Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Not so Pretty

Hi to all...I am still "off my axis" today...just not quite right.  I worked out last night and it was a struggle.  As I have stated many,many times, I need to be as open as possible here in this place (the blog)...this really is my journal of my Journey and all that involves.
So that means that not everyday is perfect or ever even close to perfect.  For those of you that consistently follow along...I would imagine that it feels a bit like a roller coaster here...reading this everyday.  Kudos to you for having the patience to read this day in and day out and congratulations for not getting nauseated after 5 months on a roller coaster!!! 

Some days(weeks) are just tougher than others.  It is funny to me in a way.  I feel all of the things that I talk about regularly, Faith, Love...all of my favorite warm and fuzzy stuff and amidst that... are days like the past several. 

It feels a little disingenuous to talk about having Faith and how much I believe in the Divinity of this Journey and then turn around and talk about struggling...but that is the reality of this process for me.  Truth is...this week has been challenge.  Coming off a week of fairly intense physical pain, coupled with my continuing struggles with not working too many hours, learning to eat for sustenance and not entertainment and the sometimes agonizingly slow pace of the weight loss, I am finding this week to be a struggle.  If  I factor in what I think is a heavy dose of hormonal imbalance... it makes this challenging...more challenging than normal. 

So...I will take today at its face value.  Here is what I do know.  What is happening Today does not dictate my Tomorrow.  I have felt a strong desire to just "Be Quiet".  It has been on my mind all week and though I have made some efforts to shut down my "busy brain"...I think I need to make a little more of a concerted effort. 

Tomorrow is Weigh In #24 and I am not feeling too optimistic..But as I like to say...It is What It is! 

Thank you for reading this blog...The Good, The Bad and The Not So Pretty(for my friend Camille who does not like the word ugly...I agree)!  It really does mean the world to me!

As I go...I am leaving with this thought...mainly because I need it...but I hope some of you may be blessed by these words as well.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Close My Eyes and Listen

It is Wednesday...Hump Day...and I kinda feel like I am having some trouble getting over the "hump" today.  Not really sure why? 

It may be just one of "those days"...everybody has them!  You know...those days were we are just a little off...a little befuddled!  Days like today remind me of the pitfalls of hormones too!!  ha! I am...blogging at lunch, knowing that I have a lot of "day" to get through and knowing that I still have a workout to get through.  OH...don't worry, I am still inspired and still driving the LOVE Bus!!!  I just am feeling a bit Blue today! 

I have found myself listening to songs today that are a bit melancholy or that have special meaning to me!  As a singer, I can tell you that big, bluesy ballads were one of my favorite kinds of songs to sing when I was performing regularly.  Those were the songs I could get lost in...the kinds of songs that I had to reach way into my gut to sing...and always with my eyes closed!! LOL!! I was in my own  world when I sang those songs.  I still love those songs...but since I mostly sing when I am is not always wise to sing those songs...since I often close my eyes...which does not pair well with driving at all.  You think texting and driving is dangerous...

I have attached the link to a few song can hear the passion in these singers voices...just close your eyes  and listen.  NOT while you are driving!!!

I like that phrase I just used above...On days like today...I like to Just Close My Eyes and Listen!  Listen for God's whatever form that takes! 

So...I got the information about this "cleanse"...the birthday cleanse as I am calling it!!!  There are a slew of jokes running around my head about the "birthday cleanse"....none of which are really appropriate!!  However, after I received the instructions last night...I must admit that I feel a little nervous about doing it!  However, after reading through is pretty much the same exact cleanse that my friend Donna has done in the at least I will have her experience as a reference.  I am just a little anxious...but I know I will have support!  I will do it and I will like it!! HAHAHA!

Another new chapter in this Journey...even with the Blues and Blahs...I know that this is all a blessing.  Some days it will be easier to see than others...Some days it will be crystal clear and some days will require me to close my eyes...focus on God and just listen.  Please keep my Journey in your prayers!!

One last thing before I go....I got to hang out with with a few special people last night.  My buddy Nicholas,  his great big sister Hannah and their Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.  Hannah and I played Nail salon...she did my nails, and my hands (yes...hands) with nail polish, I was her employee and as her minion...I had to "fan" her nails so that they would dry and play my own version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the Hammond organ.  She let me know that I was the Manager but she was the boss...clearly the Manager is responsible for all organ playing.  Best job I have had in a while!  Blessings!

Here are a few pics!  Please note that Nicholas and I have very similar tastes in hair styles.

My friend Kristen sent this to me today thought I would share:

"The path you set for yourself doesn't need to be popular.  There may not be people there to cheer you on and you might not have any company along the way.  You might be lonely. You may end up where you didn't expect and it may be a longer journey there than you could have imagined.  It may be harder than you thought.  But that has to be okay.  Because if it's not about the Journey, what is the point?'

Songs for your listening pleasure!

Up the Mountain-Patty Griffin

Circle Dance-Bonnie Raitt

Stormy Monday-Eva Cassidy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Treat With Care

Happy Tuesday to all!  Today has been rather uneventful...Just working, eating healthy and marching along on my Journey to drop another pound or two! 

I hope all of you had a wonderful day!  Tonight is a night of rest for me.  No workout.  I will be hanging out with some friends, having dinner and relaxing!  I hope!

 All of this talk about "worry" lately has made me "worry"...I wish I was kidding!!  My brain has been in overdrive the last 48 hours...makes me crazy!!!  I swear...after a while it feels much like the following text I received earlier today from my friend's 6 year old grandaughter!

This is how it read:  Fhfhedfjfcnhfghbfchdfcucrfnifjvujfcjvrhcvbfruj

After reading it....I received a phone call from her...she said "did you get my text" and I said "yes, made perfect sense." 

It was eerily similar to the inner dialogue going on in my head!

This seems to be my health challenge Du Jour (Du Week, Du Month, Du Year)...managing the stress that lives in my brain and understanding how that ties in to my physical health and certainly correlates to my weight loss success. 

I have Busy Brainitis!!!  OH NO!!!!!  My task is to "manage" my brain...with help of course.  Use the tools that I have to cure the Busy Brainitis.  MANAGE...I think this is where the problem may lie...Here is the Definition of Manage from the good ole Merriam Webster Dictionary:

: to handle or direct with a degree of skill: as
a: to make and keep compliant 
b: to treat with care : 
c: to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of
I actually laughed out loud when I read this definition.  I LOL'd!  I guess that could be confusing to you guys...but with my sense of humor and my tendency to handle complicated life with humor...this is funny stuff.  The first thing I thought when I read this..."Ohhhh,, this requires SKILL!!!!  Crud! 
I just really struggle with "managing".  Unfortunately, this is evident in several aspects of my life.  Not all aspects...but some of the  big ones!!!  But here is the thing...If I look at this definition with my brain, my body and my spirit in mind...One thing really stands out.  TO TREAT WITH CARE.
That is the one thing I struggle with the most.  I am not saying that I am an ace at "handling", or"directing"..but treating with care is a tough one.  So here is the TRUTH.  I am truly my own worst critic.  I have been known to scold, shame, criticize..myself...often!  That is the Truth and there is nothing caring about that...Now I am not going to go into a deep analysis of why I do that...I will save that for a more appropriate place...But...I will tell you that by making this decision to lose this weight, get healthier, etc...It is absolutely going to require that I  "treat with care" my body, mind and spirit. 
I will have to fully learn how to do this...I think I am everyday! 
In the meantime, I have some amazing family and friends who treat me with tremendous care! 
I got this message from a friend today (this is a portion):
I just want you to know how proud I am of you for what you have chosen to do.  I am so happy you are choosing health and making it your priority...When you are going through a journey like this you may be too close to see the changes.  I want you to know I can see a healthier and happier you! 
Again, my heart is full! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sit Quietly in His Presence

Another Monday almost in the books...Been really busy so the day has flown by!  Which is nice! 

