Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Fluffy Girl Recuperates

Happy Sunday Evening to ALL!!!  I hope today has been fantabulous!  Good times with family, friends, church, football!!!  Speaking of Football....Great Football weekend...The New Boston Lions Win and are undefeated...Way to Go Teague Boys...The Texas Longhorns tried to give me a heart attack...but squeaked by...and The Houston TEXANS go 4-0 for the first time in franchise's a great day to live in Texas!!!  (I was even happy the Aggies walloped Arkansas-Whoop!)

Today was the 2nd day of recuperation for me.  I battled mentally feeling like I really needed to work out and physically feeling like I needed another day to recover from the treatment.  I must say that taking the day to rest and give my body a chance to fully recuperate will probably pay off in the long run. 

We did go to church today...Mom, Emily and I were more than low energy...Tone Tone probably had more energy than Emily and I put together.  But we made it! We took Emily home right after church and Mom and I headed to Cracker Barrel!  Today was a rainy, almost chilly day here and Cracker Barrel was filled with fun Halloween, Fall and Christmas stuff...Cozy!  I managed to eat fairly healthy and Tone Tone got to have her favorite Chicken N Dumplings (only 8 weight watchers points).  I love, love, love the FALL and the Holidays and am always truly excited for this time of year!  Happy Fall Ya'll!  Pretty soon I will singing Christmas Carols (Donna loves it when I sing Christmas Carols months before Christmas...hehehe).

Today's sermon was about being in constant communication with God...listening for God's whispers...His plans for us and following the path He has chosen.  Though I would like to think of myself as a really good listener...I may NOT always be the best listener!  I think that is one reason why this Journey has become so important for me.  I truly feel like I listened.  My "gut" says this is the next right thing for me to do and sharing it not only feels like a great support for my process but like something I am "supposed" to do...share it, live it, and I know that it goes way beyond the weight loss...though that is obviously important and necessary. 

I am hoping next week to be able to share some of the details of  what I hope is a positive way to SHARE this Journey on a different level.  It is one more level of inspiration and I am hoping one more really fantastic part of this whole experience.

I am ready for WEEK 7...I have let my body rest and recover and now I am READY!!!  5 Weeks to get ready for the Firefly Run!!!  Go Team MAWA!!!! 

I hope everyone has a Happy, Healthy Week...Let me hear from those of you playing along!!!! 

Love and Hugs!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Sleepy Saturday

Good Saturday evening to you all.  It has been a low key, low activity, rainy, sleepy day!!!  I have made it through the day of  post migraine treatment blahs pretty well.  Have done a ton of sleeping!  Sometimes it is really difficult for me to just "stop"...slow my roll, take it easy, get my drift!  At times today, my mind was like...OK...get up...there are things to do...pounds to lose...but the body had a completely different agenda.  So....I have watched a couple of movies (sort of)...watched a little football (sort of ) and am recording the UT/OK State game to watch later. 

I did brave the grocery store on 2nd least favorite day to grocery shop...right behind Sunday!  This may sound funny...but grocery shopping has become sort of an event for me.  I go to the store with the full armor of as much WILL POWER as I can muster...and a mortal fear that if I get something I am not supposed to get that I will run in to someone who is reading my blog...LOL!!!  Really though...I kinda like the challenge of keeping my selections as healthy as possible.  Oh and FYI...eating healthy is a bit more expensive (monetarily speaking)  than eating unhealthy... at least in some regards...I guess if I was a vegetarian that might not be as true...but I am fresh seafood, organic produce, less processed foods...more expensive!  If you think about is actually sad that so many less expensive, easy, foods are unhealthy. 

My VB girls suffered their first defeat Friday night...and sadly I was not there.  I talked to Emily after the game and she said "Aunt Jaime...we just were not 100%...a lot of people were just tired and in bad moods"...So it sounds like I picked a good night to miss...JUST KIDDING.  Donna said the other team was bigger and better so I am sure that played a part as well.  I told Emily we would shake it off and get back to work on Tuesday!  Go Lightening Strykers...

Thanks to all of you who have sent me messages of encouragement via email, facebook, comments to the blog, text messages...each one serves as another dose of encouragement and inspiration.  I got a message from Kerri Walsh last night...more inspiration.  I have lots of angels in my life!  So much gratitude!  Thank you Kerri for taking time to inspire!!!

My friend Patsy sent me this quote below with a sweet personal message as well.  I really like the quote.  We all face obstacles, little ones, big ones and all require our energy, strength and time...but for me, the below is quite I approach those obstacles, my attitude, my willingness to stretch through the discomfort and trust that I will be stronger on the other that God has a plan for me and that the plan is PERFECT. 

"Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them.  And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure.  If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next." ~Anon

Well...I am headed back to the couch...I hope tomorrow is filled with lots of love, fun, family and worship for all of you! 

Journey 120-"MAWA" Inspired!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

So long 260's...

Hello to all!  Today was weigh in #6 and I lost another 2.2lbs and am now officially below 260....Woo Hoo! 

That leaves roughly 102lbs left to go!  Mawa!!

We (Tone Tone and I) are sitting in the neurologist's office waiting on the shot process to begin...According to Dr. Evans...I have lost 20lbs since I was here in June...yea! 

Mom got to hang at the office with me and had lunch with most of the youngsters today! It was fun and I clowned a bit for the group.  See pic below...And no I did not have a margarita...this is me sober! the shots are done!...Ow! ;)  I survived and won't have to do this again for 12 more weeks...

Will be a low key weekend for me.  Hoping to get some rest so that I can attack week 7 with Vim And Vigor!

Here is to no more migraines!

Happy Weekend...Go Lightening Strykers!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shake a Tail Feather

Thursday evening and I am pooped!!  I had a really good workout though...better than I thought I would  given my loooowww energy today!  But I am still shakin my tail feather and there is a whole lotta shakin go on!!! 

Tomorrow is weigh in #6...and Migraine Treatment #2... I must admit I am anxious about tomorrow...I am always a little anxious on weigh in day...but my anxiety is really about the Botox treatment...It isn't so much getting the it is my fear of the meds.  I am not exactly thrilled about having 31 shots of Botulinum pushed in to my head!! There is something kinda wacky to me about having a really bad headache and then head hurts...I KNOW...I'll go get 31 shots of a deadly bacteria injected into my head...I bet a case of botulism will help me forget my headache!!! that is not my most rational moment...but you have to admit, it is creepy. 
Here is the really funny thing for would not believe how many people ask if the Botox is working on my wrinkles...cracks me up for some reason!  Like I have said before...after getting this much Botox, I will either be headache free...or I will be an embryo and can start all over again!!! 

Unfortunately, I am going to miss the Lightening Strykers second VB game tomorrow night!  Emily's Dad is filling in for me...Thanks Bill...Go Girls...move those feet!!!

I found another really great story today (quite by accident) about a young lady that has turned her big weight loss into something so much more.  I am attaching the link below.  Check it out!

Everyday of this Journey amazes me...even the ones that do not go so great. Today could have been a not so great day..but by the end of it...well...more amazing surprises.  Tonight I had a conversation with Donna and my Mom and we are starting a project that is directly tied to this Journey 120-"Mawa" Inspired trip!!!  I am not revealing the details just yet..but I am really excited!  It is going to take a whole lotta support from you guys to pull off!!!  I will keep you posted.  I will say this...If we can pull this will be so much better and bigger than me losing 120lbs.  Details headed your way soon!

OK...Song of the Day

Last but certainly not least....Don't forget the Firefly Run (5K)...November 3, 2012.  Check in starts at 5:00 PM and the Run/Walk starts at 7:00 PM...It is going to be great.  We have team t-shirts and we get to wear glow in the dark stuff....Come on....Who is with me???

Here is the link for the run!

Here is the link for the T-shirts

May God Bless You and Keep You...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Migraine Hangover

I don't know how many of you have migraines or have ever had a migraine...but I always feel somewhat hungover the next day.  Befuddled (I love this word), confused fuzzy, sleepy, foggy... Confuzzled (Emily and her Mom like to use this word) all those are excellent descriptive words for how I feel. 
However, the migraine has subsided a bit today.  So if I can just manage to get through today without falling asleep or just plain old falling...then I am in business!!! 

