments in life when it is just so evident that God has infused His keen wit into a situation or moment.

Take today! Today...Mom and I went to church....a church we have been visiting frequently.  I wanted to go today because the worship someone I really enjoy (Lizi Bailey).

The music was great and then it was time for the message. Recently I talked about Mardi Grass...Fat Tuesday...Ash Wednesday. ..etc.  I spoke of how I was trimming down my Fat I was incorporating the idea of preparing myself for the rest of this Journey.

So here I am...sitting in Church...loving the music...when the message begins. Now here is the this message begins I am thinking about the fact that I am hungry!  I AM thinking about LUNCH...when the young minister says this: (paraphrasing here)

Today's message is going to be about a simple....every day part of our lives...that when out of control....can destroy our lives....OUR APPETITE!

Insert God's Humor here!

Those words certainly got my attention!  Appetite!  Really! NOW! 

Yes NOW. .that seemed to be the answer!

I just had to smile! The fluffy girl on a mission to transform my sitting in church thinking about Lunch and the topic du jour is the destructive nature of the uncontrolled appetite! 

That is Funny people!

So...I decide to listen up...put lunch on hold and make my best attempt to discern what it is God is throwing my way...

The minister discusses how an out of control appetite for many, recognition, control, success, drugs, alcohol, sex...any number of earthly things can spiral out of control and do significant damage to our lives and leave us feeling empty.

Lots of vices.. but as you might imagine. ..He had my attention at Food!

In as concise a manner as I am capable is what I got...

My APPETITE for food is very rarely about sustenance.
It more about filling some emptiness...some void in my life. It is about placating some emotion...killing some pain....or glossing over some discomfort. 

As this young minister discussed the idea of "fasting" or reigning in our uncontrolled appetites...I realized that for me...this message was a reinforcement that this Journey, is about controlling my appetite for anything that fills a place in my life artificially...disingenuously.

In my search for an authentic, God centered, healthy appetite for those things that pacify...distract...or  destroy my spiritual, emotional or physical health relationship must be kept in check and that I must learn to fill those gaps...those empty spots...with God's Grace and love.

Piece of Cake! Right!

Truthfully,  most days that feels impossible.  AND...yet here I am...taking today at face value.  Clearly God must think I am ready for this message...ready to make these changes...Ready to embrace my appetite for this change...ready to step into the idea that I do not have to stuff my face or my feelings....ready to trim the fat out of my life and transform into a Leaner, Cleaner...God Seeking Believer!

Before I go...I have a little physical triumph to share...I completed a 20.7 mile bike ride yesterday...more than double the distance my previous longest ride.

Still blows my mind that I...after so many years of living in the "I Cant's" am learning to live in the "I Cans!"

Clarity of mind...of direction...of heart! Every Day...All Day! Asking...Seeking...Knocking!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Embracing the F.A.T.

I have had some interesting opportunities this week...opportunities to exercise my mind and my faith.

Exercise: The Definition

  •  physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier
  •  a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier
  •  something that is done or practiced to develop a particular skill
This Journey clearly has been about learning to exercise again for me...Not just my body though!
This Journey encompasses all forms of exercise for me...


All of these words represent forms of exercise for me...All require Faith...All require Action and All require Time. A new kind of F.A.T... All are worth the effort. THIS IS A FAT I CAN DO!!!    All help me to lose weight, physically and emotionally...All help me build  muscle..physical, brain and my courage muscles!!

I find that though on some days...I am only able to muster the energy to exercise one part of me...on the days when I am able to hit the Trifecta..Physical, Emotional, Spiritual...I feel amazing..maybe tired...maybe a bit spent...but Lighter..Stronger...Healthier!!!

I have some amazing people in my life who help me exercise all parts of me..people who support my physical emotional health...and of course, I am blessed with people who feed my spiritual health.

I was sent this via text this morning...I loved it...It fit this week perfectly for me. Thanks Brig!

I faced a few fears this week...worked through a doubt or two...had a fully engaged moment with my faith...and am living this Dream of Exercising my body, mind and spirit. This Week I embraced the F.A.T. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Moveable Feast

FAT TUESDAY...OR in French Mardi Gras....Now first thought EVERY time I hear Fat all Tuesdays are Fat Tuesdays in my world..

I found this Mardi Gras Joke...thought I would share...

"Today, we celebrate Fat Tuesday. My body; on the other hand, celebrates it every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday."

However, in an effort to back off of the self-deprecating humor and fat jokes...I decided to take a look at Fat Tuesday in a different light...I decided to trim down my Fat Tuesday...

For those of you who are not versed in Mardi Gras..Here is a quick definition of what Fat Tuesday is courtesy of Wikipedia:

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday. The day is sometimes referred to as Shrove Tuesday, from the word shrive, meaning "confess." Related popular practices are associated with celebrations before the fasting and religious obligations associated with the penitential season of Lent.

So that means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  I must admit that growing up Methodist, we did not follow the more strict Lenten season rules that I associate more with Catholicism than with the Protestant faith...but I do have a very clear memory of the first time I ever saw someone "receive their ashes".  I was in college at Southwest Texas State and I lived near the Catholic Student Center...and I had a friend who asked for me to walk with her to "get her ashes" I went...I remember that I realized that I had no real clear memory of having seen this ritual before...I found it fascinating.

Now, today, at 47...I still do not find this ritual a part of my faith experience, however, I do have a much deeper appreciation for the Meaning...and thinking about how it translates for me in regard to this Journey.  How can I apply the meaning of this Moveable Feast...this time that we prepare our bodies and our hearts for the Easter season...

Here is what I find fascinating...the significance of Food in our religious history...Eating to celebrate...Not eating to prepare and repent..the idea that giving up food or a vice is a Sacrifice...something done to honor the Sacrifice Jesus makes....