I hope this week has started well for all of  you!  I am a wee bit tired headaches have been a little more severe for the past week.  Which is a bummer and the pain makes me tired.  BUT...I will not be stopped (or at least I keep telling myself that). 

I walked 2 miles last night and walked another 2.2 miles this evening. On nights that I am not feeling well...walks seem a little more doable.  I know it is not some super charged, fat burning workout..but it is better than not doing anything at all! 

After posting about "worry" yesterday.  I got a really cool daily devotional from my cousin Barb..who is worrier as  well. I loved it so I am posting it here today.  She sent it via text so I hope you guys can read it OK.  The devotional is from the book Jesus Calling...

Thanks Barb for sharing this with me and again thank you so much for the constant support!
I love the line in the devotional that says..."Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can think My thoughts."
  A quiet mind is something I struggle with...I have more of a crowded, chaotic, room full of sugar loaded 3 year old kids kind of mind.  I have a very difficult time quieting my mind...I DO work on it constantly.  It is something that requires a fairly significant amount of effort.  I have tried different tactics in my most chaotic moments...I pray...but I often interrupt myself...I listen to what I call "massage music", I have tried classical music, that water trickling, bird chirping, soft rain falling, ocean waves kind of music...I have listened to guided meditations,etc...At times I am successful in quieting the times I am not successful...that is when the "worry" often creeps in...
So...I like that the above devotional says to "Sit quietly in My Presence"...I have a tendency to try and drown out the chaos...with other "noise"...much like I try to drown out emotions, stress, worry with food!  Worrying mind....nervous eating! 
It is funny.  I don't know if any of the above makes any sense to anyone else...but for is one of those jigsaw puzzle moments for me...I have been looking at these pieces of the puzzle for years and I never completely make them fit...and tonight, as I write this from that very same chaotic mind..suddenly the pieces fit together perfectly. 
As I work through the challenges of this Journey...this is just another reminder that this Journey is about so much more that just controlling my portion sizes and working my butt off in a place that constantly reminds me of the Village People...
This Journey is about finding ways to quiet my mind so that I can hear God's plans, replace the "worry" with gratitude, joy, love (you knew it was coming) and generosity. This is about learning to Sit Quietly in His Presence!  Getting skinny will be the icing on the cake! (I love cake)!  Clearly, I have some work to do!
Love and Hugs to you all!  May your night be filled with peace and quiet! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

From a Fluffy Worrier to a Healthy Warrior

Sundays are great days...especially if I don't think about the fact that tomorrow is Monday!!  Today has been low, lunch, a little grocery big plans. 

I try with all my might to not worry about tomorrow...or the next day or the next week, month, year!!!  You probably get the picture.  I am a worrier! I am a Fluffy Worrier!  No denying that and I am in awe of people that are not worriers.  I don't know too many...but I have known a few and they seem to be a peaceful sort!! 

Anyway...I do find it difficult to not worry about tomorrow.  Just in general.  As I take this weight loss Journey, I find that there are lots of things I could worry about!  HOWEVER, something quite interesting is happening.  I am aware..ever so slightly aware...that I am not worrying as much!  I do not mean a drastic change.  I have not lost 35lbs and become this peaceful, laid back, unfortunately that is not the case.  However, I am aware of little nuances of change.  Little moments that I am suddenly aware that my worry button seems to be in the off position. 

Take Mondays for example...I used to about this time every Sunday, get into some serious dread about the beginning of a new work week.  I think largely because I typically felt physically exhausted and mentally drained from the previous work week and in my experience, the weekend did not provide much of a respite from that exhaustion.  I was physically pain and overwhelmed at the thought of "starting all over again" each Monday. 

Being a person who struggles with chronic pain, migraines, sometimes takes every ounce of physical and mental strength I have to do what I need to do on a daily basis. Quite frankly, we are talking about survival...just doing enough to get by! 

BUT...I am beginning to feel a shift.  I am enjoying my weekends again.  I am finding myself less worried about the beginning of a new week and more energized about the next step in this process of change.  Again, it feels like baby steps..but it is real.  A real change away from something that has been part of my life for years.  Another gift!!  Another small victory!

I can guess (obviously) that because I am losing weight, have regained some of my ability to be physically active and am finding a bit of relief from my Migraines, that the stress of starting the work week is beginning to diminish.  I am grateful. 

I still have a long way to go and just like the rest of this Journey, I will have to continue to do all within my power to take the next right step, have faith, believe in hope and trust that God has a plan for me. 

Today I am grateful that another small "piece" of change for the better has entered my consciousness...:)
I would like to think of this as the beginning of my transition from a Fluffy Worrier to a Healthy Warrior!

I think I have posted this quote here before...but I love it so much that you may see many times over before this Journey is complete.

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength."
Corrie Ten Boom

I am ready for the rest of Week #24...More inspiration, more faith, more fun and All Kinds of LOVE!  I hope you are all hanging in there with me!  I need all the support you can share.  MAWA!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It is All part of the Journey

Good Saturday Evening to you all!  It has been another full and enjoyable day.

Started the day with a 2 mile walk with Donna...We were slow to get out the door...but we made it!  No need to hurry on a Saturday!!!  We explored a new walking trail!  Another great day to be outside!  After the walk, we had some lunch and then it was Volleyball time with Emily! 

By the time we did all of that it was 2:00 PM and I headed home...After a short rest and a quick overhaul...Mom and I met our friend Stef and her sweet daughter Kendall for dinner and a movie.  We chose to see Les Miserable (or as I call it...Less Miserables).

  For those of you that do not know the musical or have not heard about the movie...This is no musical comedy...but instead a 2+ hour emotional beating at the hands of some brilliant actors and actresses.  The movie was fantastic.  It was a true musical adaptation for film.  No much spoken dialogue...and most of the musical numbers were not pre-recorded in a studio...but actually sung live during filming. You can thank me later for the movie review...You get a little bit of everything in this blog!!! 

Anyway, you need a bit of back story to appreciate the risk I took going to see this movie with my friend Stef.  First, Stef is DEEP feeler with a huge, soft, mushy heart!  Many years ago, I went to see the movie Titanic with was just out and we were forced to sit on the 2nd row in the movie was packed!  The movie began and the story of the Titanic unfolded before our eyes...Leo and Kate falling in love and then of course...ending with the Leo as a Popsicle in the middle of the ocean...what you don't know is that during the entire (week long) sinking/death sweet, emotional friend hooed and it was LOUD.   I had never been to a movie with anyone who so fully committed emotionally to a movie!!!  So...after that...I must say that seeing really sad movies with her was an intimidating proposition. 

So when I agreed to see Les Mis with her...well, I had to steel myself and prepare for the obvious agony she was going to be in during the film.  So, we have dinner and arrive at the movie theater only to find that the only seats are on the 2nd row of the theater!!! Deja Vu all over again!!! we come.

So as the agonizing stories of these lives unfold on screen, the poverty, death and destruction of the French Revolution is sung with these beautiful, haunting songs...I knew I was toast!  She was going to blow!!!  I sat there knowing that the tears would be streaming, the snorting would commence and the sobs would be heard!  Oh and all that happened...However, it was no Titanic!  We survived the French Revolution much better than we did the big shipwreck!!! 