Since I am talking about Migraines...Friday is a big day!  I am having my second migraine treatment at the fancy neurologist's office.  31 shots of Botox.  I am sure I have discussed the whole Botox thing before...but just in is a brief explanation.  Most of  you probably associate Botox as an anti-aging treatment for lines/wrinkles etc...However, in the past few years, researchers have found that Botox has proven to be an effective treatment for chronic Migraine headaches.  So about 3 months ago, I went to Dr. Randolph Evans (a.k.a-fancy neurologist)...who is a leading Migraine headache specialist in this part of the world.  He suggested that I try the Botox treatment and so...I had my first in June...31 shots to the head!!!  At first, I did not think it worked and thought it was just another failed attempt to treat these migraines...however, after a few weeks, the intensity of the migraines began to improve.  So...I am going in for another treatment on Friday...another 31 shots to the head and a weekend of Flu like symptoms...but well worth the inconvenience if it stops the headaches. 

Of course, like many of my health problems, Dr. Evans thinks that weight loss will help to diminish the symptoms.  He noted that there are new studies out there connecting migraines to obesity.  He told me that there are preliminary test results supporting a reduction in Migraines through weight loss surgery. 
However, he was clear that those studies have not been fully verified.  Regardless, I have chosen this way to lose the weight and am hoping that my general health improves so significantly that the Migraines will be a thing of the past.  He will find out on Friday about my Journey 120 decision. 

So...if you have a minute and can send a prayer up for me on Friday...My treatment is at 4:00 PM.

 I am hoping the flu-like symptoms are minimal so that I can be ready to roll again on Monday.  My workouts will be probably be really light over the weekend. 

Tonight I am going to work out and work through my headache.  I truly have seen positive results from my workouts...the tough part is just making the decision to go to the gym.  But I have my stuff with me tonight and will be headed to the YMCA after work.

My co-worker, super "team mate"  Lindsey sent me a really sweet message of support yesterday telling me to listen the below song.  It has one of my favorite Bible verses in the lyrics.  Hope you enjoy!  Thank you sweet Lindsey!!!  Strong Enough-Matthew West

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"
Philippians 4:13

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Drive, Faith and Fortitude

Hello to everyone and I hope you have had a great Tuesday.  I have been sidelined today by a migraine.  As many of you know, I have been battling migraines for quite some time and particularly over the past several months.  I have actually had a "headache" ( mostly migraine) since April and have seen what feels like every headache specialist in Houston.  Of course that is an exaggeration...I have only seen 10-15 doctors over the past year.  All of which mostly just have a migraine!  Oh...and you are obese ( I truly loathe this word as a result).  So...I am tackling the battle of the fluff and doing my best to tackle the Migraines as well...On Days like feels like one step forward to two steps back! 
On days like today...It feels like the only thing I really have any control over is my attitude.  I have to choose to approach days like these firmly rooted in the idea that this is just one day.  That tomorrow will be different and that I have the drive, faith and fortitude to move through it.  I guess if I think about it...I need this everyday.  Drive, Faith and Fortitude. This may sound strange...but on days like today..when pain is the overriding factor...I am more likely to truly be in that "One Day at a Time" mindset.  Pain strips away the "control" part of my personality.  The truth is for me...God is always in control...however, my actions do not always follow suit.  Now...I am not saying that the pain is, no, no....pain is no bueno!  However, it does force my forces me to stop and forces me to Let Go and Let God!!!  It truly forces me to hand over the control and to Trust and to have Faith. 

I once had someone ask me "how does the pain serve you"...I actually thought that was a completely bizarre question...but over the years I have thought about it and the above is what I have arrived at...I am choosing to learn something from this pain...not let just beat me down.  I do not want to misrepresent. There are days and have been days in the past several months that I am completely paralyzed by the pain and not in that ODAT mindset.  But I truly am making an attempt to just listen to my body, change the way I live, change what I put in to my body and have Faith that I am on the path God has chosen for me...The pain has something to teach me...not my favorite teacher...but a teacher nonetheless!

OK....Headed into Wednesday... a NEW DAY!  One day closer to my goal...One day further along in this Journey 120-"MAWA" Inspired! 

"But pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." --C.S. Lewis

Monday, September 24, 2012

Six Weeks In...

So this is Week and half months into the Journey that I am hoping changes my life in a multitude of ways.  Of course, my primary motivation is to get healthier, live longer, and give more back to the world in which I live.  Yes, it has been work and I don't know that I would call it "easy" but...It has been amazing.  I know that I am a bit repetitive here often when it comes to talking about how this Journey has impacted me so far.  That is a fair assessment!  I find myself wishing for new words or different expressions that might better represent my experience so far.  I have been a  little freaked out thinking about the fact that I have to write something everyday that  best depicts what my experience has been so others have impacted me along this Journey...the gifts that God has given me, the challenges I face and the ways in which I am learning through this process AND still be interesting and be the best I can be through this process!  Then...I take a deep breath and I hear "just be honest".  I hear it over and over I am going with it!
 My goal in sharing this with all of you started as a way to hold my self accountable and to hopefully learn from others, share the inspiration, hope and love that comes my way and learn positive, supportive ways to accomplish the somewhat lofty goal of losing 120lbs in one year! 
That will continue to be my goal every day.  My commitment to posting on this blog everyday has become something that I have to do...that keeps me focused and keeps my mind in the game!  Also, I hope I can use this blog as a way of giving back to all of those that support me and to those that need support.  I want to share the blessings I have received with as many people as possible.  Even that means sharing my actual, truthful weight with complete strangers (LOL)!

As a part of this process, I research (that is what I do for a living-just not about weight loss!) and look for different ways to motivate myself, to tackle this challenge and to continue to find inspiration...I find that most people are capable of inspiring if we just stop and listen!  Most people are courageous, brave and have overcome challenges in their life.  I have found that if I stop and listen...I definitely learn and am often inspired by others. 

During my lunch break today, I came across this article called "10 tips for losing 100lbs".  I have shared excerpts from the article below and the link (which has the full article).  I thought it was interesting and worth sharing.  Now I know, most of you are not trying to lose 100lbs...but there are many "transferable" tips here...AND if you are trying to lose a bunch of weight...this might be interesting to you as well!

Here are the Top 10 Tips ( and a little commentary from me in Italics)

  •  Shrink Yourself: Analyze the Payoff You Get From Excess Weight-    Identifying and understanding your underlying motivation to stay heavy -- and getting help   if you  need  it to address the underlying issues -- can help spur your motivation to lose.   I am guessing that I have reasons for hanging on to my fluff...though I must admit I have never really had an epiphany about what that might be...I do know that being heavy certainly has impacted me emotionally.  That, for me, goes without saying...Oh..and I have amazing support when it comes to dealing with the emotional pieces of this journey...I recommend getting all the assistance available.

  • Assess Your Readiness- How do you assess your readiness? Fletcher suggests asking yourself these questions: "Is my financial situation reasonably stable?" "Is my job and my spouse's job likely to stay the same [for the foreseeable future]?" "Do I have the time to devote to weight control?" "Are my relationships stable?"  I had to chuckle when I read the above about assessing my readiness...though I think it is a truly excellent thought...If I waited on my life to be less stressful to lose would never happen!  I will say this...I truly believe that taking this Journey will decrease the amount of stress in my life.  I must take time to take this challenge.

  • Consider the Options-Whether you choose a supervised, structured weight loss and exercise program, go it alone, or undergo gastric bypass surgery, the process will be a life change, experts say. I think I find this statement has to be true for me....there has to be a life change in order the process to work!
  • Build in Accountability-Being accountable for following your weight loss plan -- whatever it is -- is crucial, says Stevens. "Almost all organized weight loss programs include some sort of accountability," he says. It could be attendance at a meeting, a weekly weigh in, or other structured program components.  I think I have gone all out when it comes to accountability...hehehe....It is working though.  I really am getting so much support from choosing to be accountable.  Though it is difficult at times...the payoff is huge!

