Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Lesson in Every Challenge

Really tired tonight. 

Did a 10 mile bike ride this morning followed by



Helping a friend move

Visit family



Need to go to bed...

Struggling a bit with food today...sadly, that is a battle I still fight.

Too tired to fight anymore tonight...

Going to Bed

Boot camp at 8:30 AM...

Better post tomorrow night...

For tonight...just need to remember that there is a lesson in every challenge and a blessing in every lesson!

Tomorrow is a new day!  Forging on...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey

So...I went to the movies today...It was a good day for it.

 I have shared before that I at times, struggle with just "being"...relaxing...taking it easy...all of that!  I think that though this probably sounds a little off...I am baffled by having energy after not having any for so long.

So baffled in fact, that I think that if I have energy that means I am supposed to be "doing something"...all the time.  The contradiction for me is that I know that I times, I just need to chill...slow down and give my brain, body and spirit a rest. 

So...I was not doing a good job "relaxing" at home so...I decided that an escape into a movie would be a great answer. music...can speak to me in a completely different language.  I can relax, slow down and give my spirit a break in the movies. 

Unless a movie really sucks...I usually find some solace and entertainment from sitting in a dark movie theater...getting lost for a couple of hours in a story...BUT....when a movie is GREAT...the experience is sublime.  Like great music, a great movie can actually transport me to a completely different place, can ease a busy mind and calm an anxious body!!! 

Tonight....I saw that kind of movie.

Truth is....I could talk for hours about this movie....the acting, the story, the scenery...the FOOD (of course)...I loved every single minute. 

Even more...the symbolism of the Journey in this story...the short physical distance of  100 feet and the emotional, spiritual and cultural journey that made the expanse of that 100 feet feel like a million miles. 

As corny as it may sound...It made me think of how small (on some level) the distance of losing 120lbs in 12 months felt when I started...and about how today my Journey is no longer about 120lbs in 365 days...but instead, seems to have morphed into a life Journey...a Journey that still includes the shedding of those 120lbs but that encompasses so much more...

If I may continue waxing poetic here for just a moment...I think that the beauty of the Journey depicted in the movie was the fact that only 100 feet separated the characters...but the distance between them...between their hearts and their cultures appeared unending...until Love brought that distance back the to the original 100 feet where the Journey began....where it all started.

My personal Journey started as a 100 foot Journey in a sense...a journey just to the other side of 120lbs...but the expanse of my 100 feet has been changing, heart warming and earth shaking...and still in process. 

The movie...well...I thought it was beautiful...poignant, thought provoking and filled with great love...

Tonight, I feel like I have traveled around the world...met some amazing, talented people, ate some great food and experienced great love...and I did not even travel 10 miles from home.

Now I must sleep!  Thanks for reading...and thanks for being a part of my 100 Foot Journey.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hope For The Miracles Yet to Come

Nothing like the Friday before a long weekend!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! 

I am feeling just a tad under the I am a little anxious about boot camp this evening!  We shall see what this Fluffy Girl is made of though...cause I am going!

I had a conversation today about being know, chronically speaking! I was talking to someone about how life used to be in the not so distant past. As I was talking, I suddenly felt a huge rush of relief!  It was just one of those moments when I was viscerally aware of how much life has improved for me.  Even on a day when I really am not feeling too hot...I have the desire and energy to follow through with a workout!!!  It feels surreal. 

There have been a thousand surreal moments on this Journey...some bigger than others.  But it is the little moments...those random realizations...that seem to take my breath away...or in reality...allow me to breathe easier!

As I shared a few of my experiences about living with chronic illness...I realized the magnitude of the miracle of this Journey all over again and Trust is a miracle.

 I know that I say so many of the same things so often many accounts of what appears to be the same observation...but for me, each time I say out loud (or in writing) how blown away I am by the Power of God's Grace and the beauty of the miracle that I get to live in becomes a little more real...a lot more exciting and fills my heart with hope for the miracles yet to come!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happiness Grows

I love the below very true for me. 

Though I think it hugely important to have goals and reasonable expectations of completing those goals...accepting the pace, the path and acceptance of those whose paths I cross along my way...that is where happiness lives!

When I have expectations that don't line up with reality...I get myself into trouble.

I am having to learn that acceptance is not about giving in or giving up..but rather, is about letting go...trusting, believing and being patient! As I learn that...My Happiness Grows!

Goodnight my friends! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brave Enough To Keep Moving Forward! Go Team Clint!

So...I made it through day Two of Boot Camp...I think!!!  The jury is out!  I am already feeling a bit, what I might call, muscular I am guessing that by the time this 47 year old body gets out of bed in the morning...I will be in the advanced stages of  "Dear God, what have I done!"
I tried a new machine this evening.  First, just as a reminder, when I started this Journey 2 years ago, I began just walking...and swimming only to decide one fateful day to step on this evil machine call the Elliptical. the beginning, I struggled to get in 10 minutes on that machine without feeling as if I was going to collapse...but over time and after several major battles, I conquered the Evil Elliptical!!!! 

