Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surviving Halloween

Happy Halloween to all....I hope this day has been FANTASTIC!!!!  We had a great time today at work...Everybody really out did themselves in the costume department.  We had some GREAT costumes!!!
As part of our Halloween tradition at work...we also have food...lots of yummy food, sweets...etc...
I did good though!  I had mostly healthy fare...stayed away from the really fattening foods and still had a terrific time...despite my genuine love of food...I was able to really enjoy myself without over-indulging...who knew!!!
After work...I headed to Donna's to go trick or treating with the Divine Ms. Em...she was a peacock this year...she looked adorable!  The neighborhood they live in is like Halloween Central!  Lots of kids, parents, decorated golf carts, a real block party kind of atmosphere...I always really enjoy it.  We ate dinner before we left the house...I still behaved having some grilled chicken in lieu of our annual chili cheese big deal. We walked 5,000 miles ( OK...maybe only 4,995)...the girls loaded up on candy and Emily rationed one mini Baby Ruth bite as my Halloween treat...that was it.  She cut me off!  I was good with that.   I tried to take some good pics today.  I will probably post a few more tomorrow...

It was a great day...lots of fun and I Survived Halloween...MAWA!!!!

My Co-Worker Lindsey and I were LMFAO---She was the Shufflebot and I was a combo of RedFoo and Skyblu!  FooBlu!  Linsdey and her husband made her costume!!!!  Mine was made in China!

My two Co-Workers, Kristen and Claire were the Sesame Street Martians!  Hilarious!  They made these costumes themselves! 

Emily was a beautiful Peacock!!! Her eye makeup was "professionally" done!  She was quite proud!

More pics tomorrow...The Fluffy Girl is Halloweened OUT for tonite!!!  I hope your evening was filled with fun!

Here is one last little Halloweenie thing for you!  See you tomorrow!!!!  Two days until the 5K.....MAWA!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back in the Saddle again!

It is Tuesday and the Fluffy Girl is back up and around!!  Hallelujah!  I am feeling a bit "hungover" from the migraine...but am functioning!
Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!!!! I will be fully costumed and you should mentally prepare for will be worth checking out!  We will be having a spooktackular time here at the office...hehehe!

Tonight I WILL be working out...I am hoping that I don't feel like I am pedaling through mud!!!  I am hoping that I surprise myself!  I am hoping to get in at least 2 solid workouts before Saturday.  However, Friday will be a rest day (at least from working out!!!) 

Firefly is in 4 days and we have gotten quite a few donations to help us meet our $500 team goal!!  Thanks to ALL of you that have donated to TEAM MAWA!!!!  It is much appreciated and goes to a great cause:  The Houston Food Bank

Pester Alert:  It is not too late to join Team MAWA and walk/run in the 5K with have until Midnight tonight to sign up online:

Here is a little music to help you get ready for Halloween!!!  BOO!

A local Christian radio station has a cool take on Halloween...Here is a link to their website and the Light the Night details.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday...I will be Forging On!!! Back in the Saddle Again!    MAWA!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Malaise

Hello to all...Journey 120 and the Fluffy girl were sidelined today!

I woke up at about 4:00 AM with a monster headache.  A real doozie!  I never made it out of bed today!
I have been blessed to not have nearly as many of these kind of days over the past 10+ weeks.  I am thankful for that!

Still looking forward to the rest of this week and Firefly on Sat.  Tomorrow is the last day to join Team Mawa!

Have a great rest of the evening...see you tomorrow!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 11-Countdown to Mini-Goal

Hello to all and I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!!!  I took today off from workouts and both Tone Tone and I slept in today.  We both were wiped out from the busy day yesterday.  Once we got up, had lunch and got dressed it was 2:00 in the afternoon!!  Today was all about looking for my Halloween costume.  My entire office dresses up for Halloween...really...just about everyone gets into the act!  It is fun! 

Don't worry...I will post pics of this year's costume...It should be quite a sight! 

We got to visit great friends today and finished all of the Halloween shopping.  Enjoyed the visit Brig, Brian and Jillian!  Great friends and a great (unexpected) visit! 

This is WEEK 11...41 weeks to go to reach my goal of losing 120lbs.  I gotta keep pushing, keep believing and keep my head up and my body moving! 

I continue to get wonderful support from family, friends and even got another message from the unbelievable Kerri Walsh Jennings! 

My first Mini-goal ( to finish the Firefly 5K-benefiting the Houston Food Bank) is Saturday!!!  One week and I will be strutting my stuff along with 14 friends and family members at Reliant Park. We will be sporting our fabulous team shirts and hopefully be finishing the 3.1 miles with pep in my step!!!

I am ready for, workout, getting ready each day for another new experience, more amazing moments along this Journey and the opportunity to do each day differently than I did the last one.

Before I go...I just watched former Houston Astro Hunter Pence win a World Series Championship with the San Francisco Giants!  Congrats to Hunter and thanks for another dose of inspiration!! 

Have a wonderful week and God Bless You!!!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and Laser Tag

Hello is LATE....Sorry for the late post!  I had a super busy day and a 60th Birthday party to attend tonight.  My BFF's husband Bill turned 60 in Sept. and due to inclement weather...we just had his party tonight.  Tailgating and Laser Tag!!!  Yes...the Fluffy Girl got her Laser Tag ON!!!!!  I love it..It's is not a bad workout either.  AT least not for required running, hiding, sneaking, shooting and I broke a sweat!  Works for me!

I started out this morning with an hour on the bike, did a little circuit training, grocery shopping, picked up Bill's cake, dressed for the party, played two games of Laser Tag, hung out with friends...played with kids, talked politics ( a short conversation for me)...and now I AM DONE!!! 

It is funny...this was a busy day and I am a "good" tired...Not a sick tired.  That is a welcome change!!  Normally I would have had to push through exhaustion, headaches, body pain etc...just to hang with the rest of the crowd and all the physical activity would have not been possible.  Though I am still coping with some of these health body is getting much stronger!  I am grateful!

This is going to be a short blog post...I will probably ramble on about Laser Tag more tomorrow...LOL! 

Tomorrow will be church, workout, Halloween costume shopping and home...No Texans tomorrow. 

The Longhorns squeak by...and The NEW BOSTON LIONS REMAIN UNDEFEATED!!!!  Go Teague Boys!!!!

Here's to a happy, healthy, joyful Sunday!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and "Winning"

Hello and Happy Friday...It has been a great evening.  My Lightening Strykers played their last game tonight and though they did not win the match...It was the best game of the season!!  They played a great team well and they played their best!  Can't ask for more than that!!!  Don't get me wrong...they were not supremely happy that they lost ESPECIALLY after playing so well...but man...there are so many lessons to learn from doing your best and not "winning"...cause when the WIN does is amazing!!!  Whatever that looks like...whatever it is! For me...sometimes the Win is in the effort!!!
There is a lesson in that for me too...You see...I have really been working hard at this whole Journey 120 thing and well as you all know...I have hit a plateau of sorts and like I have said...I knew that this Journey would not be simple or even though I did not feel like I was "winning" (I am no Charlie Sheen) last week...this week feels pretty good!  WEIGH IN #10 DOWN 3 MORE LBS!!!  YAY!