So as I write this...I am aware that I have put my own dramatic little story telling twist on the evening...but there is a point I would like to make!  I like that I have people in my life that cry in movies, laugh out loud at jokes (especially if they are laughing at my jokes), sing along with a song they love (even if they don't have the best voice), dance to their favorite song and are not afraid to be themselves.  There is a great beauty in that!  There is something freeing about having people like that in my life!  By having people in my life that cry, laugh, sing, dance, etc, I have the courage to do write down my experiences and share them you... if it is about my daily struggles to lose 120lbs or even if it is just about my Saturday night at the movies!  It is all part of the Journey!

Before I I watched this movie tonight there was a particular line in a song sung in the Finale that really stood out for me...I am posting below!

"Take my hand
And lead me to salvation
Take my love
For love is everlasting
And remember
The truth that once was spoken
To love another person
Is to see the face of God."

Goodnight and here's to wonderful, LOVE filled Sunday!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Full of Faith

Happy Friday...People!! YAY!!! I am SO ready for the weekend!!!  Today is weigh in #23! LUNCH Post!!!  O Happy Day!!!

Lost another 1.5lbs...Would love it to be 2lbs...but Hey...Still losing, still moving forward and still fighting to light!!!

I saw this and thought about my semi-disappointment when I "only lose a pound"

Besides the obvious fact this is a gross picture...look how much 1lb of fat is!!!  EWWWWW!

So Week #23 is in the books...29 Weeks to go!  2 weeks until The Cleanse begins!!!  My 46th birthday will fall into that time frame as well.  Here is the cool part.  I am going to be healthier on my 46th Birthday than I was on my 45th!  I like that!  What a birthday gift that is!!!

So yesterday I was thinking about Perspective and today's thought is about Courage.  I used to think of courage as something that only lies within a hero's actions...A soldier, a policeman, a fireman, a know those professions that require tremendous bravery and often personal sacrifice or tremendous knowledge.  But as I have grown older...I recognize courage in everyone.  We all have it and we all have displayed it for others to see!  It may not always be in plain sight and it may not be displayed in some grand gesture or poetic moment...but it is there.  I read a quote today that made me think about what Courage is...what it requires.

"A Man of Courage is also Full of Faith"~Cicero

Now...I am going to take the liberty to add "Woman" to Cicero's quote...he won't mind...he died in 43 BC.

But a Man or Woman of Courage is also Full of Faith..this really resonates with me!  Courage is a funny thing...I have been in situations where I had it and in situations where I am clear Courage was not present!!!!  When I have Courage...I KNOW that I have Faith!!!  That is a no brainer for me!!!! 

I don't really think of myself as courageous...I wonder if any of us do and if we did...would we say that out loud about ourselves!  Maybe...but here is what I can say about myself.  I recognize it in myself a little more these days...Not in some grand way and NOT of my own volition!!!  No...for me It IS about courage comes from courage...what there is...comes from God. 

As the Journey continues...I am going to need all the Faith and Courage I can get...

Here is one other thing I need to say about Courage.  I am surrounded by every day people who have tons of it!  Some know it and Some don't!  But what they all have in common is that they "model" that courage for me...I am an experiential learner...and I learn by watching others...I have always said that I often connect to God through other people.  I have tons of opportunity to learn everyday.  I grew up with strong women (particularly my Mother and Grandmother) who model a strong faith and both have/had tremendous courage.  I have friends and family who are courageous and exhibit an amazing faith everyday!

Just this week I was reminded of the courage a few people I know exhibit daily...

My friend who is just a few years younger than me who is preparing to take her medical school entrance exams, while working a full time job and grieving the unexpected loss of her mother.  Yet, not only is she forging on...but she is doing so with tremendous grace and humor...always humor!  THAT is courage!

My friend who has battled the flu the last 2 weeks, is managing some serious life difficulties, striving to be a good mom and daily working on being a better person...THAT is courage!

I have a friend who is making every effort to learn about herself, gain knowledge about things she finds difficult to understand and get healthy physically...while also being a wife, mother, daughter, friend...THAT is also courage!

I am surrounded!! All great their own way!  All courageous in their own way. 

Psalm 31:24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.”

Here is to a great weekend filled with Love (yes, I am still working the love angle)...Filled with Courage and Faith! 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Life In Perspective-Again!

Thursday is fading and Friday is just around the corner...Another weigh in and another close to a chapter of this Journey!  I hope all is well with all of you. 

I have been thinking a lot about perspective.  Of course, every one's is different.  We all see things in slightly or sometimes drastically different variations.  Our experience often heavily influences our perspective.  So after posting how "excited" I am to be trying this Cleanse...I thought...Wow, how my perspective has changed. 

It really was just a short while ago that I would have scoffed at, refused to, cried at the thought of doing a, today...4 months into this crazy Journey...I think it is wonderful idea.  It is just funny to me how our perspective can change or be impacted by our life experiences! The funny thing is that I really am excited...not so much about the "process" of doing the cleanse...but of the benefits of having completed it!

This feels like one more great opportunity to move this Journey in the right direction and boosting this seriously slow metabolism of mine is one way to advance the process!

Another aspect of perspective that often is in my mind is "keeping things in perspective".  This ties directly with the whole life balance thing for me.  If I keep things in perspective...with proper importance...careful not to give one thing in my life too much or too little emphasis..then it seems to me that Balance would not in fact, be so difficult to achieve!  However, though it looks all neat and tidy in seems to be damn near impossible to actually accomplish! 

But here is one thing that I think I learn more and more about each day...

I found this and love it...This is SO about the Journey!  Yes, I will be thinner and healthier (hopefully) as a result of reaching the goal I have set for myself...but the Journey..the Journey continues to be the real gift...everyday.  Perspective!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

World Class Fluffy Girl

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope today has been a positive, productive...LOVE filled day!  I am still on the LOVE wagon!  Today has been an exciting day for me!  Though as I write that sentence...the next thought is...I must be nuts!!!  I am sure some of you would agree!! :)

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have had an opportunity to explore a few options for making changes in my diet.  I really wanted to explore a few ideas (professionally directed) about how to boost my metabolism.  I have made changes on my own however,  really liked the idea of having someone who actually KNOWS what they are doing provide some guidance on ways to best accomplish that! 
So because the entire process has been SO Divinely guided.  Within a matter of a couple of weeks, I had options!!  First, there is a nutritionist that often does segments on KSBJ (local christian radio station) and a couple of my co-workers met her via an Aggie Women's event..that I am going to see in the near future.  She offers multiple services and I think will be a great resource for me locally.  Secondly, out of the blue...Kerri Walsh (Did I mention that I LOVE her) sent me the name of a trainer/chiropractor that she works with, told me to call him and he has recommended a 28 day cleanse that he says will really boost my metabolism.

So, believe it or not...Today has been an exciting day because on Feb 9th (the day AFTER my 46th Birthday)...I will be starting this Cleanse (a 28 day cleanse)...HAHAHA!!! Who gets excited about a cleanse!!! Apparently, either I don't get out enough...or this whole healthy living thing is taking over!!! 

I spoke with Kerri's trainer today and he is sending me the stuff I need to get started.  He was so kind on the phone and I just felt like this was the right next step for me!  And again...I am excited about a cleanse...hilarious!!!

You know what this means...for those of you that follow along regularly...You are going to LIVE this cleanse with me...You are more than welcome to REMIND me about how EXCITED I was when I decided to do this thing!!!

I told this guy (who trains multiple professional athletes) that I was no World Class Athlete but was a World Class Fluffy Girl!!!!  I can do Fluffy! 

So another new chapter...another new adventure and again I am Still Inspired.  Completely Divine!  A God thing for sure!