Tonight however, I met my new arch nemesis...

THIS machine is beyond evil...It is diabolical.  It looks doable.  It IS NOT!! part of our circuit training this evening, I had the option of doing intervals on the stationary bike OR 6 continuous minutes on Jacob's ladder.  I chose the ladder.  I need to prepare for climbing...Ladder climbing seems a good training I say...I'll do the ladder...6 big twig...I got this!!!  So...I get on....attach my safety harness...and I begin!!  First few steps...Yea...I got this...still feeling pretty confident....
ONE MINUTE and I retreated to the bike tout suite!!!
So...I now have a new foe to conquer.  I don't who the hell Jacob is...but his ladder bites!!! out Jacob....I am comin' for ya!  It just may be a while before I get there!!!
Before I go....I want to share a picture of my young cousin Clint.  As most of  you know, he was in a serious boating accident July 4th weekend.  He gratefully survived the horrific accident; however, is having to learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg.  Clint lost his right leg in the accident but did not lose his brave spirit, sense of humor and wonderful heart!  Clint is currently in the hospital going through intensive physical therapy and learning to walk with his new leg.  It is a painful process, yet he is fighting through with this brave face!
He amazes and inspires.  He is BRAVE!  GO TEAM CLINT
As I write this tonight...My reality is that bravery is not the absence of fear...It is not a characteristic of the fearless...but instead, a characteristic of those who face fear with great faith...a characteristic of those that take the next step without full knowledge of where they are going...but are brave enough to keep moving forward!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trusting My Wings Day One of boot camp and I am still moving...even made it to the gym for a little cardio!

My goal is to keep moving so that my body does not have time to realize that it is  being stretched outside its comfort zone! :)

It felt like a little victory though....being able to survive Day 1 and make it to the gym tonite! Another step in a healthy direction!  No giant leap for Mankind...but a solid step along my Journey to De-Fluff! an effort to be prepared for Boot Camp Day 2...I must rest...renew and replenish! 

My prayer every night is to be in God's in His plans and have the faith and courage I need to Forge ahead.

There are days when this task feels a little daunting.  But I am surrounded by reminders of how blessed I am to be on this Journey...reminders of ALL the ways God lights my path...Even on days when I struggle. 

One of the biggest challenges I have faced and still face is truly and deeply BELIEVING that I CAN.

This blog has been my practice ground in many ways. The place where I write my truth...and the place I write truths that I am yet to believe! 

I received the below from my cousin Julie today...loved it!

I am learning to trust my wings...every day! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Linguine Arms and Burning Lungs

So bootcamp started TODAY!

4 weeks....12 we GO!

Today..according to our trainer Kevin, was  nothing too strenuous...just an opportunity to see where we each are  physically.  I know where I am...mid forties...50+lbs overweight with joints that reflect both my age and weight!

Four women...gratefully...all with a sense of humor...started this process today!

Good news...I enjoyed it...I survived it...i laughed through it...and did not puke! So I got that goin' for me!

I, for the 1st time, got to do the "battle ropes" know the one where you pick up a big ass rope and shake it up and down...Well, for some reason I was all primed and ready to try that out...3 sets at 30 second intervals left me with linguine arms and sucking wind!!! Holy Toledo!!!

But...I did it! I thought my lungs would explode...but I did it!

I am going to go out a limb here and say that each day will be a little tougher...and there may be puking involved!!! ;)

But...I have got a Mountain to I will keep suiting up and showing up!!!

It feels good to push through burning lungs and linguine forge on knowing that I am working towards bigger goals and pushing past physical barriers that at one time, felt impenetrable! 

Pretty Cool...

As you many of you may know, for this ENTIRE Journey,  my Mom has posted signs of encouragement on the door leading from the garage to the house.  She changes them periodically...usually goal specific.  

Below is my newest sign!

Look out Now!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Expect Great Things...Great Things Will Happen

Happy Sunday!!  It has been a busy, HOT, day here in Houston, TX

The started with church, lunch...etc...followed by a baby shower for a friend's daughter-in-law. 

I must admit that I am feeling a little spent today and am not sure I have enough brain space for blogging...but here goes anyway!!! :)

But while at lunch (Chinese) ....I received the following statement in a my fortune cookie:

Expect Great Things and Great Things Will Happen

I like that...I like the idea that if I believe in the Good...the Good will come!

I am starting some big stuff this week...and I am nervous...But I proclaim right here and right now...that I expect great things this week...and I further expect great things this month and further more, This Year!!!! 