More Victories...More Blessings...WINNING!!!

Coaching these girls in a sport that I love and am striving to play again (well)...has been a gift!  Just one of the many gifts I have gotten in these 1st 10 weeks!!!  Watching them get better, try harder, and really want to win...FANTASTIC!  Such Inspiration!!!

Tonight my girls gave me cards and a very special volleyball!!!

Isn't that the coolest!  Thanks to my BFF for getting the girls to sign the ball...Love that!!!

I am looking forward to Week 11...Looking forward to new experiences, new blessings and new victories!

Firefly 5K is ONE WEEK from Tomorrow...Start praying now!!!  I am gonna need as many prayers as possible.  LOL!!! 

Have a good rest of the evening and there will be more to talk about tomorrow.  Busy day...starting with a workout in the AM....Hugs to all!!! JLP

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fluffy Girl Survives

It's Thursday...One More day til weigh in #10....Goodness...I hope I lose some of this fluff!!!
I left work last night and went and worked out...just did a cardio workout (or as close to cardio as I can get...:).  I did an hour on the bike and actually felt better than I have all week.  My knees stopped complaining so vigorously and my muscles were a little less fatigued!  I have almost survived Week 10!!!

Glad I pushed through being tired.  Today feels a little better. Mentally...I am fatigued though.  Hopefully, the weekend will give me a chance to get some rest and be ready for Week 11. 

Tonight is the Lightening Strykers 2nd to last game.  I really hope they can pull off a victory to boost their little spirits.  I will miss them!  Friday night is our last game!  Go Lightening Strykers!!!!

I have been thinking about more Mantras:  Here is another one for your enjoyment!

Get Off your Duff and Lose that Fluff!

NOTE:  The last day to register for the Firefly 5K is OCTOBER 30th!!!!   The race is Saturday November 3rd (registration starts at 5:00 PM and the race starts at 7:00 PM).  It is not too late to join us...come will be fun!!!  I believe TEAM MAWA has about 13 members get to wear glow in the dark can you pass that up!!!!  Come ON...Let's GLOW!!!!

As  a follow up to yesterday:  Kristen received an email from CustomInk regarding making a charitable donation to the Houston Food Bank.  Please see the below email. Really cool!  If more companies did business this way...the world would be a much kinder place to live!!!

 The email read:

We try to donate to every charity event that our customers hold close to their hearts, so we are delighted to help with this event as well.  Of course, we wish we could offer a large sponsorship, but because we do so many, I’m limited to small donations ($20). 
Also, we would love to have you enter our Ink of the Week contest. Send in a picture of your team wearing their CustomInk shirts and you may just win a $100 voucher for your next order!  Go to to enter and share your photo with others!
BTW, I read Jaime's Wednesday post where she gave a shout out to CustomInk!  So nice!!  Good luck to her in her endeavors!  Being a former v-baller myself, I know how the love of the game can motivate you!

Great stuff!!  Check out CustomInk on Facebook!

Here is a little early Halloween fun!  Enjoy!

I hope the rest of your day is splendid and here is to a productive Week 11!!!!  Journey 120 "MaWa" Inspired!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day like Today

Happy Hump Day Everyone.  I hope this has been a great day!

  As I sit at my desk...I am aware that this blog post will be a little challenging for least in the beginning!  I must make a confession! 

I really have made a promise to myself to be completely I have said in previous posts.  My inclination is to always be upbeat in this blog and stress that I am truly inspired and motivated on this Journey...and I am...that is true.  At times, I have posted about a few aches and pains, exercise struggles, etc...and I really don't want this blog to become a "dear diary" documenting all of my struggles.  However, I do think that it is important to share the "real story" about this experience for me.  Not necessarily for anyone else but for an attempt to "get" whatever it is I am supposed to "get" on this deliberately chosen path.
 I have created this place (blog) as a place I can share my inspirations, successes, blessings, funny moments..etc...but it also has to include the harsher realities, my not so successful moments, my struggles and the obstacles that I am and will be facing along this Journey.  Not because I enjoy sharing those...but because it is part of the truth.  It is funny...a friend of mine calls Facebook...Fakebook...because she says (in my words) it is a place where people can "post" the most positive aspects of their lives and not include the messy stuff....I even have friends who complain about negative facebookers...I must admit...I do like the lighter side of FB...but this is not FB....and life, in fact can be messy and wonderful and chaotic and glorious all at the same time.
 So...having rambled enough about that...HERE is my confession...I AM HUNGRY and REALLY TIRED!!!!  That may sound really funny...and it is...but it is also the first big struggle I have faced beyond making the decision to start this Journey...and quite frankly...that seems easier than this last couple of days. 
I really don't know that I have any specific words or analytical thoughts about why I am feeling this way now...there are professionals for that...I just know I am hungry, tired and feel the need to say that out loud and in print...for documentation purposes. :)

It brings me back to a thought I originally had about why I am choosing to blog this Journey though...I am a people person...I love me some people...and I need contact with people as a form of support and accountability...I am motivated by that...I am inspired by people's stories, actions and accomplishments! 

Years ago, Donna shared a story with me she had heard about a little girl who was afraid to sleep in her own bed and her parents, in an effort to get her to stay in her bed at night, told her that though she could not see them, angels were protecting her and keeping her safe.  So one evening, the little girl got out of bed and came into her parents room.  She told them that she was afraid and needed to sleep with them. They both reminded her that Angels (God) were protecting her even though she could not see them and she replied (and this is my favorite part)..." I need someone with skin".

I love that and it makes perfect sense to me...

So in an effort to move through this moment of struggle...I have found a few things that are inspiring, fun and serve as a good motivator for someone like me on a day like today. 

This is a great story about an absolutely amazing little girl!!!!

CNN does this segment about daily distractions...stuff that distracts us from our daily routines...This is cute and funny!

THIS next link is about how I am going tackle the rest of this week:  Gangnam Style

Before I go...I have a really cool blessing to share.  Kristen (my co-worker and friend) has worked really hard on designing and ordering the t-shirts for our TEAM MAWA (Firefly 5K).  She completed the order last week and she received this email today from the company (CustomInk) that will be printing the T-shirts.  It reads:

I noticed that you designed t-shirts for an upcoming charitable effort. We think it's terrific that you are participating in such a worthy cause! CustomInk would love to help you reach your fundraising goal by making a donation to your team.

Please reply to this email with either a:

• link/URL to your individual or team sponsorship page
• mailing address where I can send a check and to whom I should make the check payable

I look forward to hearing from you soon. And thanks for choosing us to make your special t-shirts!

Warm regards,

Here is Kristen's response...which is really wonderful as well! 

Wow! We are so honored!

We are not only supporting the Houston Food Bank (the benefitting charity), but supporting our friend, Jaime, on her journey to lose 120 lbs in the next year. She was inspired by Misty May and Kerri Walsh during the Olympics (hence the term MAWA) and decided to change her life and be able to play volleyball again. This is her first 5K and most of our workplace is participating to support her. We wanted shirts that matched to set us apart as we walked the Firefly 5K here in Houston. Jaime is beyond thrilled at your offer! She thinks it's amazing to see her life-changing decision spread and affect others.

 The fundraising webpage for the Firefly 5K, benefiting the Houston Food Bank is You can make a donation in general or choose to sponsor a certain runner.