  • Adjust Your Expectations-It's frustrating but true. That extra 100 pounds didn't come on overnight, and it's going to come off slowly. "We recommend people cut back 500 calories a day," Stevens says. Losing just one to two pounds a week is best, he says. So it could take a year or two to lose 100 pounds. I struggle with this the most...I do get disappointed when things do not go as I had hoped.  I guess we all do...I have really tried to set a goal that is reasonable in order to avoid big disappointments along the way!

  • Develop a Healthy Selfishness-"People who lose weight and keep it off have developed a kind of healthy selfishness," she says. That means saying no sometimes and putting yourself first at least sometimes.  This is where the idea of balance comes in for me!!! 

  • Fat-Proof Your Environment-"Get rid of 'off-program' or impulse foods at home and work," Doing this!!!
  • Pick the Brains of Healthy-Weight People-"Talk to people who are maintaining a steady weight, who have maintained it for three or four years, and who are your age."  I like this one...had not really thought of it and will definitely try it!

  • Find Your Secret Weapons-Finding a way to stay focused is crucial, says Allan Goldberg, 54, of St. Clair Shores, Mich., who has lost 150 pounds by cutting calories and exercising. When faced with the temptation of overeating, he says, he asks himself: "Do I want to eat this and undo my hard work?"  The blog has really helped with my requires that I think about this process everyday and report it to a group of people...the TEAM!

  • Reward your Success -- in the Right Way-Anyone who's gotten weight loss guidance already knows the rule: no food rewards for taking off weight. So what can you do? As you meet your short-term goals, buy something new, get a new nail polish color, or book a day at the spa, Moore suggests.  I don't think I will have any problems with rewards...I love buying stuff!!!
  Here is the link to the full article!

Tonight I am working out and definitely getting some sleep!  Tomorrow...I have VB practice with the girls and probably an early morning workout!  Happy Tuesday to all and God Bless!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A balancing act is really late and it has been an out of whack sort of day!  As much as I think about it, talk about it, work on it...etc...I have a really difficult maintaining a healthy balance in my daily life!  Today is a perfect example.  Today started fine.  Went to church, lunch, home...but here the "out of whack" part starts.  I began working...I have had several projects going on at once and have not been able to really catch I have a deadline on Mon. and working this weekend seemed to be the solution.
NOT!  It is midnight....I am exhausted and did not work out I feel out of whack and a bit off course. 
Don't worry....I am still inspired and thrilled to be on this Journey...I just need to "practice" balance.  It is so easy for me to do everything else except the "healthy" thing.  So...I will try again to start Monday fresh with the knowledge that I need to eat healthy, workout, get some sleep and work normal hours more efficiently! 


I hope your weekend has been wonderful and that everyone is ready to start this week with enthusiasm, energy, inspiration and HOPE!!!! 

What just makes that little ole ant...think he can move a rubber tree plant. Anyone knows an Ant can't...move a rubber tree plant...but He's got HIGH HOPES...He's Got HIGH HOPES...He's GOT High Apple Pie in the Sky HOPES..

I may be a little goofy!!!

Here is hoping that all of us have a great week and that the Balancing Act becomes a little easier!

Goodnight and Here's to a great Week 6!!!!  MAWA!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Excitement Abounds!!!

Happy Saturday to all!!!  It has been a great couple of days and I still have stuff to tell from Friday...Since I posted early on Friday...tons has happened since then and the excitement continues!!!! 

Of course, I am still totally pumped about doing the 5K in early November and am going to further amp up my workouts so that I am ready to walk 3.1 miles in less than 1.5 hours!  I had a really good workout today...did an hour on the recumbent bike and did some upper body/legs weights.  Had some errands to run and then actually got some rest.  I do need some suggestions for excercises that strengthen the lower back...Send them to me if you have any...PLEASE!  :) yesterday after I posted, one of my co-workers (Kristen) decided to design a t-shirt for the Journey 120-Team Mawa 5K.  I had no idea she was doing it until she had a design online and ready to be viewed.  She did an amazing job and I am so touched by all of my co-workers enthusiasm.  It actually is fantastic to be surrounded by youngsters!!!  They keep me on my toes!!!  So Kristen gets blog bonus points for her fine performance!!!  Very thoughtful and very talented!!!!   I am going to post the link for the T-shirts so everyone can see them.  We did change up the wording a slight bit...but the design you see is the one we went with.  Because the 5K is at night and called the "Firefly" Run...Kristen picked out the perfect colors!!!  Team MAWA will be "glowing". 

If you are interested in joining us or just want to wear one of the happy t-shirts,  you will be able to order them online.  The final pricing will be determined once we complete our order!  Just a note:  The cost of the t-shirt is the actual cost due to the vendor.  There is no connection to any charity or profit to anyone outside  the t-shirt vendor.  Donations for the Houston Food Bank can be made through the link at the bottom of the page.  You can join us for the 5K via the same link!!

So far, Team MAWA has 8 Members...with 6 of my co-workers on the team (so far)!!!  They are awesome and I am completely and totally pumped!

Next item of Big News...My Volleyball girls won their 1st game...It was AWESOME.  They did such an amazing job.  Only 2 of my girls have played volleyball before so it was a really big accomplishment to go and out win their very 1st game.  I think they really enjoyed it and really worked hard.  My Em did a great job as a team leader...All of my Hannahs (3 of them) were spectacular. Gina, Madeline, Annabeth and Olivia all did fantastic as well!!!  Go Lightening Strykers (our team name they chose last week)! :)

Post Game Prayer!

This whole Journey continues to be an amazing blessing!  Journey 120-MAWA Inspired!!!

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday...This is the Day the Lord has made Let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it...Psalm 118:24

Link for the Houston Firefly Run

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 5 Weigh In

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all is well and that you are ready for a great, healthy weekend.  So today is my 5th weigh in....drum roll please.....I have lost 15.8lbs!!  104.2 lbs to go!!!  Woo HOO people...WOO to the HOO!!!!  2Bites...4bites, 6bites of salad...Jaime's losing weight there's no doubt about it!!!!  Yes....that just happened.  I made up a completely goofy cheer about myself...You can't get that kind of entertainment just anywhere!!!  You can thank me later!

Tonight is our first VB game.  My 8 girls are great kids and getting to spend this extra time with my Sweet Pea is a huge bonus!!!  Plus, she loves volleyball...LOVE!  It should be fun and will be a learning experience for all!

Next...another plug for the Firefly Run...

Would love to see on Saturday November 3rd.  Here is a video from the Firefly Run website!

I am planning on starting my "training" this weekend and yes...I will have to "train" for the next 6 weeks in order to complete this 5K!!!  Don't Judge :)
I will continue to do the bike/walk rotation and will start begin to work on increasing my distance by next week.  Currently, I am still walking 2 miles.  Ideally, I would like to get my distance to 3 miles within the next 2 weeks...then, it would give me some time to work on picking up the pace!!  I am told you have about an 1.5 hours to finish the 5K...sounds like plenty of time...unless you are me and you think...oh please don't let me be the very last person to finish!!! 

So...I am getting ready...I am still INSPIRED not only by my original Inspiration but by all of the people who offer their support, love and Encouragement!!!  God continues to Bless me along this Journey...

Here we go:  Week 6...ready or not!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Race Is ON it is not really a race...but the 5K is ON!!! I am so excited about it!.  I love the way each day of this Journey surprises me.  If you had said to me 6 weeks ago...Hey are going to willingly sign up for a 5K with a group of your friends, family and co-workers AND you are going to be so excited about it...I would have said...Dream ON!!!!  Instead...I am saying Its ON!!!  Funny!

As I said last night...the Firefly 5K raises money for the Houston Food Bank, a great cause!  The event is held in the evening and everyone wears glow in the dark accessories (thus the Firefly part).  If you check out the website, there are some really fun pics of people dressed up for the event.  Here is an added bonus for me....I LOVE all that glow in the dark stuff you see at Halloween, Sporting Events, The Circus...You know...the necklace, bracelets, spinny things...that you pay $20 bucks for at the Circus or the Rodeo...etc...Well...I love them and secretly want one every time I go to an event!!!  So doing my first 5K AND getting to adorn myself with glow completely awesome!!!