Oh...I know that expectations must be met with action, dedication and a willingness to work hard.  I know that Great things must be earned...but I also know this...If I don't believe that I am capable of great things...that great things will pass me right by me...because I was too busy expecting them NOT to happen!!

This weekend I took a little break from the intensity of this Journey...I took a little break...even ate a little cake...but is back to business.  Back to embracing this healthy life so that I can continue to experience all of the GREAT things God has in store for me! 

As a side note...This is the fortune my Mom got at lunch:

Feeding a cow with roses does not get extra appreciation.


So I will leave you with this..

Expect Great things this week...Expect Greatness and Great Things will NOT expect any extra love if you feed your Cow a Rose!!!!

Just sayin!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

I have two loves that some of you may not know about...

      I love shoes...even shoes that I can't wear ( never been proficient in heels).  I have always particularly loved tennis shoes, athletic shoes, of my favorite parts of playing sports...was the purchasing of the sport-appropriate shoe...court shoes for VB, high-tops for basketball, cleats for!

2.  Photography
      I love taking photos...nature, animals, people...all subjects!  So...taking pictures of the perfect storm for me...:)

At the very beginning of this Journey...I went out and bought workout "stuff" and SHOES were my 1st purchase!!

I photographed those shoes...along with my homage to Misty May headband and posted that pic to one of my very 1st blog posts.

Those shoes took the 1st steps on this amazing Journey.  They walked the 1st 1st 5K...climbed Enchanted Rock...and I posted many pics of my steps in those shoes.  I wore them OUT!

Year 2 of this Journey...brought 2 new pair of athletic shoes...and more pics!!! Those shoes climbed hills...walked miles...pushed through many bike rides and carried me through another 12 months of this miraculous Journey!

So today...Year 3 shoes were purchased....after painstakingly trying on 8+ pair of shoes...I picked the shoes that will start boot camp on Monday....these shoes will carry me into the third year of this Journey...they will walk many miles....climb a few hills...ride miles and miles on a bike and who knows what else!!!

So of course, I took pics...a little collage of the brave shoes that have carried this fluffy girl here and there and everywhere!

Weird maybe...but funny enough...for me, these shoes represent ALL the physical steps taken...all the work...all the miles that have gotten me a lighter...healthier...happier me!!!

These shoes were made for walking...and that just what they did!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Love...Big Blessings!

Late Night! Short Post!

Great Night!

Great Friends! 

Big Love!

BIG blessings! 

Forging On



Goodnight...Sweet Dreams! is where I am hangin' tonight

A little Hotel ZaZa time!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Living Big and Brave

Wow...Year 3 is firing up early!!!  New mini-goals to adventures to be had!

So...I announced yesterday that I will be participating in the MS 150 (Houston to Austin) in the Spring of 2015.  At the same time, I mentioned that I had planned on doing a mountain hike in CO but that it had to be postponed...BUT...Now...It is back on!!!

I will be doing a weekend hike in Colorado with my lifelong friend Michelle in early October.  I am excited, nervous and pretty sure that this flatlander will be sorely missing oxygen shortly upon arrival!

I could not find any inspirational messages regarding overcoming a lack of oxygen...but I did find this...
I am looking forward to the challenge.  I like the imagery of me hiking up a mountain...beautiful scenery...singing at the top of my lungs...THE HILLS ARE ALIVE...WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!!  OK...there will be no singing...I will settle for breathing and I may do one of those Julie Andrews twirls...just for the fun of it!
This year 3 is going to be about going above and beyond....reaching for bigger goals...Living Big and Brave and setting my sights on the rest of my life!!!
So...obviously...I have some work to do...SO...I will be doing a 4 week Women's Warrior Boot Camp starting on Monday!!!  3X a week for 4 weeks!!!! 
People...Life is moving and shaking and my goal is to firm up all on my body that moves and shakes!!! 
All of this is such a God thing for me...After reinstating daily blogging...seeking my Daily "Umph" as I finished Year 2,  and preparing for the Play It Forward Event, I am feeling good about how Year 3 is starting.  Goals for better fitness, Goals that lead me to that next right step and Goals that keep me forward looking...

Over the course of the past 2 years...I have pretty much fully documented the steps I have taken on this Journey.  I have openly discussed what lead me to start...what factors influenced my life...and the inspiration that got me off my butt.  I have shared some really personal history and have shared and probably overshared, the ups and downs of my weight loss Journey...the roller coaster!!  I have laughed and cried a lot...have been touched by some amazing angels...and have experienced an amazing opportunity to heal all that has kept me ill and tired for so many years. 

I have confessed before that I, had I known, would probably have not so enthusiastically started this Journey if I had fully gotten how internally confrontational it was going to I was going to in fact, begin this weight loss/healing Journey by stripping away my insides as well as my outsides.  AND that I would insist on sharing that with a virtual cornucopia of people...some of whom I have not even met...pretty much on a daily basis!