 If you would like to hear more about Jaime's journey, "Fight to Light", she has a blog that she updates daily at

Thank you so much for your generosity! It really means a lot to us, as such a small group, trying to make a difference and support Jaime on her very personal (and very public) journey to be healthy.

I AM BLESSED...and AMAZED...EVERYDAY...even on Days Like Today!!!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Mantra

Tuesday of Week 10 and I am churning right along.  Pushing through week 10 with a little fatigue but a whole lotta UMPF!!!  MAWA!!!! 

So I had someone ask me if I had a weight loss mantra...hmmmm...I thought about it and thought...I guess not technically!  Here is the definition I found of a weight loss mantra:

"A mantra is a phrase that is repeated either out loud or silently to yourself with the goal of helping you achieve something" 

I don't know that I really have one....MAWA has become my battle cry of sorts...Forge something I say at times....But I don't really have a mantra...Do I need a Mantra?  Maybe that is the key to losing weight this week!!! :0

I did run across a few mantras used by other people trying to lose weight and I thought I would share....I may even steal one of them. 

The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regret.
No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping the person sitting on the couch
Would I rather have that or reach my goal?

Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

Here is the link for the article about Mantras

I did run through a few in my mind as I was reading the article these are very laughing:
  • Fluffy no more or Fluffy Galore-Your Choice
  • Lose the Fluff....get New Stuff!!!!
  • I must...I must....I must decrease my Fluff!
  • Exercise and Ride your Bike so Fluffy Girl can Jump and Spike!!!!
Those are just a few that I am considering!  There could be others.  Please feel free to share any Mantra ideas that you may find applicable!!!

OK...Last Volleyball practice tonight.  It has been such a gift to get to spend this extra time with my Sweet Pea and to teach these energetic youngsters the wonderful game of Volleyball. Our last 2 games are this week and I hope they get to taste sweet victory (lol) at least one more time!!! Go Lightening Strykers!!!!

Don't forget the Firefly Run...(how could you...I will not stop reminding everyone)...I believe that the cut off for on-line registration is Oct. 30th...

Here is the link....I would love, love, love to have you join us and it Benefits the Houston Food Bank!
I believe we have roughly 13 people on TEAM MAWA...the more the merrier!!!

Have a great rest of the Day and Remember:

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"

Philippians 4:13

Monday, October 22, 2012

Will and Grace

Hope you all had a happy, productive Monday.  Really busy today at work...but a productive day!  I worked out this evening...did an hour on the bike and worked my upper and lower back. 

My lower back has strengthened  and the pain I experienced in the 1st few weeks has decreased significantly!  Yay! 

My knees were screaming in the beginning of my workout tonight....but I made them continue despite their protestations!! I will be icing them down here shortly!!!  I may be old! 

I found the below article on breaking through plateaus...kinda interesting.  Thought I would share.

I have had several people remind me that I actually may be gaining some muscle and that may contribute to the slow down in weight loss.  I am good with that and I am continuing on this path regardless.  I have to trust that I am moving in the right, healthier direction and that can't be a bad thing!!

We received the below quote in an email and I really loved it...

"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

I love that and it is SO True!

This Journey has been filled with all kinds of surprises and unknowns!  I have to trust my instincts and trust that God has got my back!!!  This may be the first time in my life that I have truly put myself out there (so to speak) secrets (as evidenced by my willingness to share my actual weight in the right hand margin of this blog!!!!), no pretense, no sugar coating, a really fluffy girl trying to lose some serious weight so that I can live longer, live better and maybe make a bit of difference in my corner of the world!

I will leave you with this:
"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did"

Hello Tuesday....Here I come...ready or not!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


HI!  It is Sunday evening and I have spent this day mentally, physically and spiritually getting ready for the remainder of Week 10 of this spectacular Journey!.  I realized this morning, after a really busy yesterday, that I needed to to speak!  I worked this fluffy body pretty hard last week and my everyday schedule has been packed with activity, work deadlines and just a Go...Go....Go mentality.  Though I like to be busy and am so grateful that I FEEL like being busy...I know it is not always best for me. 

Having struggled physically for the last 20+ years...the fact that I am actually doing this...that after all of the illness, I am truly able to make this effort is such an amazing miracle for me.  So...I think I am just "pumped up" about the whole thing and am "full steam ahead".  This is one of my challenges that I face when I discuss keeping balance in my life...that whole...go, go, go attitude.  It is early yet...I am hoping by the end of this Journey...I have found this elusive balance that I keep chattering about!!! :) having said all of the above...My Sunday was about Church, hanging out a bit with Emily and Donna, having a great cup of tea (thanks Donna), football...(How bout them Texans!!!), healthy food,  nap,
more football, sitting on the patio with my Tone Tone and Riley and now a little baseball (Go Giants and my favorite former Astro Hunter Pence), dinner, a little laundry and getting ready for next week.                     

No workout today.

 I needed to REST my body, REVIVE my mind and REJUVENATE my spirit!

So here we go....Week 10...I will start fresh tomorrow.  This is the last week of Volleyball and we have 1 practice and 2 I will be all about Volleyball this week.  It has been a blast!!

I will get my workouts in on Monday-Thurs with a day off on Friday.  I am hoping to see some positive results.  Again, thank you all for your words of encouragement.  So appreciated! 

Let us all go out and make this week a great blessing!!!  Let's Be Inspired and Be Inspirations!!!

See you tomorrow!!!  God Bless and Love to you all!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stay Focused-Stay Grateful and Stay Positive

Hello to all!!!  I hope this Saturday finds you doing well and enjoying this beautiful least here in Houston! 

I rolled out of the rack around 8:00 AM and headed to the park for another 3.1 mile test walk!  The last time I did the full 3 miles it took me a little over an hour and my face looked like a giant beefsteak tomato!  My plan for this morning was to complete the full 3.1 miles again and hopefully not have the whole tomato look going on...So...I walked the full distance in almost the exact same amount of time as I did the first time...a little over an hour! can decide for yourself, but I think I am looking a little less tomato like!

It was absolutely fabulous outside this, crisp and a thin layer of dew still on the grass.  Was able to clear my mind and enjoy the weather and the walk.  Here is a quick little view of the "back stretch" of the 1.5 mile trail I like to walk.

After my walk...went home, iced down the ole knee and foot, showered and Mom and I met our friend Nettie for breakfast...I did really well at breakfast (despite being surrounded by pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, etc....).  I got an egg white omelet with spinach and a little turkey with a bit of Swiss cheese.  It was good!  Oh...and fruit...I love me some fruit!!!
Once done with breakfast, we ran a couple of quick errands and then off to the Judy Dierker Foundry Fall Craft Show....WooHoo!!  One of my favorite things about Fall...are the Fall festivals, craft shows, etc....LOVE them!  For those of you that don't know...Judy Dierker is the wife of long time Houston Astro pitcher, coach, announcer, etc...Larry Dierker and they are members of our church, Foundry United Methodist.  The craft show raises money for Cy-Hope, a non-profit organization created from the congregation and leadership of our church, local business leaders and local schools to provide assistance in multiple ways to at risk youth within the Cypress Fairbanks ISD.  It is a really great program! 