I told Kerri's trainer that "she is the kindest, most giving person I have never met".  I told her that God is so working through her and I get to be Blessed by that!  Amazing!  Bless her heart...I sent her a million direct messages on Twitter...She may think I am a major Drama girl...but I swear...I am not! maybe I have dramatic capabilities...but this is genuine inspiration, love and appreciation for a kind act! 

Oh and Please keep Kerri, my sweet friend Stef and some of my co-workers in  your prayers...they are all trying to beat this crazy Flu virus!!!

OK...have to get to the gym...I am ready for the next chapter of this Amazing Journey...Who is brave enough to stay with me  through the Cleanse....I know you are out there!!!!

See you tomorrow...Blessings! 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holy Migraine Batman!

Holy Migraine Batman!!! has been all about the migraine.  I have been doing so well...but today has been a complete migraine melt down.  Yet, I am at work.  We are just so busy that I needed to be here.  Though I am pretty sure that my level of effectiveness has been less than stellar!!

I find myself reading/writing the same sentence over and over again.  Nice!  As I said in yesterday's post...I really felt lousy last night and was, quite frankly, afraid I was getting the Flu or some other heinous bug!  But it appears that it was a migraine warning shot!  That is not something that I am not used to...In the past, I have not been able to say that I have had any warnings before a significant migraine.  I usually just wake up with it! 

So, I guess I am going to take it easy.  If my migraine subsides, I may try to get in a light workout.  No weightlifting!  Not that this is probably not an obvious thought...but take it from me, lifting weights with a migraine is NO BUENO!  The added pressure to the head causes additional tension and my experience has been quite negative.  Kinda like my head was going to explode! 

As strange as this may sound though...I am glad  it was "just" a migraine and not the FLU!!! 

I found this Evil Elliptical workout online today and though I would share...I may give it a whirl when my head decides to behave!

Lastly, I came across this today and so LOVED it!!!  Perfect!  I think I will end with that!

Here is to a migraine free Wednesday and a good rest of the week. 

Another reminder that you can now reach me at

Take Good Care and God Bless!

Monday, January 21, 2013

No Quick Fix to a Long Term Problem

Here we are on Monday of the 23rd week of this elaborate process of De-fluffing me...The Fluffy girl!  So good! Not perfect..Not on track even...but surprisingly Good! 

I want to prolong this "happy", love fest as long as possible.  I know that there will be good days and not so good days...but so far...all have been worth their Weight in Gold! 

I am going to make some decisions this week about a few dietary changes.  I am supposed to have a conversation with someone Kerri Walsh recommended and I have found a nutritionist located here in Houston that can also provide some guidance for my struggles with my daily dietary needs.
I am excited about both.  It has taken me 4+ months to wrap my head around this whole lifestyle change vs. being on a diet!!!  As I probably have overstated, I really need this Journey to be about a different lifestyle and not about fad diets or quick weight loss solutions.  For me,  there is no quick fix to a long term problem.  But I do believe that there are long term solutions that will fix the problem!  I am working hard at that and so far..I have stuck to my guns on this point.

I have had a little setback physically this week (even though it is only Monday).  I am afraid that my body is caving to all of the germs I have been exposed to over the past few weeks.  So...tonight, I am going home, resting and praying my brains out that I am just tired and NOT getting sick. If I am being honest though, I am worried.  I have gone down hill quickly this afternoon!  So if you have a few extra prayers that you can send my way, I would be so appreciative. 

I have come up with a anti-sickness "poem" of sorts:

No colds
No Flu,
No fever, that won't do
No aches,
No pains or chills, to suffer through
No stomach ache or dizziness
Cuz Ain't nobody got time for this!

Yes...I just made that up...pure, unadulterated genius.  I can see it now....the next Presidential Poet Laureate or maybe the newest rap Sensation...Vanilla Fluff!  Who knows...but I think my future is bright!!!

I hope you guys have a great evening...Stay Well, Be Happy and Feel the LOVE!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let It Shine!

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope today has been filled with lots of love, laughter, family, friends and blessings galore!  Once again, today has been a great day.  The weather has been spectacular and all I have wanted to do this weekend is be outside!!! 

We started our morning at Church.  The music in church was fantastic today!!!  Really good and really moving!  Music for me is a direct lifeline to when the music in church is good...I get so much from the experience. 

The discussion today was about Jesus being the "Light of the World" and how we have an opportunity to be His reflection of that Light!  I thought about that...Have you ever met anyone that you can see that kind of "Light" in their eyes or in the way they speak?  They just have a different energy about them...A kindness, warmth...I don't know exactly what the right words are...but I have had that experience...I have met people who have that Light... more than once and recently as a matter of fact.

 I want to be one of those people...I think as I take this Journey, the more I, with God's help, free myself from the physical burdens that I have..the more I shed the "weight" of those burdens, it will create the space and energy I need to be a better person.  I am saying this because I feel it already.  Not that I am so much of a better person..but I have space that I have not had in years.  This is really a transformation and though I know it is going to take a decent amount of time to accomplish this transformation, I just can't help but believe that in the end...I will have so much more to give ..hopefully cast a brighter reflection and be a brighter light! 

After Church we stopped by to see Donna's Mom in the hospital.  She was looking good today!  We enjoyed our visit and did some laughing!  Her nurse came in the room and told that our Laugh was contagious! Love that!!!

Mom and I grabbed some lunch, ran a few errands and then headed for the park!  This day was so great that like I said earlier, I REALLY wanted to be outside!  So we have several great parks in our area and I knew that one of them has a "hill" (Emily used to love to roll down the hill when she was younger).  I decided that would be a good workout spot for me today!  I want to start conditioning myself for climbing in order to get ready for my Enchanted Rock climb!  So I did 8 up and down cycles on the hill...Not bad for a Fluffy Girl!  After that I took the Riley (the dog) for about a mile walk and call it a day!  It was really nice....lots of dogs, kids, cyclists, runners, etc...lots of great "sounds"! 

One thing before I go!  I just want to report another health update...Since I have been on this daily dosage of insulin has diminished from 100 units of long acting insulin per day and as much as 30 units daily of short acting insulin to...NO long term insulin and less than 30 units of short acting insulin a WEEK!!! I only take one medication regularly for the diabetes now!  Just thought I would share!  I am shooting for NO more diabetes!  Can I get an AMEN!!! :)

It was a great day...A great Day to be In the Light and to work on This Little Light of Mine!!! :)

Let's have a great Week 23...Tackle those challenges, Share our Victories and Shine, Shine, Shine!!

This Little Light of Mine

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Unexpected Adventures...Unexpected Joy

Happy Saturday folks!  It has been a busy, different, fun day!  Lots of energy and got to spend some great time with my people! 

The day started with a 1.5 mile walk with Donna...nice to have some time to just chat! The morning was B-E-A-UTIFUL!  It felt like Spring!  After our walk, I had lunch at Donna's and then Emily and I had some one-on-one volleyball time...we worked on some skills and she is getting closer and closer to mastering her overhand serve!!  We have a great time together.  I could not be more grateful to have her in my life! 

After all the volleyball fun..Emily and I had a date for Bible study!  However...Emily had an opportunity to go and spend the weekend with a friend in Austin AND after some scheduling conflicts...Tone Tone and I decided to drive Emily to meet up with the friends somewhere between Houston and Austin!  All very spontaneous...which I love!!!  Spontaneity is one of my favorite things...It keeps life interesting and gives me a bit of an adrenaline rush!  So...we all hustled to get ready...hopped in the car and headed out to Austin or at least, almost to Austin.