Now...2 years in...No lie...there are days that I think, I will NEVER finish this...but those days are simply fading away each time I do ONE more thing I thought I could not or would not ever do! I still have insecurities and doubts...but they are more readily transformed into confidence and belief with each new accomplishment...big or small.

Slowly I am getting to the heart of the matter...Slowly I am accepting that this my life! I keep repeating that in my that I don't get so discouraged when the pace seems stagnant...

I know that there is more to heal and more to lose.  But here is what I am thrilled about today...I will be losing on a Mountain....and on a Bike...and in the gym...and I will be healing while surrounded by Angels and Strangers who for whatever glorious reason God has seen fit to place them in my life!!!

As always, your prayers and continued support are appreciated!!! 

No looking back!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Major Mini Goal Time...Let The Games Begin

Today...I think I am in a bit of an adrenaline detox!
Lots on my mind...but without the major deadline looming! Good news....bad news for me.  One of the important motivational tools for me so far on this Journey has been to have specific goals and deadlines to go with those goals.
Of course, I still have a weight loss goal to meet and I would like to meet it! Obviously, setting a deadline for that particular goal has presented a few challenges. I, as I write this, would like to think I will hit that target in Year 3...AND as, I write this,  am thinking...I maybe should just hope that I hit that target before I die (assuming full life expectancy)! (Humor... folks...just a little humor). is what I am learning about myself on this leg of my Journey.  I need to be shooting for something that pushes me beyond my comfort zone!
So...I had plans to take on a Mountain in Colorado in October...but plans have changed.  So...that has required me to ponder another physical challenge....A "major" mini goal so to speak...that will push me beyond my comfort zone...well beyond it.
So here is the scoop...You might say that I had one of those God moments today.  One of those God moments that is both exhilarating and scary all at the same time. After learning that I would need to rethink my major mini goal...I suddenly...with insane confidence decided that I am committing today to participate in the 2015 MS150 in the Spring of next year .
If you don't know already,  the MS150 is a 150 mile bike race from Houston to Austin. It is an event that raises money for Multiple sclerosis research and it is certainly a cause that has special meaning for me!
So...let it be noted...this fluffy girl is officially in training...and considering that I have never ridden more than 20 miles in one ride...I will have some training to do!
For the next several months...I will be working towards this goal...pushing this body and peddling my ass off...ideally!
In between now and the day of the ride next Spring...I am hoping to filter in all kinds of training opportunities to prepare mentally and physically for this challenge! 
Let the Games Begin!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

YEAR 3- Laugh Louder...Love Bigger...Grow Stronger

This Journey Continues....I have things to get done...goals to meet...New goals to set...and I am guessing a few unknown adventures to experience!

I have a few things that I am looking forward to sharing the near future! 

One of the coolest parts of this Journey so far has been ALL of the unforseen blessings!  New experiences...New relationships...New opportunities to experience life in a big, bold way!

This 3rd year will be no year goal will be about continuing to get every way! Year 3 will be a continued Journey to Grow Spiritually, to Give my all to living Life share my heart and to share the blessings I have received!

I want to laugh bigger...and grow stronger! I want to be Fit For Life!

So here we go...I am Back At It!


Monday, August 18, 2014


"Creating in collaboration is just the best"!!  #BetterTogether

I saw the above words on Twitter today..."tweeted" by a contemporary Christian singer and worship leader at the church I attend...Lizi Bailey! 

Once I saw them...I knew I must steal them!

Still being in "reflection" mode from this past weekend and further reflecting on the importance of teamwork...I saw those words and just knew they had to be part of today's post.

There is, for me, an undeniable energy that exists in true collaboration:

Defined by my dear friend "Webster" as this:

to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something

Not much more powerful on this Earth than being a member of a great any arena.  Work, Love, Friendship, name it and I will argue that great teams lead to great successes and ultimately, to great joy!

Of course, I will at this point take the opportunity to highlight the fact that my favorite Olympian and her partner April Ross won their 4th Consecutive AVP Championship this past weekend and in my humble opinion, are rapidly growing into (for me, already are) one amazing team! 

I think, similar to Kerri and Misty, I am acutely aware that it is not only Kerri and April's individual athletic ability but in fact, the type of people they are that make them a powerful team.

When I watch them play, I see an athletic collaboration as well as a deeper that transcends play calling and positioning on the volleyball court.

It is a thing of beauty...and it serves as unparalleled inspiration for me. 

So, applying that same concept to this Journey and specifically, this past weekend, I am so very aware of the importance of the collaboration of my own team.  Having a deeper emotional and spiritual connection to the collaborative effort makes this Journey possible and quite frankly, without it... impossible.

I am in the process of  creating something new in my life everyday...whether it be a big challenge or just simple shift in thinking or subtle change in behavior...Every Day of the last two years is about Creatively Seeking Change.