We met up with Donna and Emily as well as a few other friends and truly enjoyed the afternoon!  By 4:00 PM or so though...the Fluffy Girl's feet were screaming....SIT DOWN!!!!  So...we left..headed to the dreaded grocery store for  few things and now I AM HOME!!!

Great day...Great way to start Week 10 of this Journey!  I have received so many messages of encouragement including another message from the fabulous Kerri Walsh Jennings!!  Really so motivating to know that I have friends, family and a 3-time Olympic Gold Medal winner supporting me!!!  To borrow a phrase I have heard/seen Kerri Walsh use...This is RAD!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and enjoy tomorrow!  I will be thanking God for the opportunity to live this Journey...and I will be praying for the strength and courage it will take to stay focused, stay grateful and stay positive. 

Journey 120-MAWA Inspired!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

OK...So weigh in #9 has been a bust!!  I got up today...weighed in and Nothin...not a dang lb gone!!  But... do not despair...the Fluffy Girl fully expected this...was not sure when but knew it would happen.  My Mom told me so!!!
You can imagine after working out as much and as hard as I did this week that I am mildly disappointed.... but not discouraged!  Being a 45 year old, pre-menopausal, slow metabolism havin' girl has its downside...but I still am choosing to believe that I can hit my 120lb goal by August of 2013.

I am going to continue to work on my daily food stuff, continue to work out diligently and  continue to work to achieve a healthy balance in my daily life.  I know this is possible...I am not 100% sure why I know it is possible...I just do...It's a God thing! 

I have a few new things that I am planning on trying in the next few weeks...I will share those things along the way.  This is a long Journey and there will be many days like this. 

Here is what I believe...Obstacles are made to be overcome...conquered!  Admittedly, sometimes challenges seem insurmountable and God knows, I do often forget that I have the strength and courage to overcome by the Grace of God.  Here is what I prayers are answered!  I just have to be still and listen. 

I am NOT working out body is super tired...and my old, aching knees want a break!  Below is a pic of me after my workout last night...LOL!

The Firefly Run is only a couple of weeks away...not too late to join us...(pester, pester, pester)...Here is the link:

Volleyball tonight: Go Lightening Strykers!!! 

Busy weekend...there will be lots to post this weekend.  Have a truly Blessed weekend!  Remember, WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! 

Here is a little parting music!!!  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fluff Removal Continues we are at Thursday....Tomorrow is Friday and Weigh in #9...I have really been pushing in my workouts this week so we shall see if I get to see any results from that this week. 

My Co-workers and I just finished our 10 minute yoga workout...I like it...I can't touch my toes just yet....if my toes were actually on my ankles...we would be in business!!  But....I liked it! 

Last night I did this weight loss workout program on the recumbent bike....OMG!!!!!  I was huffin and a puffin....I truly believe that the folks around me thought I was going to drop dead!  One man in particular looked horrified!  I hope I did not scar him for life...watching a fluffy girl workout can be traumatic for some!  :)

Today...the Fluff removal continues...I like to think of it as Fluff Remediation!!!   I will work out again...this will be 6 straight days of workouts...You Go Girl!!!...if I do say so myself!  I am hoping that my creaky joints can hang in there one more night..then I will rest on Friday! 

I was thinking today...If I could take the lbs that I lose and actually create another me...then I could probably get all my work, activities, housework, life stuff...done on time for once.  I could call the recycled me...Frankenfluff!!!!  A little (very little) Halloween humor for you....Your welcome!!! tomorrow is another busy day.  Another opportunity to work on maintaining a healthy balance, eating well, being positive and trusting God's plan!  It is an opportunity and it is work...but I continue to be amazed at everything that is going on around me!  Almost 10 weeks into to this Journey and life is so much different.  I just needed to be ready...Now....I AM READY.

Tomorrow night is Volleyball Night...My girls had a good practice and I am hoping they are fired up for tomorrow night. 

I continue to send Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings updates and a few little tidbits of news as I go along.  As you know, Kerri has responded several times but...I have yet to get a response from I shall continue to have that fun little goal to work towards....
I still feel so compelled to share this Journey with others and as I go along it feels like there is a much bigger purpose to all of this...beyond the benefits for me and those that are joining me in this Journey. 
I really would love to take what I learn from this and translate that into something that benefits others with the same struggles.  With as much emphasis as there is on children and "childhood obesity" ( a term that I truly loathe) would be great to contribute/help organizations that believe in building our children UP instead of tearing them down with negative labeling!!!    Give them great, fun ways to get healthy!  Laugh...enjoy being a kid!  I STILL enjoy being a kid and I am 45!!!!

Just thinking out loud!  Anyway, that is it for today.  Happy Friday to all....Happy Weigh In...Happy Volleyball, Football....Weekend...whatever makes you smile!!! 

Blessings Abound!!!! 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laugh and Lose

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  I am forging through this day today...looking for ways to laugh and lose...Laugh and Lose...I like that!

 I have a vision of taking some sort of cardio class only instead of the teacher being some svelte, super toned, fit and fabulous is a big, sloppy, fluffy comedian, eating a donut and spouting one-liners about how hard it is to lose weight...OK so  maybe that is not one of my best ideas...but I am finding that if I can find ways to lighten up during this trip down skinny is just SO much better! 

Truthfully, sometimes the energy it takes to be driven is outside the scope of my reality! motivators are often funny little things that happen along the I was not going to share this on my blog because it is a bit gross...but it did really happen and I did crack up...I am on a recumbent bike at the Y on Monday and I am next to a somewhat elderly gentleman who was plugging along on the bike just as I was.  He was probably 75 or so...and well...let just say he had some digestive issues while first, I was unsure that I heard correctly.  You see I had head phones on and was watching TV as I peddled..when I began to hear something...a really loud given that curiosity kills the cat...I took off my head phones so that I could further identify the source of the noise...when I realized that with just about every push of the pedal...He was BURPING...(you thought I was going to say something else....didn't you).
I do not mean little, polite burps...I am talking about rip rattling burps...and the best part is that he DID NOT CARE!!!  Pedal-Burp-Pedal-Burp...for most of the 20 minutes he was next to me.  NOW....Of course, I wanted to laugh!  Here is the thing though...I actually do not particularly care for gross humor unintentional or intended!  But this struck me so funny!  However, I did not think it would be appropriate to laugh hysterically in his I was forced to channel that unspent laughter into my workout.  So while my geezer friend next to me pedaled and burped...I just pedaled harder with tears rolling down my face.  He was so happy and content!  Gratefully...his digestive woes did not go any further than burping...
So...the next time you are at the gym...look for a kindly, older gentleman and park  yourself right next to him...maybe you will get lucky and he will serenade with his golden tones! 

After work, I am off to the gym for a date with the Evil that is the Elliptical!!!  Pray for me...I sooo need it! 

Here is a little funny before I go:  This made me cry!!! Laughing!!!

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~Orson Welles


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Elliptical

Hello to you Followers of the Fluff....It has been a busy day...busy at work, volleyball practice with the kiddos, workout after volleyball, dinner, blog posting...whew!!!  I am feeling the burn this evening!! 