We laughed, sang AND got our Bible study in during our 2.5 hour drive.  So much fun...I mean who doesn't like reading Bible verses and singing Gangnam Style (not at the same time) LOL!  The drive was fantastic...such a terrific day for a drive! 

We dropped Em off and Tone Tone and I headed for Bastrop to have dinner...We drove around a bit and had a fabulous dinner...I even ate healthy...Go Fluffy!!!   Mom and I got to spend some time chatting...laughing and have a little Daycation! 

I love little unexpected adventures...there is so many gifts hidden in days like today. I have never been a person that likes to have every last minute of the day or my life planned out.  Don't get me wrong...there are obvious benefits to having a plan!  But...days like today...are filled with Joy!  Unexpected Adventures lead to Unexpected Joy!!! 

This day was fun, healthy, energized...the perfect workout!  I bet I lost a pound laughing!!! 

Tomorrow is Church, a few errands and rest!  Still feeling the LOVE!  I hope all of you are too!!! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weigh In #22-Welcome to the Love Fest

It is FRIDAY....Can't tell how happy that makes me.  It has been one busy week.  A good week...but a busy week.  My job is CRAZY....Now don't get me wrong..I am very happy to HAVE a job..and it is CRAZY! 

So...I am NOT working late tonight...When the work gets crazy...the crazy leaves the office!!! 

So today was Weigh In #22-I lost another 1.5lbs..I can live with that! 

My workout last night was tough.  One of the most difficult in a while. My legs felt like Jello...just really tired.  So I cut my cardio to 30 minutes...lifted some weights and called it a day!

You know, one of the challenges on this Journey for me is listening to my body!  Believe it or not, despite the condition I have let myself get in, I can overdue the workout. What I mean by that is that I can push so hard that I crater and am unable to stay on track.  So it is not that the workout is so tough...It is just that I don't regulate to my physical needs.. is just takes patience and time to build up stamina...especially after 20+ years of not regularly taking care of myself!  Ahhh...Patience.  Not one of my strong suits....Reminds me of Popeye..."I ain't no doctor, but I am losing me patience!" Gotta Love Popeye!  I have Selective Patience...I can be patient at times...certain situations or with certain people...However, I am not patient with myself...(or with other people in cars...LOL). 

This Journey requires a whole lot of patience!!!  That I am learning.  It also requires that I keep a good attitude about BEING patient!  Whatever...HAHAHA!!!  That is really the word that popped into my head as I was writing that much for the Good Attitude!!

So much more to learn!

Of course...I am still on a LOVE Fest this week...I like LOVE....It is fun!  My heart continues to be FULL...
One of my co-workers ask my why I was so perky today...I said "What do you mean?" ( I was singing and dancing at the time)...I was hugging the youngsters...cracking jokes...Me...Perky...Say it ain't so!!!   So much for professional boundaries....I am feeling the LOVE!  I am completely surrounded by it!!!

My friend Donna recently informed me that she is NOT inspired by my all!  Now she told me if I put that in my blog...I would have to explain...Her explanation is that she REFUSED to be inspired by my Journey...HOWEVER, she went to the Dr. (she has a cold) and they weighed doctors will do....according to her...the scale DID inspire She will starting her own Journey (privately).  I told her I loved her...I will support her anyway I can...and Welcome to the Love Fest!!!  I am sure she would appreciate a prayer or two!!! Kerri Walsh has the FLU!!!  She said she is feeling horrible.  I told her we would be saying some prayers for her...Bless her heart! 

ALSO, Please pray for my sweet cousin Brian and he goes on a mission  trip to El Salvador to do a job for God!!!  Did I mention I have an amazing family!!!

Week 23...Here comes The Fluff...I am ready to take on next week...Work out and Work it OFF!!!! 

Thank you to those of you that have really made a difference this week.  Thank you for the kind comments, words of support, unbelievable willingness to reach out and of course ALL OF THE LOVE!!!! 

I have not shared Blessings in a while:  Here are a few for this week!

1.  LOVE
2.  My sweet Mom...
3.  My newly inspired (not by me) friend Donna
4.  Camille for sharing her special heart
5.  Kerri Walsh-for continuing to be amazing and for having a HUGE heart!
6.  My Aunt Charlotte for ALWAYS letting me know she's got my back
7.  My Aunt Lois...for her unmatched enthusiasm
8.  Flowers from a co-worker (because I could not eat the muffins she brought for everyone else...Thanks Claire)
9.  For believing with all my heart that God is with me...I have been washed by the water!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Attack of the Warm and Fuzzies

Happy Thursday my friends...I hope all is wonderful in your world.  Still working here...or at least I am supposed to be!  Thought I would take a quick break and start this post so that maybe it would not be tomorrow before I get it posted.  I really am not all that fond of posting about a day that is already done and gone! :)

So I am going to the gym more Frosty the Fluffy Girl walks...too cold and I am too likely to cut my walk short when I can't properly move my frozen legs...I may be a weenie!!! 

OK...the date is set for Enchanted Rock...March 8,9 and 10th.  My fabulous friend Nettie is giving us the trip and going along.  She says she will be ready with a net when I fall off the big rock...LOL!!!  I  told her it was going to have to be a BIG net!!!  Kristen is going as well and maybe a few other folks...It will be fun and there will be pics to post!

Tomorrow is Weigh In #22....I am not feeling all that anxious about it!  Which is good.  No pressure! 

A friend, who has begun to read the blog, came across something I received from my friend several months ago from my friend Patsy.  I loved it at the time and after being reminded today of it..thought I would post it again.  I think most of us would like to know this about ourselves without ever having to doubt that we are great just the way we are:

As you are,
Stronger than you know.
More beautiful than you think.
Worthier than you believe.
More loved than you can ever imagine.
Passionate about making a difference.
Fiery when protecting those you love.
Learning. Growing. Not Alone.
Warm. Giving. Generous.
Quirky. Sexy. Funny. Smart.
Flawed. Whole. Scared. Brave
And so, so, so much more.

Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You

I truly love was so nice to see it again.  The friend that brought this up today said she sent it to 3 people who have a special place in her heart.  Now you have to love that...paying it forward!!!  I can feel an attack of the Warm and Fuzzies coming on...

I am still loving this Journey...and Week 22 has been a great week for sharing the LOVE!!!!  There are probably several of you that think I am going over the top with ALL the LOVE....and if you were here right now...I would probably give you a big ole kiss on the cheek just to prove you right!!

I often talk about having Faith and how important Hope is...but LOVE...LOVE is the key. 

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."1 Corinthians 13:13

Here is the song of the Day...I don't think you will be surprised!

Wishing you all unlimited LOVE....

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Full Heart

Happy Early my quest to find Life/Work Balance is not going so well...the scales tipped heavily in favor of work today!!!  Really quite puzzling...I am a fairly intelligent human being and it feels like this should be easier...but alas, that is not the case! 

So here I is midnight..I got home at 9:30 PM...went for a walk in the freezing cold...and yes, it really is freezing cold here in the Bayou City!  Supposed to be in the upper 20's tonight!  But there is good news...I think I have solved my weight loss issues...I walked, was frozen solid and was able to chip off excess pounds....these pants fit before my walk!

Not REALLY!!! LOL...though I must say...I have not had on these sweats since last winter...and they are a tad bit too large!!!  Yea for the Fluffy Girl!!!! 

So I finished my walk, ate dinner (yummy spaghetti squash) and watched a little Criminal that show and now here we are!!!  Here I am post walk...frozen solid...notice I did not "chip off" my double chin...hehehe!!!