From its inception, this Journey was inspired by a Great Collaborative effort and has been sustainable because of great collaborative efforts. 

This past weekend, that collaborative effort was in high gear!  For me, the experience reminded me of why this Journey...this shift in the direction of my life is so important.  This is what life is about for me...really living...pushing past anything that says I Can't and living wholeheartedly in the I Can's and the I Will's...I can seek that kind of life out now because I joined a great team. 

Lastly...and most importantly...My Journey has taken on New Life...because I am creating in collaboration with God everyday.

Oh...I am not always graceful in doing so and I certainly need tons of practice but that listen to God's voice over my own and follow God's path instead of following my own, has taken me from living in absolute survival mode to living in full-on revival mode.

Here is what's true for me...I may have my moments when I do OK on my own...but, I truly believe we are all...Better Together!

Here are a few more pics of our Collaborative Effort over the weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Day After and The Day Before

The Day always a challenge for me...The Day After something that has consumed my days, that I have looked forward to and that I have put my guts and all my might into completing successfully.

So the Day After Play It Forward-Rally to Serve has been challenging...physically mostly.  My body might just be a little overdone!  I am feeling a little emotional today... Just a bit overwhelmed by the blessings of this Journey...and the challenges of this Journey ALL at the same time.

The Day After brings reflection, exhaustion, joy, relief, and some thoughts about what can be done better next time!!!

Much like this Journey...yesterday was not perfect...It was however, heartwarming, uplifting and beautiful because of the people that were there, the causes we were representing and the spirit and energy that filled that big building!!!

I am proud.  I am honored and I am blessed that God continues to provide a "light unto my path".

Like I said...physically today was a challenge...felt like my feet were encased in concrete.  I slept more today that I have in a week and I definitely had a few extra aches and pains...However, I decided to get up...Go to the gym and at the very minimum...stretch out these muscles and MOVE. 

Life continues business as usual I had life things to do today...laundry, groceries...etc...

While at the grocery store, I suddenly felt really lousy!  Just a truly yucky feeling.  I immediately knew that my sugar had bottomed out and I was in need of a little sugar boost!

Now for those of you that know me or have faithfully followed this know that I had rather unhealthy attachment to Coca Cola...I called it the "juice of life".  Now, since this healthy Journey has begun...I have greatly decreased my consumption of Sugary cola drinks.  I have my slips...but generally...No Go on the Juice of Life!

But my sugar levels crashed...I looked up and there...Like a beacon in the night....Was a cold Coca ordinary Coke....Instead (as part of new Coke ad campaign) was a bottle of Coke that said this: my Grandmother...Elizabeth actually...but Liz to many!  She passed away many years ago...however, today...she showed up in a big way...Like a good Guardian Angel does and kept me from passing out in the middle of HEB.

A Fun little pick me up on a sluggish Day After!!!  You gotta love that!!! I wind down tonight...I am clear that today may be the Day After a big event...a big expenditure of energy and effort...But it is also the Day Before the rest of this Journey....

It is the Day Before I climb my next mountain and jump my next hurdle!!

Here are just a few pics of yesterday...More to follow! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Success Lies In the Action of Doing

Hello to all,

Well...Play It Forward-Rally To Serve is in the Books!!!  I want to thank all of you that joined us for a fun afternoon of volleyball and giving back to our community! 

To my friends and family that made the trip out to my neck of the woods to join us....Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To those that donated to our causes...thank you for "Playing" it Forward and blessing all of us with your generosity. 

To my "team" those that joined...signed up...suited up and showed up week after week to help plan this guys make me this Journey so very special! 

I am proud of our efforts...always!  Proud of what we are trying to do and  what we ARE doing. 

I had the opportunity to spend some time today doing something I love with people I love.  I got to spend time with people that I had not seen in a million years and share one more amazing part of this Journey with people I am just getting to know! 

This Journey is about walking through life ALL OUT and trusting that every step I take is part of God's plan for me and for those around me. 

The picture we have in our head is not always the one that ends of on the canvas...However...I believe that my Journey is about moving forward...trying not to look back and believing that I can do anything I can dream!

This Journey...This event...are dreams come true that started with a simple thought...a suggestion mixed with some serious inspiration.  Success lies in the doing for me...It lives in the action!  Today...We were in Action...Success!!!!

Again...I am blessed...My Love to you all!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Is a Powerful "Thang"

Today has been jammed packed....getting ready for our Event tomorrow! is a LOT of work AND I, even after stressing and worrying about the details, know it is something I am supposed to do...It is divinely guided.

I have no idea how much money we will raise or how many people will attend...but I know this...I have some amazing friends and family....and we, with God's help, did our best to create a place and an event that honors the idea of paying our blessings forward and serving in our community! 

