Saturday, November 30, 2013

It is Just a Matter of Time

Another great day here in New Boston, TX!  I slept A LOT!  Laughed, talked, and probably ate too much.

I started the day with a bit of a headache. resting was nice!

Each time we visit here...we have game night on Sat.  Tonight was no different! 

We played a couple of games...including charades!!  HILARIOUS! 

So much fun with a great group of teenagers with us grown-ups sprinkled in!!

Oh...and since this weekend included some great football...If you missed the end of the Alabama and Auburn game...find it and WATCH of the greatest final plays in football EVER!

So in regards to defluffing...not so much today...but back in the saddle tomorrow!

I know my Journey is a little sidetracked AND as I have is WAY too important to give up on...SO I will Forge On...I will take each day at face value...trusting fully in the value that each day brings. I refuse to buy in to the notion that this goal is out of my reach and I cannot let missteps or stumbles dissuade me from moving ahead.

Today's blessings lie in the time I got to share with my family.  The laughs, the conversation and the L-O-V-E!

Tomorrow is in fact, another day! Another day to practice faith, trust my path and share my heart! 

Oh...the fluff will is just a matter of time!

Here are a few pics...Much love to you all!

Fun, Family and Football

New Boston WINS!!!


Another Triple F Day!

Mom and I struck out at Noon today for Longview, TX and the Area 2A High School Football playoffs to watch my twin cousins play!

We had a beautiful day to drive...great weather!!

It was a chilly...well...plain old cold night..but GREAT for football!

Good playoff game...close...and the Teague Men ruled! Wes had a pick 6 for what I think, was the nail in the coffin! Both Wes and Wil played a solid game on both sides of the ball!

So we are headlong into a great holiday weekend...lots more fun to be had...

Actually got in a workout today BEFORE our multi hour drive...still forging ON!

Tired...ready to get a few ZZZ'sss

Again...Still on this Journey. ..Still Amazed at each and every blessing!

Here we are freezing!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Everyday Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you.

It has been a filled day with lots of family and friends. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

Of a fluffy girl on the road to de-fluffing...I have to say that I did a fairly decent job of managing my food today and certainly did enjoy the company...the laughs...complete with kids and puppies, way more than the wonderful food!

Tomorrow we are road-tripping again...headed for more exciting Texas High School Football playoffs AND more fun with my sweet family!!

As I think about this day...I am reminded that EVERY day is worthy of Thanksgiving...Giving thanks for all the precious, simplistic moments that may seem insignificant at the time...but when connected together,  make up the big picture of life!  A beautiful picture! many of those moments were crammed into one great day...hugs, seeing smiles I don't get to see often, talking,  laughing, meeting new people and of course, great grub!

Something I love about my family is that we open our hearts and our homes to others and really make every effort to make them feel at home.  That makes me proud!  The true spirit of Thanksgiving....joining together...welcoming and embracing life...God guided!

So as I finish tonight... I will leave you with this thought...Make Every Day Thanksgiving....Only with Healthy Food!  :)

Here is my precious family:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soul Growing, Love Building, Weight Losing

Happy Thanksgiving EVE!!! 

I hope you are all getting ready for the TRIPLE F!! FUN...FAMILY...FOOD!

Please note that I put FOOD last in my triple F order!  That is my plan! 

I am ready for the Holiday and I am ready for some family time.  Ready for some New Boston Lions  High School football Playoffs in Longview, TX and ready to make another round through the Holidays on this Soul Growing, Love Building, Weight Losing Journey I am on!!

I hope you and your families relish every moment of tomorrow...fill it with as much Joy as you can and relax, renew and refresh!!!

I quoted this scripture today as a part of my reflection on Thanksgiving...I want to share it with all of you! I am keeping this in my heart as I continue on my Journey to learn new ways to live and highlight all of the blessings already present in my life.

"Give thanks to the Lord, For He is Good; His love endures Forever". 1 Chronicles 16:34

Wishing you a day of wonderful, enduring love!! 

Here is a little card from US...

Love and Blessings, Jaime

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Making a Permanent Change

Several months ago...or actually more like a year or so ago...someone (actually several someones) told me about a documentary called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  It had been recommended to me as a motivator for my own Journey...

But I just did not want to watch it!!!  I guess it was just too close to some way.  I have always been a reluctant participant in change!  At least in some change..I have to watch...think...ponder my next move and see some proven results before I take the plunge. 

So when I started this weight loss Journey...the risk for me was big...and Prancing myself into the "spotlight" (so to speak) was a risk that scared the hell of me but as you all know...I KNEW was absolutely necessary and that I too...was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 

So today...out of the blue...I decided to watch this documentary...It is a story about an Australian man who weighed over 300lbs...had an autoimmune disease, was taking a buttload of prescription meds just to function and felt as if each day was a struggle and that he was slowly dying. 

HMMMM....Sounds Familiar!  Except for the Australian and the Man part!  That is ME!!!!

So he began "juicing" only for 60 days...and he began to travel and film his Journey through the U.S. He talks about his struggles with food...with the mindset of being an "eater" and he tells his story through his testimony to others. 

As I was watching...He visits the Guru of Juicing Dr. Joel Fuhrman...and during the filming of his own appointment with Dr. Fuhrman...the Dr. stated this...

"You don't get permanently well unless you permanently change the way you live."

That really resonated with me...It is something that I am learning to do everyday of this Journey..and for me...It is truly a daily choice. 

You might think that it would be an easy choice...the choice to be well...and for some it is and easy choice..but for me (and many others) it is complicated...

So as I go headlong into EATING SEASON...I am again, confronted with changing my perspective.  Instead of thinking of the Holidays as a time to EAT...I will continue to focus on all the other reasons there are to celebrate this Holiday Season.

So as this Thanksgiving approaches...I will focus on the following with intention:

All those non-food things that I am Thankful for:

  • My family and the time I get to spend with them...
  • The Peace of Mind I have knowing that I am still on this Journey for over a year now! 
  • The fact that I feel good enough to do things that I could NOT do last year
  •  My friends both old and new that are providing the glue that keeps me together
  • My willingness to shed my fig leaves and wear the soft clothing that God provides
  • I am thankful for ALL of the single God moments that blow my mind and remind me of why this Journey is needed.
  • Thankful that God continues to give me the strength I need to take on this Challenge...and take the risk of sharing it daily...Even on days when it feels like it just doesn't make a difference!! 
I have done some really different stuff this past 15 months...I have taken on some wacky physical challenges (at least in my frame of reference)...I have put my heart out there...I have shared this Journey with people out of my league and I have taken the huge risk...of walking in worlds that I would have never thought I belonged.  I am learning to redefine my identity and be willing to make a fool of myself if necessary!! With all of the risks...successful or otherwise I have learned things...things about myself and others that are invaluable. 