Despite my inability to manage my life well...I must say...My heart is full!!!  I am loving this week #22!  I have had a few quiet breakthroughs...For the first time in the last few months, I don't feel like I am constantly thinking about food...what to eat...what not to eat, that constant question in my mind about How, What, When, Why...I feel a little more settled this week.
It kinda snuck up on me...Tonight I was sitting thinking about which of the million thoughts zooming around my head I was going to use...try to make sense of and write down here..when I realized..I am just happy...I am alright with all of this...even the fruitless efforts to maneuver the ever elusive, slippery slope that is BALANCE.  Who knew!  

I feel like I have options for making the changes I need to make in my diet.  Again, my favorite Olympian has shown me great kindness this week and given me options that I would not ever have had without her willingness to support me in this Journey.  I so hope I can somehow pay that forward and I would be lying if I did not say that I would so love the opportunity to thank her face to may sound a bit corny coming out of my mouth...but that would be a dream! 

It is only Wednesday and already this week...I have been shown so much kindness, so much love, given the opportunity to be impacted by God's Grace in more than one way. Again, the only thing I can say is that I feel so Blessed! 

Another quiet breakthrough this a little more in depth and I am not thinking this is the place to fully share...but I will say this...I have had a few things happen this week that would normally well...quite frankly...send me to the Fridge--so to speak! But that did not happen...I cannot exactly verbalize why and I further don't think I can verbalize what a major event that is for me...being an emotional eater sucks..and any moment that I can overcome that ( and not be in major stress) is a great thing!  I hope that makes sense! 

OK...So since I am feeling all warm and fuzzy...happy to be here and so glad that this Journey continues to be amazing...Let me just thank all of you for supporting me and loving me through this!  Hang in there with me...We've got 7.5 months to go (at least)...

All my love! is a great segment I saw today about another weight loss Journey!

Cool Weight Loss Story

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Fluffy Girl IS ON FIRE!!!

Baby it's cold outside...No really...It is sooo cold.  Here is the general rule of thumb...If a Fluffy Girl is cold...then IT IS C-O-L-D.  Happy Tuesday folks!!!

  So...I am getting ready to leave the office and head to the gym.  I have taken a couple of days off from the gym.  Like I think I said recently, I think that if I rest my body...then it feels like my workouts are more productive.  If I plow through the work week and then throw myself into hour+ long some body usually goes into some kind of physical rebellion!! 

So I am pondering going to Enchanted Rock the 3rd weekend in February.  So that would mean that I have a month (roughly) to get ready.  I have done some research and it appears that most people that have completed the hike to the top classify it as a "moderate" hike...though some classified it as difficult...I am betting I think it is difficult...regardless. 

However, I have done some difficult hiking in Sedona, AZ with my hiking buddy and BFF Donna...We did not do it on purpose...but we did it nonetheless.  We started out on a "moderate" hike (a loop trail) and ended up walking along a 3ft ledge and crossing crevices and doing crap neither of thought we could...because we HAD to finish the LOOP...We DID NOT LOOP....we had to turn back and go back the way we came...She would have to refresh my memory...but I am pretty sure we were on the side of that mountain for several hours... We were considerably younger then...We both lived though...Lived to hike Sedona again for my 40th birthday...A GREAT birthday gift (by the way). 

So I am excited about Enchanted Rock...I think my office pal Kristen will be joining me...Tone Tone will be going ( no hiking for her!!!!)...I am hoping Donna will go... though I am thinking the chances are Slim to None...and Slim just left...but I can hope!  Anyway...regardless...I LOVE to be outdoors and since I do still have a large volume of Fluff to contend with...going in the Winter is what makes sense...Cause going in the Summer will not be happening. 

I have received some great support and encouragement so far this week and I am hoping that will continue to Stoke the Fire!!!!  I have had the opportunity a couple of times this past week to use the following song as my song of the day and have not...So tonight is the night.  For those of you that actually listen to or watch the stuff I post on here...This song is for all of us girls ('ll understand)...This Fluffy Girl IS on Fire....and ready for the rest of this week.  Ready for what I need to do to further this Journey, share this inspiration and be the person God wants me to be! 

Great song...Great Video! 

Girl on Fire-Alicia Keys

I am off to the gym...rowing machine here I come.  Have a fantastic night and as always...thanks for the inspiration, the love and the support.  Each one of you are so important to this, old friends, new friends, Olympic Gold Medalists, Teachers, Strangers, those that have gone before me...Every single one of you!!! 


Monday, January 14, 2013

The Substitute Fluffy Girl

Happy Monday...what is left of it that is..Sorry for the late hour!!  Today was another busy Monday.  I am trying to stay healthy...people in my office are dropping like flies!  Flu, colds, the crud...I must have washed my hands 25 times today! I do not typically have a germ phobia but I must admit...I do NOT have the Flu on my schedule!  I walked into the public restroom on our floor at work today and a woman was in the rest room....on her knees...yep you guessed it...puking!!!  I walked in and turned around and walked right back out...I felt kinda guilty...I could have asked if she was OK...but instead...I ran like the building was on fire!  So much for a compassionate heart.
Other than that my day was rather uneventful and just plain ole busy!  I struggled a bit with food..strangely...I only felt like eating veggies, no carbs...just protein.  I felt hungry...but not!  Not sure what was going on...but I did not eat a particularly balanced diet today. 
Tonite, I was invited to Donna's house to sub in her Bunco group.  I am assuming that most of you are familiar with Bunco...but if not, simply stated, it is a dice game played typically by a group of women...once a month.  It is more about hanging out and laughing, than anything else!  I found  this little pic online and thought it was cute.

Oh and to answer the above question...I do! LOL!!!

Anyway I digress...I have subbed for Donna before...actually a couple of years ago.  The last time was enjoyable...I knew a couple of the ladies in the group but generally did not know any of them well.  Like I said, it was an enjoyable evening.  But funny enough...tonight was different.  Now...again, I knew a couple of the ladies and had met the majority of them 2 years ago. 
Truth is...I can sometimes be a bit of a wallflower...I am not a true extrovert and in fact, can be quite introverted at times.  But...once I get warmed up...I am usually off to the races.  Typically, I cannot keep my mouth shut too  long!

  Of course, I worked all day and did not have time to go home and "freshen" up...but the good news is that I was at my best friend's house and was completely comfortable with doing any freshening there! 
 Now here is what I will tell life, to some extent, is completely different from these ladies...not a bad thing..just different.  Most of them are married or have been married, have kids, jobs, houses...etc...I am single (at 45), no kids, no husband, live in an apartment...and gratefully I do have a job!  At least I got that going for me!! LOL! 

Seriously though, it isn't really like any of that truly matters...but for me, I sometimes feel a bit awkward in a setting where I could easily not "fit in".....not to mention that I am the only non-member of the group..I am the Substitute for the real member of the group.  Now...I don't want to make this some overly dramatic representation of the evening...truth is...I did not feel particularly awkward...everyone is incredibly friendly in the group and most of them have NO idea...that I am a single white female (ok...they probably figured out that I am white)...who lives around the corner from their neighborhood in a 2 bedroom apartment with my sweet Momma and a little white dog!

The night was fun...laughing, a little food, a glass of wine and lots of conversation.  But here is the cool part for me...I got to share my Journey with some of these ladies.  Not in great detail...not my life story....but a fun, honest conversation with a few of them about the Fluffy Girl and the fact that I am trying to drop 120lbs in a year. 

But something quite remarkable happened. One of these ladies REALLY  heard me...She got what I am trying to do...She got it that this Journey is about so much more than losing weight.  She got it without me having to explain it...justify it...make it flowery or particularly funny...and I felt that!  In my heart!  She was kind enough to tell me she got take the risk of sharing with me, the stranger, that she GOT it!  You guys may think I am crazy...or maybe you would have had to have been there...But I knew that God was in that moment.  What a gift! 