So my Aunt Charlotte is paying my entrance fee as a way of supporting me and the Food Bank from afar...Go SoCal!!!  Very sweet of her.  She asked me if people could make donations to the cause and can! 

We have a TEAM Name...TEAM MAWA and Lindsey set up a team page on the website and you can register to join the team (hint, hint) or you can donate directly to the  Houston Food Bank on the same page!  I will include the link at the bottom of this post.  Of course, I would really love it if Team MAWA was the biggest, baddest, glowiest (lol), team there!!!

I promise only to pester everyone a little bit about joining in...ok maybe a lotta bit!!!

Again...I must say that Kerri Walsh Jennings is AWESOME...I tweeted that we are doing the 5K to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank AND we named the team ....TEAM MAWA...She retweeted it to all of her followers...People call her  "Six feet of Sunshine"...I say AMEN to that!  A really terrific human being!  If you have a minute check out the charitable organizations she supports. here is the link for the 5K...Please check it out when you have a moment.

Tomorrow is WEIGH IN Day...Happy Friday! End of Week 5!!!

"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment."~Norman Vincent Peale

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Setting a Mini Goal

Happy Wednesday night everyone...Again...I am posting late!  It has been some kind of busy week so far!  I hope all of you are having a great week and have made it over the "hump"...Two days til the weekend and less than 48 hours until weigh in #5. 

I don't know about you guys but sometimes I need a goal within a goal...Something I can work towards  amidst trying to reach the big ticket goal!!!!  I have had a few things in mind but nothing has really jumped out at me until today.  I must tell you that I actually did not have the idea...but instead it came from someone else on the "TEAM".  My co-worker Lindsey has been exceptionally supportive.  Actually, all of my co-workers have been fantastic!  Lindsey has done several really sweet, supportive things and today she came up with the winning idea for the MINI GOAL!!!!  YAY Lindsey!!! is the deal...on November 3rd..I will be doing the Firefly Run (walk for me) 5K.  It is 3.1 miles and a perfect MINI GOAL.  I am attaching  the link below.  Lindsey is a genius!!  Not only that...but she suggested we go as team MAWA!!!  Ahhh...more inspiration.  This is why I like teamwork!  Again, I must say that I am quite Blessed!! 

There is MORE!!!  An even cooler thing for that the proceeds from this event benefit the Houston Food Bank!  I think that there is something quite fabulous about the Fluffy girl walking in an event that raises money for Food for those people who do not have enough!  I have told you guys that I want this Journey to be about regaining my health, shedding a "few" pounds and being the best person I can be along the way!!! 
This feels perfect for me.  So Lindsey...I hope you were serious...cause are now TEAM Captain!!! 

Soooo...there is a catch!  Dear Readers...I am thinking this would be a fun Group event!!!!  Yes...I am talking to you!  I am LOOKING FOR TEAM MEMBERS!!! The link is just below this paragraph.  Check it out, please!  I figure that I am going to need at least 4-6 people to carry me off the course at the end of the event...So....Who is With Me?  Think about it!  Pray about it!  All the details are on the website!!

Another Great Day on This JOURNEY 120 "MAWA INSPIRED"


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Once again it is a late blog post... Workout, Work and tonight was volleyball practice with my 5th and 6th grade girls...and well...all I can say is Wow...Lordy, Lordy the Fluffy Girl feels way older than Forty (five)...It is hilarious...they are zipping around jumping, running, hopping, bouncing and I feel like I am operating in slow motion...We do have some fun though!  It is funny...there are only 9 of them...but it sorta feels like 19!!!  Our first game is Friday night so please say a prayer for us...I am hoping that I am able to teach them the basics of the game of volleyball, teach them the beauty of being involved in a team sport and that we all learn and grow in our Faith!! 

Some of my best memories involve being part of a team. There is something to be said about the energy generated from a "team".  Whether it is a sport, a job, a volunteer group...whatever..I really enjoy being a part of a team.  I have learned that having the benefit of other people's ideas, gifts, talents, brain power, etc...really makes me a stronger individual...So having the opportunity to share that with a group of kids is a positive challenge for me...I am quite sure that some of them think I am a major dork!  But..maybe just one or two of them will get past my obvious dorkiness...and learn some of the things I learned from being a "team player".

Speaking of teams...Whether or not you know it or not...You are on my team...The Journey 120 team.  I know that God is in charge of this Team because if left to my own devices...I would  have NEVER decided to announce to the world (that is what it feels like to me) that I am tackling this challenge, publish a daily journal of my progress...Post my weight for everyone to KNOW and try to gather as many "team members" as possible.  But...It kinda is starting to make sense to me...I think that God knew I needed this to be a challenge, I needed the support, I needed it to be fun and different and I needed to be able to be creative in the process.  I needed to be INSPIRED.  This Team Inspires me everyday.  No word, idea, suggestion, thought is too small...All motivate me and inspire me!!! 

So Let's Go TEAM....Tomorrow we conquer Wednesday....the 5th Wednesday of this Journey!!!

Have a good night...Sweet Dreams and I will see you tomorrow!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mojo Monday!!

Hello All...After being completely wiped out on Sunday...I got my Mojo back today.  Had a busy day at work...left work at 6:00 PM and headed straight to the Y...where I rode the bike for 1 hour (10 miles) and then did about 25 minutes of weight training (upper body).  Spent about 15 minutes in the whirlpool and headed home for dinner!  It felt good! Glad my Sunday blues did not follow me into Monday! 

So I was talking with a couple of my co-workers today and was telling them how Mom and I have found a couple of restaurants that will special cook our butter, no salt, steamed, clean water (boiled shrimp/crab)...even no butter/no oil chicken fajitas with fresh avocado (instead of guacamole) complete with corn tortillas instead of flour. 
So, for those of you that live in the Houston area...I thought I would share.  I think the restaurants deserve a plug for being willing (with a smile) to cook food to order for people trying to eat healthier.  Of course, portion control is still up to the diner.  Portions are always bigger than recommended!!  So here is our list.  I will add restaurants as we find them: 

  • Blue Water Seafood-           We eat at the location at FM 1960 and 290 (Ask for Sarah)
  • Mamacitas 290 • (281) 469 - 3663
  • Outback-I am assuming any of them.  We have special ordered various menu items and they have cooked to our specifications.  They have great steamed veggies!
We like to be able to eat out from time to time and so far...these restaurants have allowed us to do just that! 

Also, we tried a new recipe tonite (recommended by Beverly Jennings)...
Mom cooked boneless/skinless chicken breasts (4) Frozen
Added a jar of Newman's Own Natural Salsa (lowest sodium I could find)
A package of  lower sodium taco seasoning- (mix the taco seasoning in with the salsa)
About 8 oz of lower sodium (organic) chicken broth
Toss all of that in the crock pot for the day...Take chicken out and shred...put back in crock pot and simmer.
We would typically eat it with corn tortillas...but we were whole wheat flour tortillas instead.  Fresh Avocado too!
Yummy!!!  Thanks Mama Jennings!

Song for the Day: I've Got My Mojo Workin-Muddy Waters... Check out this performance...Live at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1960

I am ready for Tuesday!!!  I have got my Volleyball girls and we are getting ready for our 1st game on Friday night!!!!  MAWA!

Have a Blessed night...JP

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Crash of the Fluffy Girl

Happy Sunday to all...I hope today was filled with fun, family, healthy food, worship and lots of LOVE!  My day started as it typically does...up and out the door by 8:45 AM, pick up Emily for church, church, a little shopping, lunch and home.  Now...lately, I have been working out, trying to get a few things done and of course, watching FOOTBALL.  But, did not go as planned. 
One of the fears that I had when I started this Journey was that my body would not cooperate.  As I have said and many of you already knew, I have struggled with illness, chronic pain, etc...for the past several years and particularly for the past several months.  So...when I made the decision to start working out, changing my life schedule and eating habits...I really wondered if I would be able to overcome some of those obstacles.  And as those of you following along know, I have been able to push through most of that,  begin to change my life and my work outs have been going surprisingly well. 