The support from donors has been amazing and tomorrow there will be plenty of love, fun, food and friendship for all who attend!

Life is not about the is about a collection of moments that fill out hearts with love...moments that teach us important lessons...moments that make us laugh and those that make us cry.  Life, for not about who we know...but how well we know each other.

I am proud of this team...Proud of this event and humbled by having so many people contribute HOPE to the kids in our communities!

Love is a powerful "thang"

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Rally Has Begun

In less than 48 hours...I will be suiting up in my 2014 Play It Forward-Rally to Serve T-Shirt, stepping out on the court and hosting (with some great people) the 2nd Annual event celebrating another year of amazing blessings and hopefully returning those blessings tenfold to some great kids!

God continues to bless my life in ways well beyond my imagination. 

This Journey is about living life to my fullest potential...
Part of that is giving back...growing God's blessings by sharing them with others...
Trusting God's plans are perfect and taking the next step in faith!

Please keep us in your prayers as we attempt to "Play It Forward" and rally around each other as we serve our community!

The Rally Has Begun!

Good night!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chaos Today...Dancing Stars Tomorrow

I cannot tell a lie...OK...maybe I can...but I am choosing not to tell a lie...
This has been one pain in the butt kind day...chaotic...out of get the picture.

These days force me to really THINK about who I am and how I react under pressure.  Days like today confront my issues with control and highlight how crazy I can be when I step out of faith and into self-reliance...not the good kind!

Today was the perfect day to practice letting go and letting God...instead of hanging on and going mad!

As I lay my head on my pillow tonight...I thumb through this great book of quotes given to me as a gift and stumble across the below.

I read it a couple of times through...I am not sure I believe this...BUT I so hope it is true!! If the presence of inner chaos gives birth to dancing stars...then I should be delivering a virtual Milky Way of Fred  Astaires any minute now! 

This would be GREAT news for me...I have always loved to dance and have always wanted to be a star! If that just takes some chaos...I should be GOLDEN! 

However tonight...I pretty much just have the chaos part going on...But you never know...tomorrow could be All about the dance! 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taking That One More Step

Every single day of this Journey has been and continues to be about taking ONE step more than I think I can. Taking ONE more step that it feels like I have the courage to take.

Pushing through the mental barriers is often the most challenging aspect of this weight loss/spiritual Journey I have embarked upon. I find that once my head believes I can take that ONE more step...the body will follow.  Pushing through the physical pain is easier than pushing through all of the I Can'ts that live in my head.

I find though, that once I clear that mental body surprises me.  I surprise myself.

So my daily challenge is push through those invisible barriers that live in my brain...those self-imposed limitations that are quite frankly, untrue!

The physical barriers you might imagine.  It is a challenge to take a 47 year old body that has been generally sedentary until 2 years ago and make it walk, run climb, jump, swim, dive, etc..

However, throughout this Journey and often at the urging of some outside (of my brain) force...I have managed to keep taking one MORE step in a forward moving direction.

God has seen to it that my life is filled with motivators, educators and instigators that push me in a forward direction...that keep me taking that one more step.

I am learning that even when I feel stuck or like I am losing ground (or gaining weight) that hidden among the setback is a step forward.  Sometimes it is nothing more than me forgiving myself for my imperfect impact on God's perfect plans and there are other times when the "setback" is not really a setback at all...but instead, an opportunity to learn, grow, and feel what it is like to Actively LIVE again.

So this week is a big week for many ways.  It is a milestone week, the last week of year 2...It is the week of an event that is extremely important to me and deeply personal to me  Its success weighs on my mind.  Amidst those two big personal Journey continues.  Each day offers an opportunity for me to do life differently than I have the past 15+ years. Each day gives me the chance to be fully present and live in the change...vs. fear the change.

Again, I was reminded that this is a Life Journey...not just a goal-centric trip that has a definite end...No...This Journey is about making healthy choices daily...this Journey is about taking that next step and pushing through the barriers and roadblocks...This Journey is about taking the next step toward my dreams and goals...and finding that beyond one dream is another...and another...and another...each significant and each worth the physical, spiritual and emotional effort.

This Journey Continues...One Step at A Time...

I am reminded that Through Christ...ALL things are possible.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

"No Matter what people tell you, Words and Ideas can change the World." ~Robin Williams

I have frequently spoken of how music impacts my Journey and how a simple song lyric can completely change the trajectory of my a moment's notice.

For as much as I love music...a soothing melody or a rockin' bass line that makes me want to is the words of a song...the lyric... that often moves my heart!

I love words...and Love reading, listening, repeating and obviously, writing words...BUT...when words are packaged in HUMOR....I am IN!!!  Great Humor is a gift...Laughing at Great Humor is pretty close to a spiritual experience for me!!! 