 This Journey is about started with unexpected inspiration...It had too...that is how God planned it!  It continues to be about Inspiration...the inspiration of a great conversation with a complete stranger-completely pretense...completely honest and an absolute Joy! 

Take it from a world where we are so "connected", texting, Facebook, Twitter, all of which are great ways to reach stay in touch and to manage our relationships...there is something so precious about a conversation...a real, face to face conversation.  There is no Substitute for it...

Goodnight...sleep tight! Jaime

Sunday, January 13, 2013

You cannot Fail...Unless You Quit

Happy Sunday to ALL...I hope all have had a wonderful day full of love, family, worship, fun and of course, football!!!  OK...So my Texans did NOT win today!  Sad! know what??? They did NOT Quit!  I love that!!!

There is inspiration in not quitting!  It is easy to feel defeated sometimes...I have had many days in my life where quitting seemed like the intelligent choice and sometimes I have quit and sometimes...I have found strength that I did not know I had and stayed the course (so to speak)!  Anytime I have the opportunity to witness someone or a group of "someones" (in this case), push through a struggle, do more than anyone expected, succeed despite the circumstances or at the very minimum keep it interesting...:)...It is inspiring!!!  That does not only happen on the field, court, stage, politics... in the public happens everyday...all around us!  All kinds of people overcome the odds, keep the faith and NOT quit!  In the words of Abraham Lincoln..".you cannot fail...unless you quit" 
I must say this...this Journey is about being in Action, trusting, believing that life can be different and NOT quitting...even when I REALLY want to!!!!

So this morning was cold and blustery (such a good word)...Church was to spend a little extra time with Donna, Emily and her friend...Emily...who visited our Church for the first time today and confidently proclaimed that it was VERY weird!!! She is Catholic and I am betting it WAS a much different experience!

After Church...we were supposed to go celebrate my friend Stefanie's birthday...Unfortunately, she is ill and was not able to celebrate her birthday!  So Stef...Happy Birthday my friend.  We will celebrate another day...I am glad you were born and so grateful we have been friends since before either of us could drive!  You are on a Journey of your own...know that you are not going it alone and you have all that you need to succeed! You have all of the strength you need because God is with you and guiding you!

OK...I took today as a day of rest and will be back at busy life tomorrow.  Again, I ask for prayers that I can keep a reasonable schedule, eat healthy, get plenty of rest and ENJOY week #22 of this Journey.  Your prayers are essential!

Have a fantastic week...May your Journey be filled with all of the support you need.  Success is always achievable!  Journey 120 "MAWA Inspired"  Week #22-Let's Roll!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Delight in the Beauty that Surrounds You

Hello Saturday!  Hope everyone is well into enjoying the weekend.  My day has been nice.  Lazy morning and then spent some time with my BFF...we went for a walk...a strolly (not a word), leisurely, casual kind of walk at a really nice park not too far from our neighborhood!  We walked and talked and it was nice...we do not get to do that too often!  Here I am at the park!

It is a really nice park and has all of these cool inspirational quotes imprinted in the concrete sidewalk and painted along the concrete pavers and bulkhead in the park!


This says...."Delight in the Beauty that Surrounds You"

I like that...there is beauty ALL around me...and having that phrase staring back at me while I am walking along on this Journey is a good reminder.  It was a pleasant place to spend an hour or so! 

After my time with Donna...I had to get my Tone Tone some meds..she has a big old nasty ear ache!!  So if you can include her in your prayers tonite that would be great!  Since Tone Tone needed to stay in...I cooked!  I cooked and we ate and we are both still alive...that is a cooking success story for me. 

I baked chicken...made an angel hair pasta lightly tossed in a cherry tomato, onion, fresh garlic and mushroom saute in a little extra virgin olive oil.  Made fresh Calabaza squash diced with a little onion, poultry seasoning, celery seasoning, parsley and a bit of agave nectar...It was not too bad...I suck at seasoning food well.  I don't know why...I never seem to quite get the flavor in food that really good cooks do...oh well.  Again...We survived and it was edible!  Here is the funny thing about me and cooking...I cook like a LINEBACKER HITS...I have every dish, pot, utensil, skillet out and in use...the kitchen looks like a war zone...BUT...cleaned up most of mess as I went along!! 

Tomorrow will be with Emily and her friend Emily (I only let Emily bring friends with her that have the same name...makes keeping them in line much easier) TEASING!  Anyway...we are all going to church and then Mom and I are headed up to The Woodlands to celebrate my friend Stef's birthday!  Should be a fun day. 

Tomorrow is FOOTBALL.  The Houston Texans will be heading into Foxborough Mass. to face the New England Patriots...They handed us our hat a few weeks back so I am ready for a little healthy revenge!!!  Time to be INSPIRED!!!!  We are going in as the underdog...Sometimes being the Underdog can be sports and in life, being underestimated can be a strong advantage...When no one expects you to succeed...success is so much sweeter!  Go TEXANS!!!

Have a great Sunday.  May God Bless  you and Keep you!!!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Weigh In #21-SO LONG 250'S

Happy Friday all...and it is a Happy Friday indeed!!!!  I lost 2lbs this week...Can I get an AMEN!!!  Given that my post did not actually POST last night...I posted a little blurb earlier explaining what happened yesterday.  But THIS is my real Friday post.  It feels good to have lost another couple of pounds.  I needed that!  It helps with the whole motivation thing when I actually lose weight! 

I am ready for the weekend.  I am still at work but will be leaving shortly.  I am hoping to finish some house cleaning....get a good workout in and watch my HOUSTON TEXANS defy the odds and beat the New England Patriots...I don't care if it is by 1pt....just would like to see them get the win!!! 

I am preparing to make some additional changes to my plan in the next few weeks.  I have some options that I did not know I was going to I am excited.  I contacted a nutritionist here in Houston  and Kerri Walsh has been kind enough to pass on some information about a cleanse program she does!  Who ever thought I would be so excited about a cleanse and given that I have an irrational fear of weird beverages... I am so not is even more bizarre! 

I am feeling newly inspired today...I have generally been inspired the WHOLE time but it is funny what losing a couple of pounds and new opportunities can do to stoke the flames!!! 

I am so grateful for all of the support.  I LOVE the comments, funny thoughts, suggestions, wonderful to know that you guys are out and are cheering me on!  This is so not possible without that kind of least not for me.  I NEED THE LOVE!!!!  SHOW ME THE LOVE!!!

My fabulous friend Brig sent me this funny below...Definitely blog worthy!!!

Aww...I miss bacon!  Here is one of my favorite comedian's take on bacon...Jim Gaffigan!

Before I go...I read a blog post from a woman who has lost over 200 pounds in the last 17 months...she had weight loss surgery..but let me tell you, I have known several people who have had some type of weight loss surgery and if you are going to really lose a significant amount of weight (i.e. 200+lbs), there is work involved.  There has to be a commitment to change, emotionally and physically.  Anyway...she posted recently some of the really hateful comments people post on her blog...negative, demeaning, hate-filled, profanity laced comments regarding her worth...her value as a human being.  Let me say...I do not know her personally nor have I followed her blog long.  But let me say this...we all have at least once in are lives...if not more, made a judgement, have distrusted...even disliked people  that are different than us...just because they are different. You know...I have done it! But see what people take the time to write to a person that they don't even know...the time and energy that it takes to be that hateful and thoughtless...It made me mad and my heart broke for her. 
I have said this before and I will say it again...I have been blessed.  I never really had to endure the severe harassment or bullying associated with being overweight...I may be to mean to be picked on!!!!  But...I have certainly been singled out because of my weight and for those of you that know me well...know that  my weight was scrutinized and criticized during my music career...even by people I knew well.  AND News was at times, devastating!  But...I no longer find that kind of behavior acceptable.  I was told it was just part of the "business"...they are lucky that I bought that line at 22 years old... because at 45... that dog won't hunt (as we say here in Texas).  Over the years...I have had employers, not so good "friends" and acquaintances say negative or thinly veiled negative comments about my times it hurt and at times I miserable they must be to need to hurt others.  That pain must be unbearable! 