Today was different.  My body and mind felt exhausted.  Completely overwhelmed.  By midday I had a severe migraine and I felt completely beat.  So here is the struggle for me...I have to be able to discern when to "push through" and when to listen to my body.  Everyone has bad days, tired days, etc...and many people just keep going.  Today though I chose to listen to my body...I chose to not push through and I chose to rest.  It was not some laborious decision either...I was exhausted and I know that if I don't listen then I would CRASH.  That is not the direction I want to head.  I want this to be a healthy experience.  I want to accomplish this Journey and I want to do it in a way that supports a complete new way of life me...without crashes.  My crashes have a tendency to last for weeks at a time and I can't afford to do that a lot of ways. 

So today was a little hard...for me, this was my first really bad day physically.  I am 5 weeks in to this Journey and most of my days have been fantastic.  So, I am pretty happy with those results.  I will start again tomorrow...still inspired...still ready to Forge On and still so grateful to God for providing me with the strength to move forward and make this change. 

So Here We Go...Hello Monday!!!!  Journey 120-"Mawa" Inspired!!

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."
-Dolly Parton

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Birthday Cake

Happy Saturday Everyone!  It has been a fun packed...Birthday Celebrating Day!  You is Tone Tone's 69th Birthday!!!!  We did some celebrating...First though, I started the day with a park walk with my pal Donna...then I had birthday errands to run.  So I picked up my birthday assistant Emily and we headed off to Party City..for some birthday balloon action!!! 

The Divine Ms. Em and I got everything we needed to kick off Tone Tone's Day o' Birth in style.  The three of us had brunch at the Egg and I (where I ate a healthy egg white omelet instead of my favorite Eggs Benedict)...Tone Tone got a purple flower ring Emily picked out...then we stopped off to pick up a Mini Birthday Cake for Tone Tone to share with Emily and here is where it gets interesting for the Fluffy Girl...Of course, I had to purchase the cake...which required me gazing upon all the B-E-A-U-tiful pastries at HEB.  THEN...when we cut the cake I had a choice to I have a small tiny piece of cake in honor of my one and only mother...or do I show incredible fortitude and just say NO!  What do you think happened????  Yes...I said NO!!!!! The Fluffy Girl overcame!!!!

After cake...we headed shopping for a NEW TV for Tone Tone (and me..hehehe).  Our TV is on it's death it was time!  So TT got a new 37" LCD 1080 P HDTV---E-I-E-I-O! A gift from Donna, Bill, Emily and I!  After shopping and a very short rest...we headed out to dinner at our favorite seafood place...where the Fluffy Girl  (and Tone Tone) ate healthy boiled crab/shrimp, salads and steamed veggies (no butter/no sodium). 

We had a nice dinner and I am thinking that Tone Tone enjoyed her birthday!

I survived not having cake...another miracle :)

On a serious note...It was a great day to celebrate my wonderful Mom..a strong, faith-filled woman and a wonderful role model.  I had the benefit of being raised by 2 strong women...My Mom and My Grandmother.  I am quite grateful for that...they provided me with the tools to rise above the obstacles...even cake!!!

Thank you Julie Ann, Kyle and Barbara for reminding me!!!

I am headed into Sunday...cake free and happy! 

See you tomorrow!  One more pic before I go...Me and my BFF

Friday, September 14, 2012

One Month Anniversary was a weigh in day and I must admit that I was a bit disappointed at only losing 1.6lbs this week.  But...I decided to step back and take a look at the big picture.  In the first month of this unexpected Journey...I have lost 12.6lbs...that is 3.15 pounds per week which means that I am on track for my goal of losing 120lbs by August 17th 2013. 
I have had several people tell me that I am going to have days/weeks like this where I feel like I worked really hard and maintained my diet and did not see the results I was hoping for...I am grateful for the reminder! I must admit I have been afraid that I would get discouraged on weeks like this...but strangely and I do think it is a bit strange...I do not feel discouraged.  Like I said, I did have to remind myself to look at the big picture and trust this process is going exactly as it should for today! 
I knew coming in to this that I would have to make adjustments, learn more about how to eat healthy, change some of my behaviors and maintain a healthy attitude along the way...oh... and keep my sense of humor!!  I really can't afford to take myself too seriously...that would be a waste of a good Journey!  I saw this today posted on Twitter by one of Kerri Walsh's followers.  I love it!
So...since it has been a month...It is time for a recap.  I figure if someone starts reading this blog now...a recap might be helpful.  Plus...the recap helps me see the "big picture"

  • I, while watching the Olympics and particularly while watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh win their 3rd consecutive Gold medal in Women's Beach Volleyball, became overwhelmingly inspired to make a big change in my life.
  • I decided that big Change would be to lose 120 lbs by August 17th 2013.
  • As a fun final goal I decided that I wanted to plan to play a real, live action VB game on August 17th 2013
  • I joined the YMCA.
  • Furthermore, I decided to blog about my Journey on a daily basis as a motivational tool for myself.
  • I have chosen to share this Journey with my friends, family...anyone who wants to go along!
  • I tweet regular weekly updates to Misty May and Kerri Walsh...and again, hope I am not making a fool out of myself
  • Kerri Walsh has responded not once...but TWICE!  Amazing!
  • Have received UNBELIEVABLE support from my family, friends and complete strangers!  Also Amazing!
  • I have seen God's Blessings around every corner.
  • Bought new Fluffy Girl workout clothes...including a rockin MaWa Inspired Headband
  • Went from walking one mile to 2 miles in less than a month.
  • Rode 10 miles on recumbent bike for the 1st time
  • Working out 5 days per week
  • Became Emily's Volleyball coach (Church League)
  • Have seen my glucose levels change DRAMATICALLY!
  • Went Kayaking for the 1st time
  • Have other folks joining me on the Journey...working out and losing weight!  Go Journey 120!
  • Getting great ideas, recipes, exercise tips from my wonderful family, friends and co-workers!
  • Still inspired in Week 4
  • Realized when it gets tough...You just have to Start Peddling and Keep Peddling
  • Feeling BETTER everyday
  • Have Lost 12.6lbs in 1 month
  • Have a renewed Faith and am ready to take on Week 5!
  • ODAT
Again, I know I say it a lot...but it can not be said enough.  Thank  you to all of you for your continued support and love.  Love is a powerful thing and I am feeling it!  I look forward to the rest of the Journey...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharp as a Tack

Hi...Sorry for the late post...It has been a busy day!  I wish working hard made you lose weight.  I would have lost a good 10 lbs today!!  Instead...I probably gained weight sitting on my rear end all day!  I did get up today and go to the's fun to go to the Y-M-C-AYAY...(a small tribute to the Village People)...I digress!
So I got in 5.25 miles today on the bike and it was one of those work out days when it feels like my body and my brain are not even close to being on the same page!  My legs felt a little like giant blobs of Jello...and I am sure they jiggle like Jello!!  Ha...but, I do know one thing...after months of having migraines and finding it really difficult to think clearly, this new routine (schedule and workouts) does seem to be improving my mental acuity!  I do still struggle with being tired in the mornings...but I am more clear headed for longer periods.  My being tired is not as severely impacting my daily functioning.  This is really good news for me and probably good news for those that have to deal with me on a daily basis.  Over the past several years, I have noticed that my ability to consistently concentrate has diminished significantly.  In my opinion, being in pain, having health issues, not getting enough rest, etc...has literally weighed heavy on my mind...and quite frankly, dulled my thinking.  My grandmother used to tell me that I was "Sharp as a tack"...lately I have been "dull as dishwater"...Being sharp again would feel fantastic!  

Tonight I had the pleasure of having dinner with one of my favorite teachers of ALL time!!!  She was my 8th grade Language Arts teacher and was one of those teachers you just don't forget!  We all called her "Mama Jennings".  Great Teacher in every way...Nice to have the opportunity to tell her that and get to hang out as grown ups!!!!  Blessing! tomorrow marks the ONE MONTH Anniversay of Journey 120!  How time flies when you are trying lose 43% of your body weight or as I call it...trying to lose a Super Model!  Only 11 months to go to lose 120lbs!!  Piece of cake... (don't say cake)!!  

I love hearing from you guys...I have a long way to go and hope you will have the patience to hang in there with me. 