So...during the documentary...Joe (the Australian) is asked by a gentlemen..."So what if you do add 5 to 10 years onto your life...what are you going to do with them?  I like that question...This is my answer:

Love more! Share the Joy...Make a Difference ...Shake things up....Prove to myself that I belong wherever I am and Inspire others to do the SAME! 

Strangely...when I started this day...I was not exactly feeling it!  Not sure why...even considered taking a break from all of this honesty and exposure...but now...not so much! 

Forge On!!!! 

Phil 4:13

Here are  few little funnies and thougths for you! Thanks to Brig for making me laugh out loud today!!!





Monday, November 25, 2013

Random Thoughts Part II

It is some serious cold here today...rainy......cold.....windy....colder than a well digger's ass in the Clondike!

Consequently,  I am having some unwanted, unsolicited, uninspiring, un-freakin-believable body pain!

This lovely malady that I have seems to be woefully impacted by this weather. ..and has driven me to go to passing GO...NO collecting $200... (a little Monopoly reference).

I am alright with taking a night off when I feel like this...for the most part. brain however is still motoring along...lots on my real rhyme or reason....which could make this post a doozie.

So just a few random stories...and I will make an effort to shut down this crazy, fast talking,  life-pondering, slightly bitchy voice in my head!

So...a funny little story...Emily recently let me know that she had eaten some gluten free pretzels from Sprouts.  This is how our conversation went

EMILY:  Aunt Jaime, don't you shop at Sprouts?

ME: Yes...Why?

EMILY:  I have a friend at school who eats these pretzels that are Gluten Free and she gets them at Sprouts. I really like them!

ME: Would you like for me to get you a bag?

EMILY: YES!  But Aunt Jaime...I don't know why my friend eats gluten free pretzels. ..She is not even a Gluten!!

I love stuff like that...little funny moments wrapped up in a request for gluten free pretzels! 

Another random thought...Every Thanksgiving of my entire life (at least the best part) my Grandmother made homemade pumpkin bread the night before Thanksgiving. ..which meant that every Thanksgiving morning. ..while I was glued to the TV watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade...I had pumpkin bread for breakfast.  I MISS THAT!

Fact: I am 46 years old and have NEVER missed a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade....have even been twice to NYC to see live and in person!

FACT: I was once a clown in the Humble High School homecoming parade....complete with big red nose and big giant clown shoes!

Another fact:  I LOVE giving gifts to people....can hardly wait for Christmas!!

Another fact:  When Emily was little...She got SO excited for other people to open gifts at Christmas....even more excited than getting gifts...LOVE THAT!

Fact: I am 46 years old and not only does Santa Claus still leave me does SANTA MOUSE...a tradition that started when I received a book (by the same name) from our neighbor Mary Ann when I was 6 or 7 years old.

One more random thought. ..despite the discomfort this cold blustery weather creates...I love makes it feel like the holidays. favorite time of year!

So...tonight...I stayed home with my random thoughts...tomorrow....back to the gym. ..taking the next step in God's direction...reaching for a big dream!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

YOU Are the Glue

Hello and Happy Sunday Evening!

It has been a lovely, chilly day here in Houston. A fairly standard Sunday for ..workout which consisted of sprints on the rower, 20 minutes on the bike, and the step trainer and my "quiet" time.

You can imagine that somedays I sit down to write this blog and think..."how many different ways is there to discuss being fat...forty(ish) and on a mission to radically change my fluffy, sick body into a happenin' healthy body!

It is on those days that I think about how hilarious it might be just to write.... still fat....blah, blah, blah, still forty (ish)...yadi, yadi, yah and STILL on a mission...hip, hip, hoorah!

Then I think...well...that would not be upholding my commitment to post daily about this Journey.   Because no matter how mundane it may seem...the DAILY journey tells the real story.  It is a day in and day out is not Quick and least not for me!

But during the daily grind of taking this Journey...there are so many little moments that fit together like a puzzle...that when viewed from afar...make an amazing picture.

As Thanksgiving rolls around....I, like many of you, am thinking of all of the many blessings I have in my life.  I really do attempt to frequently acknowledge those blessings fully knowing that the blessings in my life serve as the glue that keeps all my many puzzle pieces together and ultimately,  creates a beautiful picture.

Without the blessings...the presence of love, support, honesty, prayers. ..the challenges and triumphs would not fit together....would not make sense. 

So...despite my own critical voice...I am trusting this process...trusting the intentionality of my posts, pics...even a way to glue together this dream.  Putting myself out there daily. .."Facebooking", Tweeting, Instagramming this Journey will ultimately help me continue to create this beautiful picture that depicts the unlikely Journey...The Life of a Fluffy Girl...scratching and clawing her way to a new healthy happiness. 

My sincerest hope is that each of you continue to hang in there with me for the ride...For You Are The Glue!

Blessings to you all! Jlp

Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Imperfect Day

Hi there...late night...full day.  Lots of different emotions today...

We started our day at the Celebration of Life for my friend Tina's husband Glenn.  Glenn's friends, family, co-workers all dressed in Glenn's favorite sports team jerseys, gathered at the Southwest Airlines Hanger at Hobby Airport where he worked for over 25 years.  It was a touching, warm celebration of a life well-lived.  I was proud to be see what truly felt like a celebration of his life...the things, music and people he loved!

Afterwards,  Mom and I headed back home. Donna and I took a particularly chilly 1.50 mile walk before all of us headed to dinner and a movie. 

I did NOT have a great food day...instead I splurged a bit...but...back in the groove tomorrow!

You know...I just spend too much energy worrying about doing everything exactly is energy that I could use elsewhere.

I, despite the sadness of seeing my friends experience such grateful for this day. Grateful for the chance to live one more imperfect day...grateful that I spent that day with people I love. Grateful for the chance to tell my friend that I love her and support her...grateful that I got to spend time with my Mom...with Donna...have a wet, cold leaf battle with Emily and a friend...grateful for a blustery winter day...grateful that I still managed to squeeze in a bit of exercise...and even grateful for my imperfect food choices.

All in all...this day made me grateful for life and ALL of its (and my) imperfections!
Have a wonderfully imperfect Sunday!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Breathe It In and Love It All Out

IT IS FRIDAY>>>> YAY....No migraine today...Double YAY....

So last night...after my chaotic day...I made the executive decision to go and workout in an attempt to "work off" the nasty migraine. 

If you had suggested to me last May that I should skip on down to the gym in order to relieve my Migraine...I would have told you to get stuffed! 