Again, I am REALLY trying to push through this bit of a plateau...Tonight, I really pushed to get my heart rate up a little more quickly and then maintain the higher level for a longer period of time.  I am attempting to integrate the Elliptical into my cardio workout...However, the Elliptical feels more like I am having a Cardiac vs. Cardio workout!!!  You guys may get really tired, really quickly of me and my new relationship with this piece of equipment!!!  The Elliptical is the Devil!!! 

Moving of my fabulous (young) co-workers...has got me working out every afternoon (we do 5-7 minute workouts...abs, legs, arms, etc...) Now, Kristen and Amanda have joined us.  It is fabulous and a little bit we our business duds...all 4 of us in an empty office...often on the floor, doing leg lifts, lunges, name it!!!  Today they all got to hear the noise my knees make when I try to do lunges!!!  Nice!!!  Seriously though, they are a great support to me.  I have said it before and I will say it again....Another great blessing as I motor along on this Journey!!

Balance, Balance and more Balance....I found this article today about a direct correlation between a lack of sleep and weight gain...No Wonder I am Fluffy...Do you think I could just a take a really long nap for the next 10 months and wake up skinny????  Teasing!!!! is the article!

I have not ever done Yoga...I call it Yogurt!!  But...Amanda sent this to me today...I thought it was worth sharing for all of you office dwellers like me!

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday...So much to do...So little Time!  MAWA!!!

Hear is a song that I LOVE...Love the message, the vocal and the music!!! Hope you enjoy!  Have a great Wednesday!  Let's Keep On Moving through Week 9...Inspired, Blessed and Ready to Clear all hurdles!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


HELLOOO Monday!!!  OK.  So I am making an effort to reverse my normally gloomy Monday outlook and replace it with an almost completely fake HAPPY MONDAY Attitude!!!  LOL!!!  No really...mind over matter!   I am busy at work time for gloom, my exercise guru Lindsey has me on track for an afternoon workout...I am blogging with energy..and I will be working out tonight after work.  Week 9 Beware...The Fluffy Girl is fired up!!!!  I WILL be pushing through this mini-wall and I WILL be sprinting over the hurdles I face this week.

After this week there will be  43 wonderful weeks left to conquer my Fluffiness and show everyone that a 46 ( I will have turned 46 by then) year old woman can cruise to Victory!!!!  I WILL play a mean game of volleyball and I will share ALL of the blessings I have received!!!! 

The Holidays are approaching and I WILL enjoy them without eating my way through November and December!!! 

I WILL complete my 1st 5K within the allotted time and I WILL have a FUN doing it. 

I WILL laugh this week (at least a few pounds worth)! 

I WILL remember that God is in charge!

I WILL continue to work on keeping balance in my daily life! 


See you tomorrow!

"Instead of working for the survival of the fittest, we should be working for the survival of the wittiest - then we can all die laughing."~ Lily Tomlin

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double up Sunday-Victory Bound

Happy Sunday Evening to ALL....I hope this day has been filled with fun, family, love and worship!!  We were minus a child today for Tone Tone and I went to the late service and then out for a healthy lunch!  Seafood!  Donna and I planned to swim today (late afternoon) so I decided to work out at the Y before heading to Donna's. 

I did about 45 minutes on the bike...had a protein bar and headed to pick her up to head to Lifetime Fitness (where she is a member) and swim some laps.  Our indoor pool at the Y is being rehabbed so I have been unable to swim these last few weeks.  Boy...could I tell!!!  Again let me say, swimming is hard!  A great workout though.  I did about 20 minutes...not too bad.  Just trying to really keep moving this week.  Trying to add a few new things to each day and push through what feels like a little bit of a plateau. 

I greatly enjoyed my time at the club with Donna and Emily...great motivation to have my peeps with me on this Journey!

A little inspiring news today.  Donna's husband Bill (who just turned 60 last month) took 2nd place in his age group (and finished better than the entire age group below him) in a mini-tri (300 meter swim, 10 mile bike ride, 3 mile run)...Quite impressive...Way to go Bill!!!! 

More Inspiration:  My cousin Kathy and her husband Dennis have lost 20 and 19lbs, respectively!!!  Way to go you two!!!  MAWA!!!!

I think I will stick to my first 5K for now...maybe next year, I can Try a Tri!!!

The message in church today was about letting go of the past, forgiving those who have hurt us and looking forward knowing that God has chosen our path and that the future leads to Victory.   I really love the word means so much.  This Journey has already been filled with so many Victories and there are so many more to come! 

Let's go get Week 9 knowing that God is with us and Victory is ahead of us!!!!

Last call for TEAM MAWA T-shirts!  Orders will be turned in tomorrow.  The price of the shirt as of now is a little over $17.50 ...if there are additional orders, the price will drop further!

Happy Monday and Happy Week 9!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 9 is Lookin Fine

Hello to all...I hope this Saturday evening finds you well.  It has been a chill Saturday for me.  I have made a concerted effort to lay low today and recuperate from a tiring Week 8.  Just a laid back day with a few errands mixed in along with a nap or two.  I did workout this evening:  I did a treadmill warm up followed by 45 minutes on the bike...did some upper body work and then I tried the elliptical for the 1st time...Holy Toledo...not easy...really not easy.  I had pains in body parts that I did not know I had!!! 
I am clear that it gets my heart pumping at much higher levels than the bike...but Wow!!!  I will be working this new aspect into my work out rather slowly I am afraid.  I felt good about my workout though...I am hoping to get some swimming in tomorrow with my BFF!!!  She swims like a fish...I swim more like a boulder...but I will do my best.  It will be nice to change it up. 

I am really wanting to push through, over, around...whatever it takes to get over the hurdle I encountered last week.  I am also going to try to continue to add metabolism boosting foods/activities to my daily routine in hopes that my body will respond positively and clear this hurdle so that I am a little more energetic this week and my results are better.  I have done some research and found the below suggestions for increasing metabolism!  I think I will give some of these a try.

  • Early workouts will boost metabolism and last longer into the day
  • Higher intensity aerobic workouts increase metabolism
  • Substitute some carbs with lean protein
  • Eat small meals/snacks every three to four hours.  Helps to maintain higher metabolism
  • Drink more water...(boo Hiss)
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Eat Almonds
  • Have some Eggs
  • Throw back some Salmon
These are just a few things I ran across...I am going to increase some of this in my daily life and see what happens. 

I am looking forward to this week.  We are just 3 weekends away from The Firefly Run...My Cousin Ali joined the team....Thank you ALI!!!  We are up to 11 team members.... JOIN US!!!!  It will be a great event for a great cause (The Houston Food Bank).

Here is the link!!!

Congratulations to the New Boston Lions...7-0....You guys rock!!!

My girls VB team lost but really showed much improvement!  They were disappointed!  Gotta FORGE ON though!!!

Have a fabulous Sunday!  MAWA!!!! INSPIRED!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

20 Down 100 to Go

Happy FRIDAY!!!  I must say...I am not disappointed that this 8th week has reached an end.  Now for a fresh Start and a butt-kickin week 9.  My goals for the week is to let go of week 8, let go of some of this stress, work healthy and LAUGH!  Remember....Laughter leads to weight it just fun to laugh...

Gonna be a relatively short post:  Lots to do...Volleyball game tonight...Go Lightening Strykers-HS Football Tonight...Go NB Lions!!! Beat Redwater!