Weigh in tomorrow ( I am a little nervous about this one).  Still Inspired...Still excited about playing VB in one year...Still pumped about the possibilities...Still can't wait to see what Blessings lie ahead.  Still am going to keep tweeting MaWa with weekly results...Kerri Walsh has been a rock star about responding...Still need to reach Misty May...Still going to journal every day...Still believe in the Divine timing of all of this...Still Forging ON!!! MAWA INSPIRED!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi!  I hope all is well with everyone.  I am still at work but wanted to get my blog on before it gets too late.  I will be working late tonite...
I got up today and was at the gym at 6:30 AM...did a little over 6 miles on the bike and am hoping to go back to the gym this evening...MAWA!!!! 
Last night was the first night of volleyball and I had 10 girls!  They are all in the 5th grade with exception of Emily and her 2 friends that are also on the team.  I don't know about the girls...but I had a blast!  The majority have never played before so we are starting with the basics...which is probably good for jumping, diving or rolling just yet...we are bumping and serving...two things I can generally still do. 
Lots of great personalities and it should be a great season.  At the end of practice we sat down and talked about how God wants us to treat each other and how we want to be treated.  I asked the girls to give me a few words describing how they would like to be treated and one they chose was Respect!!!
 R-E-S-P-E-C-T...I like that word!!!  So we came up with a pledge...a promise about how we are going to treat each other this season... We said as a group "I promise to treat you with Respect and Dignity"...
They each shared a little bit about themselves and I chose to give them the Reader's Digest version of my Journey...We came up with a battle cry:  1-2-3 MAWA!  (We talked about Misty May and Kerri Walsh...most of them had watched the Olympics). 

I am betting that I find some great inspiration among these kids...already I can tell you that their enthusiasm is off the charts!! Love that!

I also am really grateful that I have the opportunity to volunteer and serve the community in which I live...makes me feel like I am "walking the walk and not just talking the talk"

I am blessed!

So here is my song for today...I attached a You Tube video of it...Hope you enjoy a little Colbie Callait

I took this picture while on my walk on Tuesday...I am gaining a new respect for the sunrise...nice reminder of God's Grace.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.  I know it is a lot to keep up with the daily details.  Thanks to those of you that have shared the link for my blog.  I have become clear that I want to share this Journey with as many people as possible.  I am not 100% sure why...just feels like the thing to do.  Plus, the more accountability I have....the better!

Let's finish STRONG this week...Weigh in #4 is just around the corner....BE COURAGEOUS!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Habitually Healthy

Hello and Happy Tuesday...I am early blogging today!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday and that this is day is filled with HOPE for all of you. 

OK...I said I was amping up my workouts this I was up at 6:15 AM and headed to the park by 6:30 AM.  A couple of really cool things happened this morning...first of all, it WAS cool...literally.  This is fantastic news for a Fluffy girl!  Truly makes a big difference for me to not be suffocating in the humidity 5 minutes into my walk.  Secondly, I normally struggle quite a bit the 1st quarter mile of my walk...I told you guys...I am not a quick out of the gates kinda girl.  But today...the 1st quarter mile was so much easier...really inspired me to push up my walk to 2 miles...So I did, and I survived.  Woo HOO!!!  Happy Dance ensues!!! turning is 2 miles or more from this day forward. 
Also, I forgot to share another little milestone...Sunday night, I did one hour on the bike (10 Miles)...also a new personal best! 

It is funny...I have to really talk to myself during my workouts...not out loud ( that might be weird)...but I do some talkin' in my head!   I remind myself that this is a goal I am trying to achieve in one year. Just one year...every time I think that I am not going to be able to take the extra step or pedal a little faster...I just year...just for one year.  I am hoping that at some point in the process the need to remind myself of my commitment will kinda fade to black...that this will be become the new normal for me.  Habitually Healthy is what I am calling it!  I want it to be a habit ( a good one) and I want it to be part of my everyday life. 

My Song Selection for Today:  I'm Bringin Sexy Back---Justin Timberlake - LOL!!

I hope you will share this Journey with your family and friends...Any fun tips, ideas, feedback is much needed and helpful.  We are almost a month into this Journey...Only 11 months to hit my goal!  Let's GO!!! Journey 120-"MaWa" Inspired!

Before I go...I am aware of today's date and the significance of this date in our history.  It is a day to remember those that died, those that lost loved ones, those that went into the buildings, those that responded to the call of those in need, those that made the decision to fight and those that are still putting their lives on the line today.  God has seen us through and still sees us through.  God Gives Us Hope.

A New Hope
by Mattie Stepanek
I need a hope.a new hope.
A hope that reaches for the stars, and
That does not end in violence or war.
A hope that make peace on our earth, and
That does not create evil in the world.
A hope that finds cures for all diseases, and
That does not make people hurt,
In their bodies, in their hearts
Or most of all, in their spirits.
I need a hope.a new hope,
A hope that inspires me to live, and
To make all these things happen,
So that the whole world can have
A new hope, too.

May 1999, Journey Through Heartsongs©Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek
Used with permission from Journey Through Heartsongs, Hyper

Monday, September 10, 2012

One Moment Please

Hello to has been another busy day.

I am giving the old knees a break workout but am planning tougher workouts the rest of the week. 
I have just left a Rosary service...a friend lost her Mom over the weekend...such a difficult time for the family.  She was quite a lady...a teacher, a Mom, a grandmother, a great grandmother...she loved to laugh, name it!  I had the pleasure of getting to spend time with her over the years and we always laughed...Rest in Peace Patty!

Tomorrow is a workout day...the 1st day of coaching volleyball, and another super busy day at work. Tomorrow will be about maintaining balance.  I have to work to maintain a reasonable schedule.  Believe it or not...this Fluffy Girl can overdue it on the activity.  So...I am praying for the wisdom on how to keep life moving at a healthy pace.
This Journey has to be a life depends on it...

Speaking of life...I guess because of events over the last few days and the passing of my friend's mom...I am just reminded how precious life incredibly valuable every moment is...I would like to have as many of those moments as I can.

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'" ~ Erma Bombeck

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A teachable moment

Happy Sunday to everyone.. I hope all of you have a good, restful day filled with family, friends, worship and all things good!  It has been a busy day here!  Started with Church...Emily, Tone Tone and I headed to Church this morning.  It was nice being there with both of them.  Great that Mom felt like going!! 
Our church honored teachers today. The sermon was about teaching, about the extensive job description teachers have today.  Not only are teachers required to teach reading,writing and arithmetic...but they are often asked to "raise our kids" Our minister showed a video by a business man  named Jamie Vollmer who has written a book called "The Ever Increasing Burden on America's Public Schools.  It is an interesting timeline of  the ever changing public school system and requirements and burdens placed on teachers over the course of the history of the public school system.  Though I have not read the book...the video was an interesting look at the above topic.  I certainly would recommend it for every parent, teacher, tax payer and anyone who has ever met a child or been a child! 

It made me think about my teachers growing up...I think generally I had really good teachers and coaches.  I have a few negative memories of teachers but mostly I have great, long lasting memories of teachers/coaches that had a positive impact on my life.  Now truthfully, it was not something that I recognized at 10 years old or 16 years old or even necessarily as a young adult.  It took some time to get get the impact.  But over the years I have "gotten" it and I have been particularly blessed that I still have contact with a few of my favorite teachers/coaches!  That is really quite fabulous.  I have been able to share with them personally the impact that they had on my life.  I am grateful for that opportunity. 

So how does this all tie into my Journey...this Journey to change my life...well just in the 3 weeks of this Journey I have learned so much...there have been so many "teachable moments" So many opportunities to learn things about myself, about other people, about how to eat healthy again, exercise again and about how to listen and watch for God's plan for me.  The Ultimate Teacher! 
If I am willing...I learn something new everyday...literally.  It may not be an Epiphany...It may not be a "Wow" moment...but it may turn out to be if I just pay attention. 

When I watched the Olympics and witnessed Misty May and Kerri Walsh win their Gold Medal...I could have just learned that they were great athletes, that they won their 3rd  consecutive gold medal, that skinny girls can play volleyball in little bitty bikinis without having a wardrobe malfunction!!! I could have learned/acknowledged just the facts of the event.  But instead, God provided me with a moment to learn how to be inspired again!!