I just wanted to acknowledge that I support her and how painful that must be for her.  I am posting her blog site here and if, only if...any of you are so inclined... I thought it would be nice to send her a word of encouragement.  We all need them...and We all deserve them.

Have a blessed Friday evening and thank  you for reading my words and sharing your hearts!!!


Thursday's Technical Difficulty-

Hi All...I posted remotely yesterday and somehow...things went awry.  So Sorry!  I wrote it...I swear...and it said it was published!  So I am confused.  Anyway....I am not going to rewrite time....But I did work out last night...swimming...and it was good!!!  Did 30 minutes in the pool.  I attached 2 interesting articles below.  Sorry for the confusion!!!!  I will post later today!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Call Me Flash!

Happy Hump Day...I hope all of  you here in the Houston area are staying dry! It was an icky day!  Nice to be home! 

I gave myself the day off from the gym...however last night I had another small Fluffy girl victory on the Evil Elliptical...I did a 13 minute mile...we are talking about Breaking the Sound Barrier people!  Just call me Flash!! Just know that it used to take me 48 hours to complete a mile on the evil machine!  Progress....Progress!

I also managed 60 crunches...actual crunches...not 60 bowls of Captain Crunches....but 60 CRUNCHES!

SO...tonight I am resting!  I am making an effort to Rest my body AND my mind. I know that my success depends on my ability to take reasonable breaks...mentally and physically...tonight I am doing both. 

Tomorrow will be busy...I am asking for prayers that I can manage my time in a healthy way...doing what I can do without getting into working long hours...stress overload, or wearing my grouchy pants for extended periods of time!

God is in charge!  Have a great Thursday!  MAWA INSPIRED!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lose the Drama-Drop the Lbs

Hello to all...It is rainy mess here is Houston today...I hope those of you here in town are taking it easy out there on the roads! is better than yesterday...though days like yesterday do take it out of me!  I got some great support from friends and had a really good workout out...even got in the whirlpool for a bit!  It was quite relaxing. 

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE:  I now have an email address specifically for all Fluffy Girl business.  The email address can be found on the upper right hand side of my blog and I am including it here.  Please feel free to contact me at this email address for any Fluffy Girl related "stuff".

So...I have made attempts to take on Tuesday with a "revised"attitude.  I have worked all day at just breathing, focusing on what needs to happen next and remembering that my primary focus is getting healthy and that means reducing my stress level.  Lose the Drama and Drop the Lbs!

I continue to change up my cardio workout...a little Evil Elliptical mixed in with a little bike and now that I am able to effectively do crunches..I have been doing those...and in case you did not know...Those are hard!  LOL! 

I read so many articles that I sometimes just reached sensory overload...Crap...which one of these are the truth...which one works and more importantly...which one works for me!!! 

I guess you can say I am working on finding the right answers to my questions.  Sometimes by trial and error...suggestions from those that have done it...and coming to terms with what this change really means...changes in my diet, in my activity levels, how I work out and the too numerous to mention "other" factors that play a part in my daily health.

 Though this has not gone as I planned IS still going.  I am grateful.  I must admit that I struggle with not measuring my success by the norms...or the "by now you should have..." or "why are you not...." moments.  It is an important lesson for me to learn...this WILL happen but it may not happen picture perfectly!  I cannot measure my success on public opinion, self-imposed rules or any other set of rules that apply to someone else.  I DO think it is important to have goals as motivation!  I know that I need a goal to work towards and we will see the outcome. 

Regardless, August 17th, 2013 there will be a volleyball game.  The only thing up in the what size shorts/shirt I will be wearing!!! 

Here is a treadmill routine I am considering adding to my repertoire...courtesy of Lindsey!

I recently heard a story about Mike Weaver (Big Daddy Weave)-a contemporary Christian singer who has had his own weight loss Journey.  He penned a song that described his Journey...Below is a video of the song and a quote from Mike.  The Song is Redeemed.

It's about learning to surrender every area of our life over to Him, and to live in that grace that empowers us."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Practice Being a Duck

It is every sense of the word.  I once had to do a collage about myself in a Speech class in college.  The collage was supposed to tell our "story".  Our story in pictures from magazines,  newspapers, etc.... The collage was to reveal our likes and dislikes, things that made us happy and things that made us uncomfortable or get the picture.  Mine had pics of sports, dogs, water, mountains, FOOD (of course), my Mom...all the things that I love!!!  But right in the middle of the poster, in large lettering with a picture of a calender...there was the phrase.."I hate Mondays".  I was 19 years old then.  I do still love sports, dogs, water, mountains, FOOD (of course) and my Mom....AND I pretty much still hate Mondays. 

I would love to tell you that I am one of those eternally, outwardly happy people who loves everything...including Mondays...but that would be a lie...a gross injustice to my pledge to tell the truth here!!  Today is a particularly ugly Monday. 

So...I could vent here about all that is wrong with today...and honestly, I would probably feel better...but completely unproductive.  You know it must be bad...because I am blogging before my day has barely started. is the truth.  The details do not matter!  The absolute only thing I have any control over is how I react to my situation.  This is one of those moments when I know I must Let Go and Let God...I must relinquish my need to "say" something to change, alter or alleviate the situation. 

Now I know some of you out there are really great at this kind of Faith....some of you have managed to keep things in perspective and move forward not backward.  Some of you are Ducks!!  Let me explain...I once had a boss and friend who told me I needed to be more like a Duck...I needed to learn to let things roll off of my back...just like water rolls off of a duck's back.  I actually had the opportunity after he said that to me to watch a Duck swimming around a pond and got to watch how quickly and easily the water rolls right off of the duck's really is interesting to watch.  If you think about it, a duck spends most of its time in water and very rarely appears to be wet.  I, on the other hand, can swim around my proverbial pond and come out looking like a drowned rat!  Not much duck action here!!! 

Being a duck sounds hard to me.  I can promise you that my feathers get ruffled and are NOT water resistant.  Today my feathers are ruffled.  My feelings are hurt and I am confused, overwhelmed and quite frankly...pissed! 

So what I can do???? Pray about being a Duck...pray for the strength to let things roll off my back...not take things too personally and remember that we are all human beings with human flaws.

I will work on channeling my energy into continuing this Journey to become a better, healthier, happier person.  Keep my focus on the day, the moment and not on what has happened or what might happen in the future.  I will work on not being a Procrastinator or a Prognosticator!  One Day at a Time. 

I will pray for guidance and trust this path.  I will continue to tackle challenges-physical and emotional knowing that God is in charge. 

I want to be a person that stands for the importance of teaching people how to treat me by how I treat others-in my personal and business life.  I have not always been too good at that!  There is a scene from the movie You've Got Mail...Meg Ryan's character is actually talking about a business relationship... really...these lines apply to Life for me.  Thought I would share!

The good news about a bad Monday...Is that in less than 24 hours, I get a chance to have a terrific Tuesday!!! 

God Bless!