Weigh #8-FINALLY lost 20lbs!!!!  Actually, I have 99.4lbs to go.  10 months to go!!!  Now, more than ever, I will need your prayers and support.  This Journey is gonna be so worth it!!! 

Let me know you are out there and please share this with your friends.  I am looking forward to planning our August 2013 charity volleyball game.

Mini goal update:  Firefly Run is November 3rd.  You can still join Team Mawa!

Deadline to order Team T-shirts is Sunday.


  • Random Fun things-Like coloring pages and crayons from Kyle!!!

  • Emily's 12th Birthday (yesterday).  What an incredible Blessing...She brings me so much Joy!!!  Happy Birthday my Sweet Pea!!!

I am going "Rocky" on Week 9 (lol)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Roller Coaster Moments

Hi to all...So it appears that I have approached a bit of a hurdle in this 8th week of this Journey.  I am just finding my self struggling in a few different ways this week.  I really don't think it is anything out of the ordinary...I just think that this has been so much more fun and interesting than I expected  and  now that I am struggling a bit...well, it is just different.  I have said from the beginning that I knew this Journey would be filled with "roller coaster moments" and downs....sometimes a harder climb upwards that takes a lot of energy and sometimes...a quick drop downward that scares the pants off of me!!!  But the view from the top of a roller coaster is wonderful and the drops can be so exhilarating!!  I have committed to the ride...I think I just need a little pick me up...

I love the written word...I love writing and am one of those people who loves little motivational sayings, poems, songs...etc...So, being a little selfish...I am going to post some of my favorites as my own little personal pick me up.  No rhyme or particular reason...just some of my faves.

I hope you will share some of your favorites.  Thanks for your continued support!  Truly a Blessing...

Before I begin posting my favorite "words" are some very kind words I got in the form of a FB message from my Aunt Lois yesterday. 

You are doing so good!!!!!!!! Everybody has bad days. Just because you are on this journey doesn't mean every day will be perfect. Just know that you have so many loved ones backing you and understand that this is not easy for you but we all have confidence in you and know that you can do this. We too have bad days and we are not going through what you are. Love from all of us and the love of God will get you through this. And you can have a day off ever so often. Cause I said so!!!!!!!

Thank you LoLo...I love you!!

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness ~ Isaiah 41:10


In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear

You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here~ Sarah McLachlan

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
And the voice of truth says "Do not be afraid!"
And the voice of truth says "This is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth~Casting Crowns


Just a few...It kinda reminds of those goofy workplace motivational know that say Teamwork or like this one

or maybe this one:

and this may be my favorite


That is all for now...Tomorrow is WEIGH IN #8....Wish me luck...I think I am going to need it!!!  Journey 120-"MaWa" Inspired!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fly with Eagles or Walk with Turkeys

Hello to all....I hope all is well and that your day is going well.  Since I have taken a vow of honesty (lol)...I must say that today is not a good day...Nothing earth shattering and certainly not worth whining about...but, it has been a rough morning and I am REALLY having to work on making an attitude adjustment. 

For those of you that know me really already know that I can be a little high strung and have been known to have a temper...not always well controlled!  I truly work at controlling that lovely aspect of my personality after years of learning the hard way that going down that road is usually a pretty bumpy ride!  Today...well today...I am being tested! 

 Now let me say...that there are probably numerous factors that have lead to my crankiness today and I fully expected to have cranky days in the process of changing my eating I take responsibility for that!  Here is the thing...I had an exchange with a complete stranger who happens to work for the same company I do (in another state-gratefully).  It was just one of those moments when I am completely caught off guard by someone...the truth is...the subject is completely irrelevant.  He responded to an email in a way I thought was demeaning and condescending when a simple " no" would have been sufficient.  Who knows what is going on with him and God knows that I can be sensitive and somewhat intolerant of negative "tone of voice".  But what is important to that I must recognize this about myself and do my best to make adjustments so that this complete stranger does not impact the rest of my day and more importantly, that I do not misplace my anger on others.

 So far that has been a little rough and believe it or not...I am going to tie this right back into FOOD!  I have been known to "eat" through my anger...stuff my feelings by stuffing  my face! :).  For those of you that are not emotional eaters...that probably sounds nuts...but unfortunately, it has been my experience.  Now here is the tricky part...If I don't snack through the grouchiness...then I must deal with it in a grown-up, responsible way....yippee!!!  So today, well today...I have tried  doing things differently.  Not perfectly...but differently.  I have chosen to listen to some calming music, focus on my work...disengage from complaining (though I did get several minutes of that in earlier) and make an effort to put the events of this morning into realistic perspective. 

In the middle of my earlier complaining and displeasure with the guy who sent me the of my co-workers sent me this via instant messaging..

Fly with the Eagles, or walk with the Turkeys...

It is my responsibility to rise above the little daily things that don't go well and focus on the things that support me in being a better person, a wiser person and an overall healthier individual.  Though it may not seem that this is that relevant to trying to lose 120lbs in a is critical for me.  I have to learn to deal with emotional situations in a way that supports a responsible response to stress....without eating to distract from the stress.  I contend not many people really enjoy discussing feelings and responses to stressful situations and I must admit this whole post is somewhat uncomfortable to share...for a number of reasons AND...for me, it is necessary. 


I will continue to be willing to be willing...willing to embrace every part of this Journey...even the less than stellar days and trust that God's plan for me will continue to fall into place. 

Despite my somewhat gloomy posts (the last 2 days)....Please know that I am still inspired and truly EXCITED about moving forward in this Journey and will continue to FORGE ON!!!!

We are mid week in Week 8....Weigh #8 in 2 days!!!

Below is a quote from one of my favorite singers of ALL TIME!!!

"Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong."-Ella Fitzgerald

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Willingness to Be Willing

Hi There....a late post tonight...been a busy day!!  I am extremely busy at work and tonight was volleyball practice.  My girls were wired for sound tonight!! they have a lot of energy!  It is great to be surrounded by all of the youthfulness!!!  We had a good practice!  They are improving each week!  That is all I can ask!!!!

I said earlier this week that I needed to keep my eyes open while on this Journey and look and listen for God's plan.  One of the things that I sometimes find challenging is knowing what it is I am supposed to get each day.  Some days it is obvious and other days...not so much.  I really try to find some inspiration in each day; something that keeps me motivated, interested and ready to take on this challenge on a daily basis. 
If I am really honest, it kinda makes me sad that I have to try and find inspiration on some days...when really there are inspiring things all around me.  But I often find myself too engrossed in my own stuff to "see" the inspiration.  I don't know about you...but I can get blinded by my daily life.  Work, traffic, bills, car repairs, money, know the "everyday" life stuff that can really seem huge. 
I have a very clear memory of being a kid and getting really frustrated when my Mom and Grandmother would tell me that I should be grateful for the things I had...or the stuff I got to do or the fact that I had a roof over my head and a short walk to school!! 
I even have more recent memories of struggling with my health, job, finances, etc...and having someone say to me that I have things to be grateful for...and not be able to "get" the gratitude...It is frustrating when I have the knowledge that I am blessed but cannot feel it!  It is not a good feeling!