Truth is...nobody has EVER suggested that I try and work out during a migraine...It was actually my own idea.  I tried it a few months ago...after having a migraine for more than 24 just go and move my body...nothing crazy difficult but just enough exercise to get my blood flowing and honestly...a desperate effort to relieve some of the stress that comes with constant pain. 

What I found out then...was that it DID relieve the pain...It did not necessarily make the migraine disappear...but I did get some relief.  I have tried it a few additional times and though it does not always work...It has proven to be a bit of a remedy. 

 Here is what I generally have found strictly from my own experience...light weight lifting combined with a light aerobic workout seems to reduce some of the  pain...the key for me is that I cannot lift anything too heavy...nothing that puts an undue strain on my brain (so to speak).  I also find..that the recumbent bike seems to work best for me while having a migraine.  Again...a moderate pace and for as much time as my body will tolerate. 

So yesterday was not a good day...I had to push through the pain AND honestly... I let stress rule my world yesterday.  So...I headed to the gym...did a primarily upper body workout...followed by 40 minutes on the bike.  After it was all over...I actually felt better.  Not perfect...but definitely better. 

This is a big deal for me!  My chronic migraines have been so debilitating for me over the years and I  have certainly tried numerous treatments.  After having 3 Botox treatments (not the cosmetic kind)...31 shots of Botox in my head and shoulders...I have found that the number of migraines I have each month have greatly reduced AND I am better able to recognize the warning signs.  Ultimately, I would prefer not to have any further Botox treatments and finding alternative ways to manage my pain is quite appealing to me.

Though I would not be able to hop out of bed at the onset of one of my migraines and rush to the gym...I do think that once I decide that I am up for really does serve as an option for relief.

This is great news for me...I certainly welcome the idea that I can literally "work out" a migraine or at least get some relief. 

As I was reading some posts on Pinterest today...I saw the below quote and thought about what it means for me.

Here is the quote:

So yesterday I was surrounded by my imperfections...My physical imperfections and my emotional and spiritual imperfections.  As I have said before...I would love for my Journey and this blog to serve as a place where inspiration is shared...where I can somehow repay the inspiration I have received and Pay It Forward to others...AND...I am guilty of thinking that I have to do it perfectly...I am guilty of comparing my Journey to the Journey of those that have inspired me and thinking that I could NEVER provide that kind of example...that kind of inspiration! 

But here is what is so true for me about the above...I have thought that God has guided me down this path...has provided me with the opportunity to share my experiences and again...hopefully serve as an example of the miracles He performs daily. 

And if  that is true...then I must also believe that inspiration must come through my Journey through my own imperfections. 

My poor health
My obesity (still hate this word)
My Pride
My stubbornness
My Fear
My Judgements
All of it!!!

My hope is that I am doing this by....

Getting healthier
By losing weight
By practicing humility
By having an open mind
By sharing my heart
By trusting God's Plan
By Letting Go and Letting God...of ALL of IT!!!

Here is what needs to be true...The inspiration I want to share is NOT about me...but about the work God does through me!!!


So how I deal with my imperfections...How I choose to live God's where the inspiration comes from.  I gotta keep breathing...Keep loving...Keep practicing...Keep the Faith and Keep on Keepin On!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Not Just Wishful Thinking!

So you know how just a few days ago...I was espousing my love for change...that change can be fabulous...and how I was embracing the blessings and the joys that come with that mindset...Well...I MAY have inadvertently lied...

Today...Change is a dirty word...Like I find myself wanting to say KEEP THE CHANGE!!! 

So I am feeling a little conflicted...or maybe slightly split between the me that is embracing change...welcoming it heart...and the me that is critical of change...pessimistic of its value or even scared shitless of what it may mean...

So today...I am flat out physical pain is OFF the charts...I have now had a migraine for more than 24 straight hours...and since I have this high idea of managing this without narcotic relief...FOOD seems to be the only logical answer...EAT EAT EAT!!!!  And no...I have not fully succumbed to that temptation either...

But here is the deal...I may suck at half of what I write here...Like I have said before and NEED to say again.  I write the things I believe to be true here...The Things that I want to be true...and the things that I need NOT to be true. 

So this may or may not make may contain more cuss words and it may be filled with all three of those things I just mentioned..My Truths...My Hopeful Truths and The "un"Truths that FEEL true!!!

You with me????

So...I wake up in the wee morning hours feeling like I have a jackhammer pounding above my right eye...I make the difficult (truly) decision to stay home from the office...when I find out that our company is possibly going through a major transition and that there is a meeting today!!!

So...I get up...full on nausea and drag my ass to the office.  Stressed before I even know what I am stressing about...Get here and have to compose myself so that I don't look completely incompetent. 

As I sit in this meeting...for several hours...I run the gamut of emotions...I pray for understanding, for calm, for not worry, and to other words...I pray to be someone completely opposite of who I am!!!...LOL!

My Mom knew before I even walked out the door that this would be a challenge for me...She sent me the following text:

"Surely am praying for your headache and for God's Blessing on your job.  At the meeting, Let them see Jesus in your face...xoxoxoxoxo"

REALLY...No pressure...She did not say let them see Kindness in your face...or Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela...No...she said...Let them see Jesus in your face!!!  Hell...I can't even do that on my BEST day!!!  Now my Mom wrote that with the greatest of compassion for me and for those that may be subjected to my panicked overreactions...:) 

What I envision is her really thinking is...CRAP...should I call ahead and warn them...warn them that a pain possessed...hormonally fragmented 46 year old woman with more mouth than brain is hurdling their way fully loaded with fear...uncertainty...and completely med and comfort food free...

But she was smart...She challenged me to put on my Jesus face...You know when your MOM says put on your best face...You put on your best face...

Now here is what I also envision...Jesus looking down on me with great compassion and least you tried!!!

I can say this...though the thought of mirroring the love and kindness of Christ was a great goal to NO TIME...did anyone see that in my face!!!! smoke or major flame flew from my nostrils or mouth.  I was however, fairly blunt in vocalizing my concerns. 

So I was talking to a co-worker afterwards and told him privately my concerns and also shared with him my Mom's suggestion...I am gathering by the look on his face that he too thought...Bless your least you tried!!!

Maybe trying is progress...I am not sure..Maybe these days...when I feel like my writings here are nothing more than wishful thinking...are in fact, moments of progress...TODAY...I just don't know. 

I can tell you this...My short term memory blows on days like this...ALL of the things that I genuinely believe (or at least think I do) seem to fly right out of my mind on days like today...

There is a poem (or quote) that I am sure most of you have read...I may have even quoted it here before...It has a special place in my heart and I know that I have several people in my life who may just be experiencing this kind of moment...for a myriad of reasons.  So I just felt compelled to put it down...for all to see and for me to remember....