Words like Moveable Feast...Fat Tuesday...all directly correlate to Food...

AS I continue this Journey to diminish the importance of put Food into perspective and not use it as a crutch or comfort...I find myself looking to this Season of Lent as a time to practice putting Food in perspective...Finding ways to approach this Journey without the reliance on Food...De-fatting my Tuesday and All days after that...I am not talking about reducing fat in my diet...I am talking reducing the "emotional fat" that comes with food for me...

So I, in my own odd way, will be observing the Season of Lent...this time of repentance as a time to further seek strength through my faith to Overcome all of my Fat Tuesdays...and Wednesdays...Thursdays...etc...You get the picture!

As serves as a great speaker of the Truth for speaks to me in a way I can hear...clearly and resonates and reverberates in me in ways that no other form of communication does...Having said is the song that touched my heart today!  Thought I would share it with you!!!

Please keep this Journey in your prayers as I continue to define my Own Moveable Feast and seek to "Lean out" my Fat Tuesdays!

Your Hands" JJ Heller
I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn't there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That you would take my pain away
You would take my pain away

I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crooked lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

When you walked upon the earth
You healed the broken, lost and hurt
I know you hate to see me cry
One day you will set all things right
Yeah, one day you will set all things right

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

Your hands that shaped the world
Are holding me
They hold me still

JJ Heller-Your Hands

Monday, March 3, 2014

Building My Faith on The Rock intention was to spend my time here today writing a little more about my trip to Enchanted pilgrimage!

Last year, Kristen took a pic of just my feet...taking steps up to the Summit...trying to reach the top of a place I had never been before.  I asked her to re-create that pic this year...those same feet/legs taking me to a place I had been before ONLY faster this time and with double the distance! 

As I began to write...I realized that this picture says a lot for me...It so represents this Journey and my need, my desire, my reluctance to take this Journey One Step At A Time...One Day At A Time!

I was able to put into words some of my feelings about the weekend to a close friend via email...a mere utterance of all the blessings this weekend held..I was able to enunciate as simply as I am capable of (today) meaningful this step along my Journey has become...This trek up a steep rock! This physically challenging, emotionally and spiritually inspiring, push uphill that SO mirrors this Journey for me!!

As I write this...I am aware that though this battle to lose weight feels like an uphill climb...there have been so many breath-taking, awe-inspiring views along the way...places that I get to stop and rest and just take in ALL of God's wonderful creations...

As I write this I think of ALL of the love that propels me upward...that battles the voice in my head that says I can't do it..and turns my defeated moments into Victories...I carry ALL of the words, love and inspiration from others in my heart and it encourages me to move forward...

I received this message from Kerri as I readied to climb the "Rock" on Saturday...

"You got it, Mama!!!! No mind tricks ... One step at a time!"

AND I got this message from her AFTER I completed both Summits!

"I'm SO proud. You're rad! There's nothing you can't do if you want it bad enough. Big hugs"

I climbed with people who took the time out of their own busy lives to make this leg of the trek with me!!! 


Some have known me for a lifetime and one just met me face to face that day!  How awesome is that! 

I got messages from home...text messages, fun pictures of support...big love from great people!

And when I got to the top...I knew God was saying...GET IT GIRL!!!  I was surrounded by His Grace! I could FEEL IT!

Kerri's right...There is NOTHING I can't do if I want it bad enough...AND...there is Nothing I can't do...If I keep the FAITH!!! 

I must say something before I go...Experiences like this weekend give me strength and fortify my courage. 

Again, thanks to my Sweet Mom, Kristen, Stephen, Donna and Karen for making the trip...Thanks to Brigette for always making me feel like  you are right there with me....Thanks of course to Kerri for your great support and continued inspiration..thanks to Camille for making my baby steps feel like giant leaps AND thanks to all of you who sent messages on Facebook, texts, etc...ALL of you were in my heart and in each step I took! kind of out of place thought...

I had a strange reaction to an experience today that quite frankly is too complicated to explain...too old to dig up and too awkward to blog about...But here is what happened for a part of someone else's story...I saw myself in a light that I did not like...a description that was painful and that triggered some not so fond memories of a very long time ago...

But here is the really cool part...Because of THIS Journey..because God has given me the strength to take an honest look at myself and be willing to face the good, bad and the ugly...I have perspective...I can see the progress...keep my own reality in sight and still coming out feeling great love for all involved!

As always, I have so many people to thank for that!!! Too many to name...If you are reading are one of them!!!  You can so count on that!!! is to battling uphill battles with Love and Courage and Faith! 

Here is to wearing the Full Armor of ALL situations!  Here is to Building My Faith on THE ROCK!!! 

Still Asking...Seeking...Knocking...STILL seeking Clarity of mind...direction and heart!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Climbed Every Mountain...AGAIN! has been a triumphant weekend...a weekend of climbing, conquering, laughing, talking, sharing and looking forward to the next great moment!
I had the privilege of climbing Enchanted Rock not once...but TWICE this weekend and in record Fluffy Girl time.

I had great support from old "youngsters", my family and my favorite Olympian.

As you might imagine,  I am tired tonight...lots of physical activity....lots of shopping....lots of driving!

So...for tonight,  a few pics...with details to follow.
I can tell you this...this weekend was filled with lots of God moments....a picturesque setting filled with so many reminders of why this Journey is so blessed!

I had tons of moments when I absolutely knew God was smiling just watching.

So sweet dreams for tonight...if you know know the story will continue...

Goodnight and special thanks to Mom, Donna, Kristen, Stephen and Karen! Much love to you all!

We Climbed Every Mountain! Again!