When I was growing up...middle school through high school, the minister of the church I grew up in was funny!!!  Quick wit with a slow, well-timed delivery that captured the attention of an at times, sleepy, somewhat disinterested pre-teen/teen.  Humor was prevalent in my family is funny and loves to laugh...Humor is on every front in my life..

Words delivered with great humor..are sublime.

 Humor is one of my favorite coping skills...I have used it for survival through some less than stellar moments in my life...painful, awkward, name it...Humor has saved me repeatedly.

Great thoughts delivered with humor can move the heaviest obstacle...and conquer the biggest challenge.

This Journey and my success or failure in context to this Journey...has been contingent on my ability to myself...with myself and when I need to get over myself. 

Laughter really is the Best Medicine.  It revitalizes...It replenishes and it refreshes the soul!

Today, Robin Williams passed away...Someone who provided some pretty amazing comic moments that have left a mark on this world...I watched him from Mork and Mindy to Good Will Hunting...

I agree with him...Words and Ideas Can Change the World...They do every day...and in my opinion, Funny Words coupled with Smart Ideas...well...they can change a life, move a mountain and even make the sometimes bitter taste of Life's Lessons taste a little sweeter!

I think that tonight in Heaven...The Angels are laughing!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Press On

So this is the final week of Year 2.

Two years ago this week, my mind, body and spirit were in a state of disarray.  Overwhelmed by illness...weighted down physically and emotionally...I was a mess!

But Divine inspiration intervened...God found a way to get my shake up my world and to get me off my tush!

From that moment life has been rocked by consistent Divine intervention. My life has shifted in a completely different direction.  Inspired still to this day...I AM IN AWE...of how many changes, challenges and new chapters have occurred in my life.

With my acknowledgement of feeling an overwhelming and completely unexpected wave of inspiration...this Journey began...full speed ahead...that was the 1st miracle of this Journey...its origin. 

Much of the negativity in my life...often self-created...began to slowly shift towards the positive....towards a belief that I COULD...vs...the belief that I NEVER WOULD...a miracle.

My mind began to clear and the deeply seeded need for life to be be better... began to grow inwardly and force its way out and into reality!

Along the way, my inspiration has grown...even amid the setbacks.  My desire to feel better, live better, love better...grows and is reignited each time I see the Power of God's  Grace and each time I embrace His presence with an open, willing heart! 

There is an undeniable power and truth in the below quote. 

This Journey started as a bulldozer for me...clearing space so that I might embrace ALL of what God has in store for me...I did NOT see it coming. ..but so glad it DID!

Now as Year 2 draws to a close and Year 3 begins...My Job is to Press On!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ain't Nothin' But Love

Another busy day in preparation for another milestone....Another day covered in God's Grace...Another spent surrounded by love, strength,  divine courage.

I had the pleasure of spending my day preparing for an event that allows me to give just a small portion of the blessings I have received back to those that truly need a booster shot of hope and a dose of courage.

Today I was surrounded by those that provide those doses of courage in my life...that lift me above the odds....that boost me higher than I could get on my own volition.

I am blessed that I know and experience great love lags...This inspires me...daily to be the best possible version of me...This daily love gives me the UMPH I need to take steps daily toward my goal.

Today I was inspired by the people I love and that love the form of a great conversation at lunch...while shopping for and putting the final touches on this the form of a hug...a the middle of a laugh-filled dinner and right I type this...Ain't nothing but Love.

A couple of thoughts before I go...saw these...loved em!

I am here...looking forward...thinking happy thoughts...practicing trust and dreaming of the great things to come!


Friday, August 8, 2014


Another Late Night and Only 7 days until the end of Year 2 and only 8 days until the beginning of Year 3...OH...and ONLY 7 days until we have the chance to PLAY IT FORWARD!!!

I am reaching the "It will ALL BE FINE" stage of planning for this event!!! Slowly letting go of the outcome and trusting that the remainder of the  planning is Divinely guided!!

I can't say it enough....the team around me is unbelievable!  I am so very blessed to have some seriously fierce warriors that are willing to take time away their own lives and invest some serious heart into this Journey of mine!

Tonight..I am exhausted,  thrilled and ready to trust that It WILL all be fine!!  Ready to KNOW that is Already IS!!!

Hey...even if you don't join us to play volleyball...You have got to check out the friends Brigette and Tess have put together some amazing baskets!!

Here are a few examples!

I must sleep now...not only will All Be Fine...but it will be fine and Dandy!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Working from the Inside-Out

Music has always been a great provider of inspiration for me...Instant Umph...I can hear a song or a singer and be transported to a completely different place or time...Songs can evoke instant emotion from my soul on either end of the emotional spectrum! 

I, of course, have songs that have completely special places in my heart...that never get old, or over-played.  Then I have songs that I have a shorter relationship with...that provide a short term boost of Umph or inspiration...