"When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly." ~ Edward Teller

I will keep on working...Working to build my Faith Memory...Working truly knowing that the words I write here are ALL core truth for me and not just wishful thinking!!!  

I will continue to work on my Willingness to Change and I will continue to Work on portraying the Love and Kindness of Jesus!!!  It may take a while! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gratitude Against All Odds

Feeling whooped today.

Another day lost to a migraine!  I have lots of those...but must grateful that the days lost have diminished over the past 18 months.

Today was what I call a "hospital migraine"...only I didn't....go to the hospital, that is. Nope...trying to avoid the chemicals. ..but did have a dream that I was looking for pain meds!  Lol!

Unfortunately....I have now had this migraine for 16 STRAIGHT HOURS! grateful that it has not been 16 straight weeks...been there and done that!!

So as I try to withstand this go round. ..I am truly trying to focus on staying as relaxed as possible. ..breathe...and hopefully sleep it off! Med free and comfort food free!

Prayers are welcomed!

I am grateful for this day despite the lack of cooperation from my body...This too shall pass!

I am going for Gratitude against all odds!

Goodnight sweet friends!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Lesson in Letting Go

Life is so valuable!

As I lie in bed tonight...getting ready to post for today...honestly...I was running through the some of my stressful day. Thinking about how I struggled today with food...body pain and the decision to take another night off from the gym.
As I laid down...I thought, "same old story" struggles...guilt about those struggles...vicious cycle.  As those thoughts ran through my head...I knew that I needed to pray...refocus....Let Go of the negativity and find my gratitude.

Before I started writing...I took my usual nightly stroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...etc...(My secondary addiction).

There...on Facebook...was a post. A post saying that one of my dearest high school friends lost her husband to Cancer tonight.

My heart stopped as I began to re-read the message. I know my friend's heart is broken.   She and her brave husband have partnered to battle this disease so amazingly for so many years. 

The last time I saw my friend was at the Rally to Serve event in August. She came out to support my Journey and play some volleyball ( we were teammates too).  I knew then that her husband was still receiving treatments for the cancer.

I could see it in her face then...the pain that comes from watching someone you adore battle illness. heart breaks for her. I pray for her the comfort and Peace that only God can provide.

I trust that her sweet husband is tonight finally without pain as he is Home.

As I conclude tonight....I am again reminded of how precious life important it is to cherish ALL of it...even the moments that don't seem worthy of our gratitude...or that seemingly push us to our limits. There is in fact, something to be learned...some knowledge to be gained from each precious tick of the clock!

Life is so much bigger... so much brighter...when I open my eyes...take it ALL in and overcome the minutiae!

Life is so much more...I need to not only remember that every single day...but LIVE it every single day as well.

Glenn...may you truly rest peacefully.
Tina, you are and will be in my daily prayers.  I love you.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shopping on the Blessings Aisle


Fluffy is a little tired today! My weekend travels took a little out of a good way!

I made the decision to take a night off from the gym.  At times...I experience muscle pain and it just kicks my butt... I just need to rest.

BUT...There is a lesson in that for me...the lesson is is OK to take a does NOT mean I am does NOT mean I FAIL....It is just a rest!

I write this for me to read is Practice! Practice in changing my mindset...I EXERCISE my body and EXORCISE MY MIND...;)... so to speak!!

So today was a fairly ordinary store...BUT...the grocery store held an unexpected blessing....nothing better than a Blessing in the Checkout line! 

I ran into a friend from my hometown...a friend that I grew up with but have not seen in 15 or more years...

So there I am standing in line at the end to a busy a bit of a stupor...when I see this friend and it just warmed my heart!  It was on of those subtle God moments that pumps up the volume...reverberating and energizing...

We talked and realized we live within minutes of each know...small world...

So I thank God for these moments...moments when I get to practice being still..being open to God's blessings and getting to pick a blessing up at Kroger! 

Goodnight...Sweet Dreams and be sure to check out the blessings aisle at your local supermarket!

♥♡♥♡ JLP

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Change Can Be Fabulous

This post is a pictorial review of the weekend...and in the midst of all the fun, I did have a thought...
I have always struggled with change...but I LOVE the changing of the seasons. .. and I particularly love Fall...
As I was snapping pics today...I thought about how happy this change...this shift from Summer to Fall always makes me...and as I thought about it...I began to equate that joy to the joy I feel as my life changes...from a a bright...healthy journey. A journey from the winter doldrums to the new life Spring know...A Little Spring in my Step...
So here is a montage of weekend photos.......ALL of which brought me great joy and remind me that Change Can Be Fabulous!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Laughter IS The Best Medicine

Happy Saturday...It has been a great day here in New Boston!   Slept in...hung out...ate turkey burgers...NO BONES!
Julie and I went for a nice 2 mile walk...saw a strange thing called a "horse apple".  See pic below!
Spent some quality time at the New Boston Wal-Mart...
Then...Game Night...My Family LOVES games...So all the boys, their friends and girlfriends (Jake, Wes, Wil, Haley, Kaleigh, Erica, Colton and Evan) Julie, Mom and I...played "Things"
Things a cannibal might say at dinner
My answer: This guy tastes like chicken
I wish I could convey here how absolutely hilarious some of our answers were!  We laughed our butts off!  More lbs lost...laugh and lose. ..hopefully!
My cousin Julie can make some seriously yummy food...she had this stuff called creamy tacos...she made chocolate covered strawberries and this divine white chocolate covered popcorn!  OH MY!
BUT...she and I had Grilled chicken Asian salads...and I just nibbled a bit on the other stuff! I am hoping ALL of the boisterous laughter lopped off a few calories!
A day of great fun...a little excercise...some great college football games...good food...and the blessing of joyous laughter!
I would love to think that laughter generates weight loss...that would be a bonus...But...I do know this...
Laughter is a great energy feeds my soul...warms my heart and is just so much damn fun!
It really is the best medicine! 
Here are a few pics of the day!
May your Sunday be filled with lots of love and moments of side splitting laughter!

Throw me a Bone!