 But...I will say this!  The fact that I am "getting" the gratitude and KNOW that I am Blessed in the first 8 weeks of this Journey is not something I take for granted.  I keep saying that this Journey has been such a surprise and I truly mean that!  Each day is truly a gift and I am surrounded by inspiration, surrounded by blessings and surrounded by opportunities to express my gratitude!  But I do have to keep my eyes open and be willing to truly see those things that inspire, willing to see those things that are blessings and be willing to be express my gratitude!

I am on this Journey for a reason and I am more than willing to do what I need to do each day...One Day At A Time!

In honor of everyday is a great story:

Have a Great Wednesday!!!  Jaime

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Cinch by the Inch

It's Monday again...Here we are all the start of another week...I hope you guys are more energetic than I am today...I have the Monday Moans...a little tired and not too terribly focused!!!  Even the coffee this morning did nothing to jolt me out of my stupor!!  I am ready for some FOOTBALL though!  The Texans play the Jets...WooHoo!!!! At least I look excited on paper!!!  I will probably have to fight to stay awake if I am not careful. 

Despite my bemoaning the fact that it is Monday...It has been a relatively ok day!  Am planning on working out...and then heading home.  In an effort to find something a little different for my blog post today, I found the following funny quotes about food/dieting etc...Thought I would share:

"Never eat more than you can lift. "
 -- Miss Piggy

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again. "
-- George Miller

"I always cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food."
-- W.C. Fields

"When the waitress asked if I wanted my pizza cut into four or eight slices, I said, 'Four. I don’t think I can eat eight.'"
-- Yogi Berra

These made me is important for me to have humor throughout this process...It is important that I keep my brain entertained so that it can keep my body from getting too grumpy!!!

Lindsey sent me this article today and I thought it was interesting...So I am sharing!!

I also came across this excerpt from an article on  Liked it too! It is about achieving balance in our personal lives.
  • Give your personal goals top priority and make a commitment to yourself.
  • Do something special for your self at least once a week.
  • Small irritations can build into major stressors. Do what’s necessary to eliminate it or change it right away.
  • In the end, there is no one or best way to organize or to achieve balance in your life. Your personality and values determine your style. Have faith in your ability to get and keep your life in balance. Remember that old saying – It may be hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.
I like the whole "...It's a cinch by the inch" thing...It keeps it in perspective that I must listen to my body, honor God's direction and trust that this pace, this plan is what I need to do to maintain my health and my sanity!!

Sending everyone prayers for a great Tuesday!!!  JLP -Journey 120-"MAWA" Inspired!!! (Still)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 8-Keeping my Eyes Open

Happy Sunday Evening to all...I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend.  Did I mention that yesterday  I completed 3 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes?  Just checkin!  I really was "feeling" it this morning when I got up for Church.  My body was feeling every minute of its 45 years!  But...I vowed that I was going to work out today to push through the aches and pains of yesterday.  Sunday started as it typically does...up, pick up Emily, church, take Emily home (Emily was tired today and skipped on lunch)...Tone Tone and I had lunch and headed home.  At this point, I could have soooo taken a nap, but instead changed into my workout clothes and headed to the Y. 
Honestly, my workout today felt a bit sluggish and I really struggled through parts of it, but I did get through it. Got my cardio in and some circuit training.  I am proud of that. However, I am icing down a few body parts this evening!!! 

Each day of this Journey so far has had meaning.  Each day brings some different little nuance of change that keeps me motivated and interested.  Whether it is being able to go a little longer in a workout, not feeling hungry or craving something that is not good for my body, noticing my clothes fit a little differently, unexpected "pep in my step" or just feeling satisfied with my accomplishments.  I continued to be really amazed that this is how this is all going down!!  I must admit that I did not expect this and am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

As I head into week 8...I am hoping to continue increasing my workouts, working on the things (like late night snacking) that still need improvement, planning on ways to give back some of the great gifts I have received, and continue to work on achieving BALANCE in my daily life!  God has lead me hear and now I must be willing to listen to his plan and continue to make a commitment to following that path.

I know that there is more inspiration, new milestones, challenges and victories to encounter.  I just have to keep my eyes open!

Congratulations to my cousin Kathy who has dropped 17.2lbs on her Journey!!!  You go girl!!! 

Don't forget the Firefly 5K-Saturday November 3rd at 7:00 PM!  Journey 120-Team MAWA Inspired T-shirts can be ordered at the link below.  Orders need to be in by October 15th!

Again, thank you for your support.  I have gotten some really great messages this week from friends and family and for that I so incredibly grateful!  I thank you for every single word of encouragement!!

Here is the link to join Team MAWA or to donate to the Houston Food Bank.  Would love it if you would join us!

Here is the T-shirt link:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drum roll please!

Drum roll please...I completed my first 3 mile walk today in 1:05...can I get a Hell Yeah!  I did not die...I am only slightly maimed! 
I got up at about 10:00 AM headed to Meyer on Saturday...Meyer Park is filled with a million soccer players of all ages...and LOTS of screaming, cheering parents!  So...I just pretended they were cheering for me!  Go Jaime Go!  Fluffy, Fluffy, Fluffy!! I did it...

Next on the list was birthday presents for Emily....She will be 12 next week!! Unbelievable!

Then on to the St. Ignatius Loyola for their annual Fall festival...Mom, Emily and I played Bingo...I won twice...$70 bucks!
Man...if only I was in Vegas!  Lol!

Three weeks to Firefly!  I am feeling a lot better about the event!

Sports Update:  The Lightening Strykers lost a tough match!  We will get'em next game!
The mighty New Boston Lions beat their arch rival 38 to 37....Way to go Teague Boys!

Ok...headed to see Frankenweenie....
Below is a pic of myself post 3 mile walk....scary...Happy Early Halloween

It has been a Great Day!

Blessings!  See you tomorrow!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting by with a little (lotta) help from my Friends

It IS Friday!!!  Woo HOO....Weigh In Day...Volleyball Game Day...End of work week Day....Can I get an AMEN!!!! 

OK...I weighed in today and lost 1.4lbs this week...not exactly blazing a trail to formerly fluffy girl...but am still moving down the scale. Makes 19.4 lbs total...I will take it!  I managed to get some decent workouts in this week despite the minor migraine interruption of last week.  Feel good about this week and will continue to FORGE ON!!!

Tonight is a big volleyball game.  Go Lightening Strykers!!!  Actually big sports weekend (plus Monday) twin cousins play in their Homecoming game tonight against their biggest rival (they are Juniors this year) Go Wes and Wil...My co-worker Kristen made a sign for me to hang up in my work area so that I can cheer for the boys all day.  Go New Boston Lions!!!
  A cool story..for those of you don't know or have not figured it out...I am a sports nut and I LOVE Texas High School football!  I have been known to go to games even when I did not have any connection to either team (that may be sad...not sure).  Anyway, for the last several years, I have been blessed to have high school football to follow where I actually KNEW someone playing.  My cousins (Jake-who graduated last year, Wes and Wilson all play football and baseball...So for the last few years, every Friday night, my cousin Julie  (the boy's Mom) sends me game update texts throughout the night so that I can keep up with the boy's games...New Boston is about 5 hours north of we do not get to see games in person too often.  The Friday night texts have become a highlight of my week.  I LOVE following along...makes me feel like a part of the whole experience!!! Thanks Ju Ju!!!