As of today...I have officially have a new, possibly short term, musical relationship...This song makes me grin from ear to ear...makes me move AND I think, has a pretty important message for young peeps out there who are experiencing that unique-to-no-one, I am not comfortable with my body issue!!!!

So here is the song...

All about that Bass

Now...clearly, I don't exactly match the demographic this song aims to target...BUT...I can relate!

Here is the thing.  I have, in the last 2 years, completely shifted my focus to living healthier...losing weight and walking the path God has laid for me.  However, in context to those efforts...I daily battle self-image know, learning how to be comfortable in my own skin....while at the same time, making significant efforts to reshape my body and learn to live in a "new skin".  It is an odd experience for me...profoundly worth it...but awkward and uncomfortable at times.

As a person of a certain "girth"...I too, understand how important it is that I have people in my life who love and accept me....lbs and all...for who I am and what my heart offers and not the body that heart is housed in!

As a person who is embracing a healthier lifestyle however....I cannot say often enough how important and life changing this experience is and how, 2 years in... I would highly recommend this way of life to anyone who asks.

But...Here is a real truth for me...I am not ever going to be some perfectly sized, drop dead, super model gorgeous creature...Not many are!  

This song, for me, addresses a really important issue, nobody is perfect and No Body is Perfect...The images that dance across our T.V's, movie screens, social media...etc...they often are aided significantly by today's technology. 

No judgement here...just an observation dosed with my opinion.   I am learning to fully take care of my mind, body and spirit and THAT is not just about losing weight!  It is a total overhaul ...and that INCLUDES...being comfortable with and accepting the body God gave me...even as it changes...even as it takes on a new form.  That Comfort and Acceptance...builds the confidence I need to move ahead on this path.

Part of the motivation for this charity event for about building hope in our kids...ALL kids.  It is about modeling for them that no matter how far removed they may be or feel from a place of Hope...that there is always Hope...That anything is possible if we believe...and particularly, if we believe in the "Who" that we are and not the "What" that others expect us to be or look like from the outside...

Great things can happen if we start our work from the inside...from the Heart...and let THAT be what others see on the outside.

All that from a Pop Song!!!!  I am ALL about dat Bass!!!!

Only 8 DAYS to Play It Forward-Rally to Serve...Come a little volleyball and if you do, you too will get to be All about Dat Bass!!  We can shake it together!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fired Up...Nervous...But FAITHFUL!

Oh. Baby.  This girl is in overdrive!  With less than 10 days til the candle is definitely burning at both ends!

However...the Mojo is flowin' and the Umph is pumpin'!!! friend Brigette managed to get ALL of our BBQ donated for the event from RUDY'S!!!  Such a HUGE blessing for us!

Thanks to Steve at Rudy's for your wonderful generosity!  

Things are coming we just need PEOPLE...hint....hint! ;)

Tonight...we got to see 1st hand...Live and in Person...some of the kick butt auction baskets that Brig and Tess have been putting together...thought I would share a few below!   Better yet...join us on August 16th!

This fired up...still nervous...but faithful fluffy girl must sleep. Prayers are needed and appreciated!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recycled UMPH!!

OK...WE are heading into the home stretch for
and I am have some serious butterflies!!!  This event means so much to this Journey...This is the one really big, all-in-one opportunity I get to celebrate and give back all of the many blessings I have received along this Journey!!!
If you cannot join us on August 16th, I do hope that you will take a few moments of your time and say a prayer for all of us planning this event...that we have the opportunity to share our efforts with many people and more importantly, have the opportunity to give these organizations, CY-Hope and Good Tidings Foundation a great big dose of UMPH!!!
I in the meantime, will be praying and trusting that God is guiding this event in the very same fashion he guides my life! 
IF you would like to join us and at the very minimum get a great laugh watching me PLAY volleyball...You can register HERE
Every day for the last few weeks, I get some pretty amazing support in the form of text messages, quotes, emails, conversations....the list goes on...
As I travel into this last 2 weeks of year 2...I find myself reminiscing about all of the wonderful experiences I have had, the sweet words of encouragement, funny thoughts and my favorite... tons of inspirational quotes.  I thought I would share with you a few of those...I like to call them Recycled Umph!!!  :)


This has been my Mantra this entire year...I am glad I took the time to revisit!!!  Needed a reminder!!

Making the Climb up Enchanted Rock for Year 2!!!

My Crew!!! Summit!!!!

All of the above remind me that this is a Daily Walk in Faith!!! I need reminders!!! 

Today...someone really kind and wise reminded me that this is a Life Journey...not just a deadline driven journey to lose 120lbs...and that the timeline should not define me or the success of my goals. 

I am learning...everyday...that I am working from the inside/out...the goal is drives me...but the daily Journey getting to the goal...that is where all the action is....that is where I find my guessed it...My Umph!!

Goodnight my friends!!! Sleep Well!