It is BEYOND late...and I am BEYOND tired. 
Mom and I were up and at em' this morning...picked up the rental car and headed to New Boston.  Nice drive. Made it in time to line the streets of NB and cheer the football buses as they headed to Paris!
We got to the game...froze and I had to work very hard not to explode at the absolutely horrific officiating we witnessed...My competitiveness and my strong opinions were in full force! 
But NB won...61 to 39...and though both groups of boys played tough...Lone Oak  had the Stripes on their side.  Tough Game! is never easy to eat healthy at football games...usually lots of fried know! But tonight the vendors in Paris had TURKEY legs...though not profoundly healthy. ..still a better choice than a chili frito pie! I was eating my yummy Turkey leg...a most heinous event took place...I accidentally swallowed a small sliver of a turkey BONE!
I thought I was going to choke to death...I almost completely panicked. ..but instead managed to retrieve the bone from my gullet and lived to see my young cousin, Wilson make his first touchdown...A pick 6!  So proud!
Now after the whole Turkey leg debacle...I was thinking, How pissed would I have been if I died EATING a Turkey!
I can see the headlines now...Fluffy girl with weight loss blog chokes to death while gobbling a Turkey leg!
Whew...glad that did not happen!
Overall..great day! Great football... Great Win...Great family!
Here are a few pics! I am exhausted. ..must sleep!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


So Friday came early this week...which is NEVER a bad thing!  We are leaving 1st thing in the morning for PARIS. ..TX...
Yep...Paris, TX.

By this time tomorrow night I will be celebrating a New Boston Lions victory in the 1st round of the TX 2A High school football playoffs!  Nothing says Fall more than a chilly night on a cold metal bleacher cheering my stud muffin twin cousins Wesley and Wilson while they tear it up on the field!

I love it! I love 3 day weekends...road trips...high school football...small Texas towns and laughing my butt with my family! Remember...Laughter is supposed to stimulate weight loss!!! So bring on the belly laughs!

So a few victories/blessings this week:

I did my fastest 300 meters to date on the sinister rower...1:07 seconds.

I am close to announcing my next mini-goal challenge.

I pushed through a bad case of the "I don't want to's" and have gotten in all my workouts so far this week.

I got to spend an evening with my dear friend Mary...who always makes me laugh...think...and dig a little deeper...AND loves to talk as much as I do! Love her and love that we have been friends for so long!

Always love my late night emoticon fueled conversations with my Brig! Joy...nuttin but pure fun!

I have been going to bed earlier....AMAZEBALLS! Still need some work on the getting up part!

Love my "youngsters"...u know who u are!

And finally...have been blessed by God's amazing handywork ALL is an example below!

I am still defluffing daily...pumping...pushing and praying...hoping and trusting that everyday I am one step closer to my dream!

Goodnight my peeps!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Carpe Diem

365 Days In A Year...Yep...that is right! 365 days to soak up like you were dyin'. For me...365 days to hopefully make a difference, lose 60 more lbs, grow on the inside and shrink on the outside!

So when I started this Journey....I joined my local Y.M.C.A.  and on the VERY first day I picked the locker # pictured below!

Now I think it has been irrevocably established here that I am a bit of a goofball...sensitive...overly at times...sentimental, emotional, and at times, funny (if I do say so myself). should surprise no one that I chose that locker as a way to remind myself that I am on a Journey...a mission and that I have an opportunity to make the best out of each and every one of those days! 

Of course...I think we ALL know that I have had some struggles...have done some whining...but overall...have had a pretty jam packed with blessings kind of year!
Now I am working on my second set of 365 days...STILL using the same locker...might even get my feathers ruffled if it is not available..(then I use #366...because God knows I could use an extra day). This second round of 365 feels a little different than the first set...but I AM STILL on a mission....still on that 120lb journey...still striving...reaching...working at refining me...redefining me...learning to BE ME...and LIKE IT!

I GOTTA BE ME!!!!! :O (singing)

SO...I am taking every one of these 365 days and running with the wind! Kerri sent me the below pic today...Just so happens to be PERFECT for this post!!

Before I go...I must announce that my Tone Tone and I will be taking a 30 DAY Clean Eating Initiative...I will be doing a cleanse and Mom will be forgoing sugar and unhealthy carbs for the month of January!  Can I get a Hell Yeah for Tone Tone!!

 Goodnight my friends...Seize The Day!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Being Indomitable




incapable of being subdued : unconquerable <indomitable courage>

I love the phrase..."Indomitable Spirit"...When I hear it...I think...WOW...I would really like to fit into that category! 
Have you ever met someone who just had a profound inner strength.  Someone who truly exhibited a great faith in themselves without being pretentious, arrogant, or seemingly dishonest?
Have you ever sat with someone...talked with them about their life, job, accomplishments, relationships and truly knew that they were completely B.S. no attempt to "look" like anything different than what they really are...
I think it takes a few things to be considered that Indomitable Spirit...the person that gives 100%, gets up when they fall, is humble when they conquer, is grateful for their lives and shows kindness to all who they encounter.  Not to say they can't have bad moments...but they keep those moments in perspective..they refuse to be defined by negativity and they are grateful in real the moment!  They have supreme confidence wrapped is Divine Humility.
It is funny...this just popped into my head today...after posting yesterday about my frustration...I received a few notes of encouragement and I sought out some of my favorite phrases about Courage and specifically the courage it takes to face big changing challenges. 
I came across this quote.  I have actually quoted her at least once before and maybe more in the last 1+ years of this Journey...Again..this spoke to me!

As you might imagine...I TALK to myself a my head...reminding myself of my goal...reminding myself that I am not the first one to do this...not the only one doing it right now...I do my best to Self-Encourage.  I do my best to fight moments of frustration with help from others who have taken on big challenges...who have been there and done that! 

The exercise of writing my very personal thoughts here is a walk through vulnerability for me...It is a daily risk...despite my seemingly endless thoughts...some repetitive and some riskier than others...some coherent and some "not so much"...I really do try to make this place my daily practice of being honest, accountable...a place to build my faith and develop COURAGE!  The courage to propel myself into the dream I have for my life...The courage to have the quality relationships that sustain my dream and the Courage to completely and totally BELIEVE that I am (somewhere buried under all this fluff) an Indomitable Spirit at heart. 

I now know how much I have been able to use my poor health and my defeated body as an excuse for not being Courageous and for limiting my ability to do great things.  To clarify..."Great things" does not equate to popularity or fame or accolades...It does mean that I personally have the knowledge that I have given and  used every single gift that God has given me while on this Earth to the fullest! 

So I will continue to use this place to show my heart and my stumble through being vulnerable...making an ass out of myself from time to time and drifting way deep into the weeds...just so I can become the kind of person I want to be...The kind of person that so truly believes in who I am...through God's gift...that I exude the idea that with God's help, I am "incapable of being subdued and am unconquerable.. In a good way...of course...:) I am...still fluffy...still taking things One Day at a Time..still blessed...still surrounded some kick ass human beings...Still on a very specific path defined by God and Still Pumpin' Iron and Pedaling Fast!!!



Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Monday!!!  At least I am doing my dead level best to make it a Happy Monday...

So I had a funny...strange dream last night.  I was stressing out about not losing weight...(no surprise)but in my dream, I was talking to someone ...telling them that I could not wait until I lost my that instead of people noticing how much I weigh...People would finally notice how short I am!! 