Of course Saturday the Texas Longhorns play West Virginia...big game...Texas Fight!!!!  Monday night the undefeated Houston TEXANS play the Jets on MNF!!!!  Go TEXANS!  Lots of opportunities to be fired up this weekend!!!  Lots of untapped sports inspiration!!!! Which is good...Because I am giving the Full 3 mile walk a try this weekend in preparation for the 5K!!!!!  I know it really isn't that far...but it really sounds far and I am thinking will FEEL far for the Fluffy Girl!!!  But here goes!!!

Here is an article I found on weight watchers....It is about getting by with a little help from our friends!

I am ready for WEEK 8...Bring It...2 months into this Journey 120 and I am ready to push through to the next level.  I hope you will stay with me the rest of the way!!!  Who's With ME?

"What would you do if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me.
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing out of key.
Oh I get by with a little help from my friends...

 I'm gonna try with a little help from my friends."~John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progress equals Success!

Hello to all and I hope this has been a good, healthy, fabulous day for all.  No early posting today...So sorry for the late hour.  I continue to find the idea of a healthy Balance a major theme in this Journey I am on...achieving that is actually proving to be more difficult than laying off the bad food and adding a consistent exercise program to my daily life!  I am working on it though...trying to maintain a healthy schedule to meet all of the needs of this "new life" and still stay employed and sleep at night! 

So...I went to work out tonight....another hour on the bike (interval training)...worked on legs and hobbled home...still snap, crackling and popping!!  Though I will say I really do think it is getting easier (not sure these aging knees would agree)!..But, I did get a close parking spot at the Y...and yes, that is important to me...I can go in and ride the bike and sweat like a piglet...but I do NOT want to walk across the parking lot after my workout...go figure!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in #7...and again, I am a bit anxious.  I do think that this public weigh in idea was genius though...because each week on about Wednesday...I begin to feel just a bit of pressure to "perform" so to speak!  I work out a little harder just to make sure that I drop a pound or two!  I like to think of it as healthy motivation!! 

So here is a quick progress report as we near the end of Week 7. 
  • I am averaging a weight loss of 3.0lbs per week in the 1st 6 weeks.
  • I have increased my cardio exercise from 20 minutes to 1hr per session.
  • I am working out a minimum of 4 days per week.
  • Instead of taking 15-30 units of short term insulin per day...I am taking less than 15 units per week
  • I  take 50-60 units of long-acting insulin per night.  Was taking 110 units per night (6 weeks ago)
  • I have blogged every day of the last 6+ weeks.
I have attached an article about healthy weight loss that I stumbled across on  Good idea of how to manage sustainable weight loss!!!

I am pleased with my progress and feel so blessed to have so much support.  Again...I can promise you that this is all God's plan and my success is directly tied to ALL of the support I have received.


Thank YOU ALL!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and The Food Network

Happy Wednesday...I hope all is well.  I am skipping through Week 7...hoping that I am actually losing a few pounds along the way. 

Last night was VB practice.  We had a good practice!  The girls learned a few new skills and I think they are getting used to moving around on the court.  We have not quite mastered a few skills yet..but they are working hard.  Even had a few girls stay after practice and do a little extra work.  Love It!

I learned something or at least was reminded of something last night.  After watching our regular DVR'd TV shows...I punched play on a recorded Episode of Iron Chef America on The Food Network.  I love this show...used to watch the original Japanese version back in the day.  Back then...I often watched in dismay ...they cooked things like fish eyes, fish guts, frog lips and weird stuff like that...and made desserts out of ingredients that I would not want to eat in any way shape or form...But then came along Iron Chef America...and other shows like Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Sweet Genius...these shows cook food that I WOULD want to eat...and here is what happens...It is 11 or 12 O'clock at night...and I am watching these shows and suddenly I am HUNGRY!!! Like Pavlov's dogs...just show me food and I am suddenly salivating!!! 
So last night...I turn on an episode of Iron Chef...the secret ingredient is Parmigiano Reggiano cheese...they make all of this yummy looking, cheesy food and suddenly I am starving ( or at least my mind thinks so)...Crazy!  It is funny....I am such a night owl and have always been a late night snacker ( I come from a long line of late night snackers)...So why I watch cooking shows at midnight is beyond reasonable explanation!!!  SO....I had a banana, decided no more late night Food Network for the Fluffy Girl and went to sleep...
Seriously though...I am still struggling with late night snacks...So that is something that I will have to continue to work on....I certainly have improved over the past 6 weeks but...further improvement is still on my "to do" list. 

I have been remiss in discussing Blessings over the past couple of weeks.  My Blessings for the last week:

  • A really kind, sweet phone message from one of my best friends growing up...AND my High School Volleyball Teammate and Co-Captain!! :)  Thank you so much Karen!
  • The growing Team Mawa for the Firefly 5K-Thanks for your support!
  • Continued Great Support from Family and Friends
  • 8 Enthusiastic 10-11 year old girls who seem to really love volleyball!!! Go Lightening Strykers!
I am working out this evening...pushing through this week 7...Only 2 more days until weigh in #7...There is a lot of work to do...45 weeks to go on this Journey 120 "MAWA" Inspired!!!

See you tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Reminder of God's Grace

Hi all!!!  Happy Tuesday!  I got an email this morning reminding me that the Firefly Run is in ONE month....For some reason seeing that in print sent shock waves through my body....I have to hurry and get skinnier!!!  IN ONE MONTH!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!  The good news is that I was able to work out last night...had a good workout.  I am still primarily doing the stationary bike (recumbent) but have really been able to increase the resistance level during my ride.  I build to the level of intensity that I can still maintain a solid pace...stay there for a period of time and then slowly decrease to cool down level for the last 5 minutes...I am doing an hour total.  Then I worked the lower back, upper body (shoulders and upper back) and then a short leg workout. 

Tonight is Volleyball practice with the fierce Lightening Strykers!!!  The girls are great fun...So I always look forward to Tuesday nights. 

Today is my cousin Kay's Birthday...She passed away in December 2009.  She had wonderful sense of humor, loved to laugh and had her life struggles as well.  It was a life cut way too short... but I am blessed to have had her in my life for 32 years.  She left us with lots of good memories and an adorable son...Carter (who is now 15-I can't believe it!). are missed...Happy 35th Birthday!

Not to be too dark...but I guess that this does remind me that I should cherish the life I have and those around me.  Life truly is a gift...This Journey is really about the gift of Life for me.  As I strive to take better care of myself,  I really want to live this life to the fullest.  Do what I can to take care of this life and leave something of worth behind.  A reminder of God's Grace! 

I have been getting feed back that some of you out there are finding it difficult to leave comments on the blog.  I apologize for not being more knowledgeable about this whole thing.  I know that there are a few different ways to leave comments...I have made changes to the settings so that anyone can comment...even anonymously.  I guess if there are any tech gurus out there that have any suggestions....PLEASE let me know. 

Please sign up to join us for the Firefly Run...Saturday November 3rd (in the evening).  There is a green button on the bottom left corner of the page that will take you to the sign up page.  We are Team MAWA.

Here's to a wonderful rest of the day!  Cheers!