So here's to ALL of the teachers in my life both past and present!  You all deserve my gratitude and respect. 

OK...We are headed into  another week and another chance to learn new things, take on new challenges, lose a few more pounds (if applicable) and ready ourselves for new adventures! 
I am going to work on increasing the intensity of my workouts, Laughing More, Eating Healthy and work on being a better human being!  MAWA INSPIRED!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fluffy Girl on a Mission

Happy Saturday!  I hope you all have had a Blessed Day! 
Today has been pretty much a work day for me.  After missing some time while Mom was in the hospital, I have a lot of catching up to do! 
I really try to keep my work week to Mon-Fri if at all possible in an attempt to maintain my health and stress levels; however, I need to KEEP my day I worked!  It really was not too bad!  And since I have not found a way to workout and blog for a living...I guess I won't quit my day job!!!

Next week I start coaching Emily's church league volleyball team.  I have 8 fifth and sixth grade girls....3 of which are named Hannah!  That should be a good test for the pre-menopausal brain!  I think I might just call them all Hannah....keep it simple!  We start practice Tuesday and have our first game in 2 weeks.  Most of these girls are just learning the sport so it should be a lot of fun just helping them with the basics.  I think it will be a great opportunity for all of us AND I get a little volleyball practice in as well...I have a pretty big game to play next August!!!

I had a late workout today...Did 5 miles on the bike and did some weight training.  I have had to be careful lifting weights because it can really intensify my migraines.  However, I have found that if I do not over extend...I can do some low weight, high rep workouts just fine! 

Speaking of migraines, I go see the fancy neurologist (a leading migraine specialist in the Med Center) sometime next week to get another round of shots for the treatment of my migraines.  For those of you that do not know, Botox has been identified as a treatment for chronic migraines.  I had a series of 31 shots in my head/neck 3 months ago and will go through the same process again next week. Yes, that is a whole lot of Botox and No, I do not look 20 years younger!   I have seen some improvement since the last round of shots and am hoping that this will be my last round.  I would love to not have to go through this process or for that matter, any other process.  This Journey is about regaining my health and hopefully cutting back on all of these Dr. visits, tests, treatments and medicines!!!  So if you can send a prayer or two up for me for a successful treatment...that would be awesome.

OK...Big News....I got another message from Kerri Walsh!!! I have been tweeting my weekly updates to her and Misty and Kerri responded this week....It makes this Journey so much fun to hear from her!  Really continues to inspire me!  Truthfully, I love all of the comments I get...I get email notifications when someone makes a comment on the blog and I typically stop whatever I am doing to read it!!  This is when I love technology...I can blog on my phone, I can read my blog comments immediately, I can post on Facebook, I can tweet and hoot and holler!!!!  I love it!  So thank you to all of you that send me messages in whatever form and thank you to Kerri Walsh for a taking a quick minute to reach out to a Fluffy girl on a Mission!!!!  Awesome! 


Support every where I turn!!
Will Power-that I did not know I had!

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot."~Eleanor Roosevelt 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dinner and a Donut

OK...It is Friday Weigh In and I lost another 2lbs...Not record breaking but I will take it.  As I have stated in previous posts it has been a challenging week.  One that has really tested my will power several times.  But I am happy to say that I survived this week and still lost a couple of pounds. 

Mom Update:  Tone Tone is HOME!!!!  Her kidney functions are much improved and the Dr. felt like she could continue to recover well at home.  She seems to feel much better and of course is happy to be home with her Little White Dog!!!!  I thank all of you for your prayers and support.  We are both so grateful. was an "off" day for working out...again, giving this body a bit of rest seems to be working pretty well.  I am aware though that it is time to ramp up my daily workouts.  Having been down a similar road before, I know that I have to push in my workouts in order to lose weight.  Just a fact!!  So, my goal for next week is to increase the intensity of my workout.  I am hoping that it is not easier said than done.  Wish me luck! 

So a funny story about a Fluffy girl's dreams..I have had a pretty bad headache today and after I got Mom home from the hospital I decided I needed about 30 minutes of down time.  My head was pounding and I could not concentrate so...a quick nap was needed.  As I drifted off to sleep...I dreamed that I was in a hospital and a nurse kept asking me if I needed anything and in my dream...I was really confused about what to say...I guess I was not sure what I needed.  Then finally, after she had asked me again, I said I need Dinner and A Donut!!!!  Perfect Fluffly girl Dream!!!  You see...I truly love donuts...a perfectly round partially hydrogenated heart attack covered in chocolate or powdered sugar or just simply glazed to a high sheen!!!  I love them!  It appears that my Will Power may be waning in my sleep...good news though. No donuts here!!!  Thought it was a funny dream...those who love donuts will appreciate!

I have one last funny to share...My Aunt Charlotte sent this today!  Thanks Char Char

I hope everyone has a great Friday Night...A great Weekend and is Ready for Week 4 of  Journey 120-"MaWa" Inspired!!! 

Keep those comments, suggestions and prayers coming...It is such a great help to know you guys are out there following along!!!

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." ~Erma Bombeck~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Start Peddling

Wow...sorry for all of these late posts...Life is a bit crazy and my head is spinning!  I think I just passed myself in the hallway!! LOL!
 Today has been busy again in a chaotic sort of way.  But...I am getting through these days so much differently than I have over the past few years.  That can't be overstated.  This Journey is paying off in so many ways in just 3 weeks. 

Mom Update:  My Mom is slowly improving though her kidney function is still no bueno!  But she is getting excellent care and the Dr.'s appear to have a good plan.  She will be in the hospital another day or two I suspect.  Again, she has received excellent care and shared a really fantastic story with me today, an inspirational story.  As I have said, my Mom is strong and is willing to Forge ON and today she got an amazing compliment from her day shift nurse, Ina.  My Mom and Ina were discussing mother/daughter relationships and the conversation turned to the fact that my Mom had lost her mother.  Mom shared with Ina that on the day that my Grandmother passed away, my Mom had come home and laid across the bed, upset and exhausted.  She kinda drifted off to sleep and saw a vision of Jesus carrying my grandmother's frail body and then He gently sat her down and she was young again and began to dance (my Grandmother loved to dance).  As my Mom shared this story she said she noticed that Ina had tears in her eyes...they continued their conversation and in a few minutes it shifted to the fact that I was on my up to the hospital to bring my Mom a few things...including her makeup.  Ina looked at my Mom and said,"You don't need makeup, You are beautiful because of your Faith.  I can see it in your face"  Amazing and in my opinion, so very true!  I hope someone can say that to me someday!

As further proof that I have an amazing Mom, she was insistent that I keep on this path, this Journey and not get off track because of the current circumstances.  I always mind my, I spent a couple of hours up at the hospital and then headed to the YMCA.  Rode a little over 8 miles on the bike (45 minutes) and got the ole heart rate up to a pretty good clip!  While I was at the gym I had a brief encounter with a woman who like me, has a quite a bit of extra fluff.  I was already riding the bike when she walked up to the bike next to me and began to punch the Start button and a couple of other buttons...and it would not turn she moved on to the next bike and did the same thing to no avail...Now for those of you that work out frequently or are familiar with these recumbent bikes, you have to peddle first and then the bike powers up and gives the option to start a program or manually program your workout...but you have to peddle first.  So...because I am a bit nosey and also had to figure that little detail out myself, I thought I would give her a heads up and let her know that you have to "just start peddling"...she stopped punching buttons...gave me an uncomfortably long stare...kinda did one those "mmmm hmmmm" and then what she said next was in my opinion pure genius!!!  She said "Now there is a sermon in that"  Now maybe you had to be there and quite possibly would have to be ME to see the genius in that but here is what happened for me.  No Kidding...Sometimes you do just have to start peddling!!!  We are given all kinds of life challenges where there is no easy on Start/Stop button and not a single instruction to be found.  Where we have something right in front of us that will  help us reach our goals or serve as a solution to our challenge but we have not a single clue about how to start it or make it work.  So in this looks like a bike, it has pedals but I cannot make it work...what to do...what to do...Just start peddling!!! 
That is what Faith is for me sometimes...I find myself in situations that I feel totally stuck in or confused or that may feel completely insurmountable.  I can't "see" the solution or don't feel connected to God's plan for me and it can  be paralyzing.  But Faith for me is about moving forward.  Trusting God has a plan and that all I have to do is "Just Start Peddling"
This woman is a genius...there IS a sermon in that for me...a surprise life lesson from a stranger on a stationary bike in the YMCA.  I don't know her name or her story but...she is as smart as a whip!  God smart!!