Now...I think that is strangely hilarious!!!  It made me think of how many times my Mom has said..."I am not overweight...I am just under tall!! 

I am working out a lot...really trying to mix up my workouts...lifting weights...dead lifts, squats, lunges, shoulder press, bicep get the picture.   Typically, after my lifting I do an additional 20 to 30 minutes on the elliptical, recumbent bike, or an outdoor bike ride. 

Then...One day a week, I do my Concept II Rower sprint workout...followed by 30 more minutes of additional light cardio. 

I typically have one day that I just do light cardio OR a light lifting session and I take one day completely off. 

On all of those days...I try to stretch...a good stretch on my favorite stretching apparatus if possible. 

But here is the deal....I am not losing weight...I am still losing some inches...but my weight is fluctuating and I am tired of it! 

I know I have to stay with it and keep working...and I am willing to do that...I guess I am just still baffled at how difficult it is to find the perfect food/exercise combo. 

I scour articles...looking for answers...trying to determine if I am exercising enough...too much..the wrong way.  I have reached out to trainers...athletes...other people battling weight loss..

I have read articles by Dr.'s, training professionals and the like...I usually end up just getting overwhelmed, frustrated or just plain ole pissed off at some point..because each article is a little different.  One might say DO MORE CARDIO and another article will say lift more weights...and of course, I am working a program that heavily emphasizes weight training with a cardio combo. 

I was reading an article at lunch today and this Dr. says...Weight loss is easy....TRUTH...If he was standing in front of me at the time...I would have had a few not so lady like words to share with him about his opinion.

Of course...I have made a point to "publicize" my Journey...and I do NOT regret that.

 I will tell you though that there are people who ever so gently let me know that they know I am not losing weight...I can't be bothered...but I do have to reign in the part of me that wants to make those comments some kind of gavel pounding verdict of my failure...or at the very minimum less successful than I had planned.

Every once in a while...I just have to voice my frustration...doing a little whining...and get it OFF me...instead of letting it fester...fester...fester...

When I played sports...I could channel my frustration in my play...I once hit a softball so hard that I shredded my batting glove...I could throw a ball with a little extra pep or jump a little higher and pound a  spike down at the 10ft line...(shorty had hops)...OR I might..just might have been known to channel that aggression..that frustration and plow face first into a fence trying to catch a foul ball... frustration seems to come out in my words more than anywhere else...So in an effort to approach the issues in a somewhat healthy way...I write my frustration here.  AND...I do channel as much of that frustration into my workouts...but...I try to avoid "shredding" anything...and jumping...well lets just say that is a lost skill for today and of course...running head long into a fence was NEVER a good idea!!! 

So I guess...I am frustrated..and for some reason...Hungry today.  Yes...I still battle hungry days.  I think I probably always will.  So managing that is a challenge on a day when I feel like I do today!

I think that is why I repeat myself so much here...I really cannot emphasize enough how much I have to "PRACTICE" being like I talk about here...It just does not come naturally. 

After all is said and done...Eating correctly is still the hardest part.  My head says...I am doing my workouts and they are not easy...So if I am not losing weight..then the answer has to lie with my diet. 

Today...I am frustrated...Still moving forward...Still focused on this Goal...Still working on Letting Go and Letting God...Still trying to remember that Time is not limited and I will be and AM stronger for this Journey. 

So as I sit here..spewing...I must get one more thing off my chest and out of my head.  So please accept my heartfelt apology...because my spewing is NOT over...

I have spoken about experiencing so many different changes along this Journey...physical, spiritual and emotional...I would even dare say that a new reader (or even an old reader) might argue that this blog is as much about my spiritual and emotional growth as it a weight loss Journey...for the "fat" girl in this scenario...ALL three are order to overhaul my body...I HAVE to make other changes...deeper changes that go well beyond what size clothes I wear or how thin I become...

Having said support system..the people, resources and my willingness to accept support has been an integral part to this Journey.  Again, I am blessed by the people who have contributed to this experience with their actions...words...prayers...etc...All  have had an impact and are important. 

I think that is why I have to write about this next thing...It is hard for me to discuss and out of respect will be a bit writing this is honestly...for me...and for my heart. 

As this Journey has progressed, not everyone has "gotten" what this is about for me...and that actually makes perfect sense to me...and at times, that has been painful to accept.  However, as this Journey has progressed, I have actually lost a few friends...or at least I feel a loss. I am grieving that loss and feel a myriad of emotions.  The hardest part for me that I do not fully understand WHY?  I am a WHY girl...I like to have an understanding of why something happens..and I, in this case, am clueless...the only thing I have is my intuition and the absence of something that was once a regular part of my life. 

So...I am at a loss...but  I trust that everything happens for a reason...and I do know that I may not ever know the reason...Again..God's plan is perfect and I continue to work to fully understand that what I picture in my head and in my heart may not be what happens.  Sometimes that hurts...

I am a  closure kind of girl as well...Hell...I am the person who HATES when a call drops and I can't end a conversation...drives me batty!!!  Even if that conversation was literally down to the "goodbye".

So I just needed to say goodbye...and decided this place was it...the one place I could say it and move on...grieve the loss and trust the Plan! a way...this whole Journey is a combo of Grieving a loss but finding a new way...a better way...a healthier way!  Letting Go of what I know...and trusting the Change...even if it is scary...or even if I am afraid of failing...What is failure really?

 For me.. failure is not being willing to try in the first NOT take on a new challenge for fear of falling on my face...literally and figuratively!! 

So...I am done...I needed to say what I had to say...In the not so immortal words of a guy I once knew...PEOPLE GOTTA KNOW!!! 

Thanks for listening and can wake up now...Its Over!!! 

Oh...and here is a good article Lindsey sent me today...thought I would share!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Good Sunday Evening...I hope today has been filled with lots of and renewal!

My day was fairly straight and then home...ideally to workout...and my Sunday quiet time minor change though! I got home immediately flopped on the bed for a "minute" only to wake up 2 hours clothes and all!!

Now that is some QUIET TIME! Oh well...must have needed the sleep!

So...after the nap...Mom and I headed to see my A. grandmother's middle sister and a constant source of support not only along this Journey...but my entire life!

So...I have told you ALL before...I LOVE my an only child...only cousins, aunt, uncles, great aunts/ on and so on...ARE my family.   Though we all have busy lives...busy immediate family and live in different places...we STILL manage to maintain relationships with each other...We see each other at special occasions...keep in touch via social media, etc...and despite the distance, different lives and time between visits...We Love!

So as I began to write this tonight...I want to share a story about my family.

This weekend, my cousins...Aunt Lois's daughters and grand daughters....launched MISSION MEE MAW! A weekend all girls party, holiday season kick off, shopping extravaganza to honor and celebrate their Mother and Grandmother in grand fashion!

They "kidnapped" her yesterday...all dressed in their custom "MISSION MEE MAW" shirts...drove her to the Houston Galleria, had rooms booked at the Westin Galleria and began the Holiday season with the lighting of the ginormous Christmas Tree in the mall, shopping, laughs, champagne, food and tons of LOVE!

THIS is why I Love my family...each of these women live in different places....have kids, jobs, businesses...but they took the time to plan and execute a wonderful plan that geniunely thrilled the honoree! I know...because I got the low down from LoLo!

I am proud of my family...we are different...have different lives...different friends...but we Love with all our heart!

Just so you know...every single one of these ladies have played a part in personally supporting me along this Journey....for that I am beyond grateful, proud and blessed beyond belief! #BBB

This kind of love is why I am an Overcomer. 

Here is to a week filled with Blessings Beyond Belief!  BBB!!

Tell somebody you love them and smile at a the BBB!

These are the MISSION Mee Maw team...with Mee Maw (LoLo)!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"X" Marks the Spot

Hello there!

It is early Saturday evening....I, instead of doing the 5K today,  hung out with Bill...who had shoulder surgery yesterday... which allowed Donna to go and be with her family for the fundraiser for her niece Randa!

So...I hit the gym today...lifted some weights...worked on legs, back and shoulders...then did an outdoor bike ride with Donna while Tone Tone hung out with Bill...IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

SO...I was driving home last night from work and took the below picture! I thought it was incredibly odd, strangely beautiful and of course....decided there MUST be a message somewhere in the clouds!!

The First thing I thought was "X" marks the spot! 

Then I thought of a Pirate treasure map...the  location of the treasure is almost always marked with an "X".

And lastly, I thought of the phrase "You are here" ...marked by an "X"!

So as I drove...I could barely take my eyes off the giant ethereal "X" just above me on the Horizon.

I smiled as I visualized God taking His all powerful pointer and grandly sweeping across the sky to complete this big mark... this huge symbol...saying HELLOOOO...HERE I AM!!! UP HERE!

I smiled as I thought how I, at times, need a giant  X that leads me to the right place on the map...that reminds me YOU ARE HERE and so is God...

I thought about how many times on this weight loss Journey....I needed a giant show me the how and the why...and the when and where...

But the truth is...I have a great map that I have been able to follow from the beginning....filled with "X"s...that have lead to amazing treasures...and to the loss of 60+lbs. 

I decided that the X in the sky...the beautiful cloudy X...serves to remind me that I am on a Journey... I have a wonderfully mapped path and that I AM HERE...Right smack dab in the middle of a of a great treasure hunt...and the treasure lies in the Journey!


I like my story better!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Follow the Leader...Live by Example

IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! TGIF!!!

Wow...this has been a looong weeeek!  I am ready for a bit of a break from daily stuff and quite ready for a Day O Rest from the gym.  I am feeling a little battered today..So in preparation for another 5K...I will be resting today!

So as this week comes to a close...I am doing my best to work from a place of Intentionality!  Intentional Living...Intentional Loving...Intentional Joy...Creating new, happy, Healthy Habits!

My brain is a bit scattered today...and if I posted my stream of might be a little too scattered!  So...I decided to just make this post about the random, things...things that I think about..things that make me laugh..things that make me think...and things I do to avoid being fatter.. 

1st Example...The Juice of Life...This thing was my "go to" drink in times of great emotional or physical celebrations and in moments of grave circumstances...BUT...when I started this Journey...I GAVE IT UP...But it still has my heart!!!  :)) THIS was sitting on Donna's kitchen table last night...EVIL!!!!

Example #2- I came across this quote from Anne Lamott...I actually follow her own Twitter...she is an author...Christian and a cusser...funny, quirky, intelligent...insightful. She used these old concepts in a book she authored...I liked her thoughts.

Whoever is present are the right people.

Whenever it begins is the right time.

Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened.

And when it’s over, it’s over.

I told a friend...that if I lived like this..It would eliminate much of the worry, fear and prognostication from my Life!  Would not that be Glorious!!!  I told my dear friend...When I read these words..I see ONE word...FAITH.  The level of my worry and my fear still outweighs my faith on most days.  But I so want to tip the scales in Favor of Faith!
Example #3  In times of great struggle...great Joy...great thing is almost always a part of God's plan in my life!!!  HUMOR!!!
Having said that!!! 
Example #4  I came across this yesterday and truly LOL'd...It is just so me...genetically...through and through...I am learning to love my inner drama queen...worrier...AND...I would not mind having her take a back seat for the 2nd half of my life!!!

My positive spin on the that this kind of thinking..might just make for a wonderful novelist!!! Just sayin'
Example #4...Today would be my Grandmother's 92nd Birthday!  She was a strong willed, caring, feisty, loving, butt-kicking, caretaking, lovely human! 
I grew up with the same house...she and my Mom are the two biggest influences on my life.  Together they, along with quite a few others, were the village that raised me!  She would have LOVED this blog...that I know!  I know that today...she is having some heavenly birthday cake and smiling down on this Journey of mine!  I called her Gau Gau ( a 2 year old version of grandma)...and I gave her several strange, funny, nicknames over the years and she called me Cinda (don't ask...long story).  I called her Geems, Elizabethan Woman, The Bull, to name a few...Her name was in fact, Charlotte Elizabeth...but to most of the family..she was always Ebbie!!  So Happy Birthday Ebbie! 
Example #5   As the holidays approach...I find myself getting that rush of excitement that comes with knowing that soon I will be spending more time with family...feeling the lightness and cool in the air, fun Thanksgiving gatherings...Christmas Lights...and FOOD....LOTS of yummy food.  So...for a Fluffy girl on a mission...I plan to embrace this Holiday season...stay focused on the Joy of the Season and remember that I am on a path completely laid out by God...and all I have to do is Follow the Leader!!! 
So here is to Following the Leader...Living by Example and Living with Intentional Joy! 
Have a blessed weekend...Tell somebody you Love them....Flash those pearly whites at a stranger and LIVE!!!!
Hugs to you all!!!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Causes for a Cure

Lunch Post today!!!

First let me say that I had a great workout last night on the Evil Concept II Rower!!!!  My assigned task (some of you may remember) is to do 3 sets 300 meters in 1.50 secs. 

So last night, I REALLY was not feeling it...I did not want to go to the gym!  But...I went...FORGE ON!