I hope you will keep my Mom and I in your prayers...Tomorrow is WEIGH IN Day!!!! Tomorrow is the beginning of Week #4.  3 down and 49 weeks to go!!!  Who is with me....MAWA INSPIRED!!!!

Blessings for today:

An improving Tone Tone
The medical staff at Willowbrook Methodist
My Co-workers for picking up my slack and not complaining (at least not to my face...LOL)

Just Start Peddling!

"I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed."
Vincent Van Gogh

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forge On

Hello and I hope all of you have had a positive, happy Wednesday.
As you know, my Mom is in the hospital and she had a very difficult night.  She has shown tremendous strength and made it through...and now continues to Forge On!  She always does!

So....quite honestly it would be really easy to cave in to the stress...I said I was going to be honest here...tell the truth.  So, I have battled today...battled a headache, battled wanting to throw back a Coke ( the juice of life), and battled to make sure I am eating and eating healthy when I do eat.
Though it may be hard for some of you to relate to...when you have dysfunction around isn't always about eating too can be about just eating poorly, eating at the wrong time and of course...eating too much of something can be a problem as well. Because I am a stress eater...all of the above apply!

But today I decided that if my Mom could Forge can I!
I stuck to the plan.  I worked out and made the decision to eat well!
Though the stress is still there, I feel ok...My headache is manageable and I am ready to take on tomorrow ODAT!

Inspiration does not always come from some great, unbelievable accomplishment or some beautifully written piece of music...sometimes it comes from just getting through a bad day with a little grace and dignity!

Please continue to pray for my Mom and I.  We need them!

We will continue to operate in Faith!

Journey 120- "MaWa" INSPIRED!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Life Challenges

Good Tuesday Evening...
Today has been one those crazy, busy days that seems to spiral into a bit of chaos.  First, let me say that I am sitting in the ER with my Tone Tone. She has some health issues, one of which is related to her kidney function and her blood work came back (from late last week) with some wacky the kidney dr had us come to the ER.

So...I left work early and came home to chauffer her to the hospital...we are waiting patiently for results and a room. 

We have spent a lot of time in emergency rooms over the past few much so that I recognized the ER doc as the Dr that rescued me from a severe allergic reaction a few months back...kinda funny and just a wee bit sad! ;)

Life can be challenging...full of bumps, twists and turns...sometimes life is thrilling and sometimes life kinda balls up in the pit of my a bad tamale!
But today feels a bit different.  I physically feel better which allows me to be more present...more available and more tolerant to the unexpected curve balls that life hurls at me. For that I am grateful!

Please say an extra prayer for my sweet Momma...she has a long night ahead of her!

We will both tackle tomorrow with Faith!

To those of you that are taking this Journey with me...excellent work.. Your success inspires me!

Good night and God Bless...

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Weary Travelers

Happy Monday (Feels like Sunday)!  I hope everyone had the day off and got to enjoy the scorching heat!  At least it was a scorcher in this neck of the woods.  For those of you that have more temperate weather...don't brag!  It is unbecoming!  :)  

Today was supposed to be a day of recovery and technically it was, but...I spent about 1.5 hours on the lake, packed up all of our stuff, loaded the car, drove 3 hours home (traffic was a doozie), went to the grocery store, loaded the groceries in the car, drove home, unpacked the car, unloaded the groceries, put the groceries away, am washing clothes and am about 2 steps from collapsing ( not really)..Wow, I am tired though!  A good tired...but tired.

This weekend was full of activities, pretty scenery, quality time with my Mom, Donna, Bill and of course, the Super Sweet Pea...Emily.  Oh...and I can't forget the two dogs...Greta and Riley!!  There is always something good about just a simple geographic relocation for a long weekend.  It doesn't hurt when there is a lake view involved either.  It seems that each time I do something a little differently than I have done it before...this Journey gets a little more exciting!  Let me explain a bit. 

There would have been a time not so long ago that I would have gone to the lake house and spent most of the weekend laying around, chatting, eating too much and maybe swimming a bit.  Quite frankly, I don't really think there is much wrong with that plan.  However, given my recent decision to completely overhaul my life, this plan wasn't the best for me.  I guess though...there was the possibility that sticking to my new plan for a long weekend could have been difficult of that I could have resented not sleeping half the day or chowing down a little more than I should...but that really was not the case.  I got out of bed early on Saturday before we left...worked out, drove to the lake and never got really tired!  I got up early Sunday, took the kiddo and two dogs for a walk and had a great time.  Just a SIDE early morning walk with an intelligent, funny 11 year old can be quite an interesting conversation and the energy she has is amazing!  Uplifting!

The rest of Sunday was filled with swimming...funny made up games on the water with Emily that we both thought were hysterical. By the way floating in a spring fed lake and laughing is the most fabulous combination.  Getting to have a real conversation with the BFF with minimal interruptions also while floating in the middle of a lake...doesn't suck...though we were both astutely aware that today while we were on the lake, a group of Turkey Buzzards began to circle us overhead.  Not sure that was a good sign.  We did our best to assure them that we were in fact, still alive!!!

KAYAKING across the lake was amazing....Did I mention that I kayaked ALL the way across the lake and back...without needing emergency medical assistance?  I don't want to misrepresent...this lake is no Lake Michigan...but it was no pond either!!  That is certainly NOT something I would have done in the past...  A fluffy girl in a kayak sounds like a golden opportunity for some viral You Tube video...and though me getting in and out of the kayak was probably not the most graceful or attractive...I did it!

Getting to spend the weekend my Sweet Tone Tone on another one of our always fun adventures, SWEET!

I stuck to my plan...and had a great time! 

Thanks to ALL of you that sent great music tips my way...Some of them I knew...others I did not and will be checking them out this week.  Thank you for letting me know you are reading and that you are "playing" along...I love it and it truly makes this Journey possible. 

MaWa thanks for the continued inspiration...and thanks to all of you who continue to read, respond and pray for me along this Journey.  God Bless all of you!

I am heading into to Tuesday ready for all kinds of new adventures.  See you tomorrow!

It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Queen of the Kayak

Happy Sunday!  I hope today has been a Blessed day for all...good times with family, friends... yesterday...after I posted...I tried something new (for me)....I went KAYAKING....WOO HOO!  I loved it!  And...I kayaked all the way across the lake and back...quite thrilling considering I am quite sure I could not have not have done it at all 3 weeks ago! Another miracle...Feel free to call me "The Queen of Kayaking"...I don't mind!
I got up early today and went for a walk with Emily, Riley, Greta and Tone Tone drove us to a local park.  It was a little warm.. But good! 
It is peaceful here...Peace is good...I should try it More Often!
Everyday of this Journey has been a blessing so far.. Even the tough ones!   Tomorrow is a recovery day for me...but I am guessing I will get a little swimming in...
Here are few pics...enjoy your Labor Day...and try is fun!
See you tomorrow!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Journey to Palestine

Happy Saturday....I hope everyone is geared up for Labor Day weekend.  I got up this morning and was at the park by 7:00 am...walked 1.5 miles, cleaned out the car, packed, packed the car and we headed out on our Journey to Palestine...Texas that is...It felt great to pack up the car for a road trip...a little time at the lake...a little healthy food..a little swimming...a sunset or two! Nice.
Part of this Journey is about increasing the enjoyment factor in my life...and then being able to put that energy back into the world...I want to be healthy and happy and share that with other people..I know quite a few healthy, happy people and they are not too bad to hang out with!  You know what I'm sayin! 

Ok...I am doing this on my phone...hope it works...please forgive extra typos!

Blessings for today:

Friends with lake houses ;)
Texas back roads
Sleepy road trip buddies

"This little Light of mine...I am gonna let it Shine"

Love and Hugs!