My 1st set I did the 300 meters in 1.21secs...My second set..I completed in 1.17 secs and my 3rd set...I completed in 1.13 secs.  THEN..I did 600 meters in 3.50 seconds.  THEN...I did 6 miles on the recumbent bike.  All Cardio...and Stretching...

My favorite machine at the Gym is the Precor Stretch Trainer!!!  I love it!!!  It relieves a lot of my muscle and joint pain after my workouts...So...if you have access to one...give it a try!  I do it before AND after my workouts!!! 

So...I felt good about pushing through...forging ahead and the truth is...accomplishing a workout and in the midst of some fairly significant apathy felt fantastic...That is progress and that is Joyful!!!

But I have a much bigger task ahead...This weekend I will be participating in another 5K.... but this one has special meaning! 

I will be participating in a 5K to raise funds for my best friend's niece and for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research.  Below is an email from my friend Donna that provides a brief explanation.

Hi, Everyone.

As most of you know, my niece, Randa Sixkiller Gatlin was diagnosed with triple negative cancer about a year-and-a-half ago. Triple negative cancer is a very aggressive breast cancer that affects both, young women and African American women. Sadly, we just learned that Randa's cancer has metastasized in her brain. Her amazing doctor, Dr. Angel Rodriguez, is doing everything he can to keep the cancer at bay and we are still praying for a miracle.
This Saturday is the 3rd Annual Cause for Cure Walk/Run in Tomball benefiting Triple Negative and Metastatic Cancer Research. They have collected $3,800 and their goal is to raise $15,000 for much needed research on this highly aggressive cancer. My niece, Randa Sixkiller Gatlin has participated in a clinical trial and will be the guest of honor. Dr. Rodriguez will be there to talk about the benefits and results of this very important research.
Please consider attending the event or donating funds for research. Net proceeds will be directed to the Methodist Hospital Foundation specifically for Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Metastatic Research. Donate or register to walk this Saturday.  The Financial support would be greatly appreciated and prayers are ALWAYS appreciated!

Believing that a miracle can and will happen!

Here is the link

This is Randa and her young son.


I so truly believe in the Power of Prayer and I believe that Prayer combined with God's unfailing LOVE can lead to Peace and Comfort...can lead to Miracles and Always leads to God.

So...I will be walking this Saturday morning...I would so love it if you would join me and if you can't attend, please consider contributing..even the smallest amount can make a difference. And if you cannot do either...Please Pray...Pray for Randa...Pray for Tristan...Pray for the family and please pray for God's healing and comfort! 

Again, Let it Begin With Me! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grace, Gratitude and Growth

"I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us" --Anne Lamott

I read this today...this morning actually and thought about abundantly true this is for me.  Grace is a mystery for me.  I have talked about Grace extensively along this Journey and what it means to me. 

If I could...I would like to sit down with Anne Lamott and ask her what this means to her...just out of sheer curiosity. 

There is a certain beauty to these words as she spoke them...and like I said, a truth for me.  I truly do not understand the mystery of grace.  I know for me Grace is something shared from God...mystical...ethereal...surreal. Grace is something that I don't truly recognize until I am consumed by it. 

Here is what I think...I am always surrounded by Grace.  For me, Grace shows up through people, music, moments of is present in sadness and in joy.  My experience along this Journey is that Grace has kept me grounded where I need to be..and Grace guides me to the next right thing...Grace protects me and Grace pushes me...Grace gives me faith and Grace forces me to grow...

At times, Grace is subtle and difficult to see and at times, it is absolutely explosive and blinding!

So as I read this quote...I got all...deep!!!  I have told several people lately (in conversation about this Journey of mine) that so much of this Journey is about other things than just losing weight.  I have certainly said that here...But it is just SO true..

So really...I have no idea where I am going with this thought....just that I want to See The Grace and Be Grace-Filled...AND BE SKINNIER!  That's All!

Grace, Gratitude and Growth...Grace is the drive...Gratitude keeps me grounded and the Growth will come...The better, faster, sleeker me...can be born and is born from Grace...God defined Grace.

Grace is with me now and Grace will lead me onward!  All I have to be is willing and ready!

So before I go...I was having a conversation with Donna last night...and in that conversation she mentioned the following song.  She was not familiar with it...I, on the other hand, had heard this song many times and LOVE it.  There is Grace in this Song...Written by Curtis Mayfield in 1965.  Thought I would share the lyrics and below that...a beautiful live version of this song by the late Eva Cassidy. 

People get ready, there's a train a comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
Don't need no ticket, you just thank the Lord

People get ready for the train to Jordan
It's picking up passengers from coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board 'em
There's hope for all among those loved the most.

There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all mankind just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there's no hiding place against the Kingdom's throne

So people get ready, there's a train a comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
Don't need no ticket, you just thank the Lord

People Get Ready

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Intentional Living

So I have been noticing on Facebook that people are posting  daily blessings...I guess as part of the Thanksgiving season.  I like it...However, I noticed others posting that "we" should be grateful everyday and not just in November...For some reason this made me laugh...

People posting blessings and others bitching because they should do it all the time and not just in November...Nothing like the ill-timed blessing...LOL!

Regardless...I am pro-blessing...whenever...where ever...HOWEVER!  I was perusing through one of my recent social media addictions...Pinterest ( I am a late bloomer)...when I came across this Pin.

Now..for some reason...I read this and had one of of those UH-OH know one of those getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar moments...

I know I talk about my problems...and at times quite frankly, I have get them out of the squirrel cage that can be my is cathartic. However, I know I don't talk about my Joys nearly as often...that is in fact ONE of MY Problems...See what I did there...:)

So I read that quote several times...and even went as far as to argue (with myself of course) that I am a believer in "processing" the stuff that holds me back (aka problems) and that talking "through" the problem is helpful...again...cathartic.  But the other me (yes...It is getting crowded in here)...says..yes...but if you just focus on the problem...then you miss the Joy of the lesson...the Joy that comes from the experience...Finally...I told all of me to "zip it" and decided that the most impactful word in the above quote was the word "HABIT". 

THAT word was the UH-OH for me....I can be a habitual worrier...stresser...doubter...problems...But I have to intentionally change my behavior..very focused move from the the Joy! 

THAT is my problem...Habits...and not good ones.  My eating habits CAN be Good...My sleeping habits CAN be better...My exercise HABITS ARE improving. HABITS can Be GOOD...

I want to be in the HABIT of Intentionally being Joyful. 

Though I really was struck by the above quote...I want to reframe the thought a bit for myself...I want the Habit to BE LIVING WITH INTENTION.

Again...Habits can be Good....

I guess I realized today that this entire Journey is about Living Life with Intention for me...

Living Life Intentionally Healthy
Living Life Intentionally Faithful
Living Life Intentionally Loving
Living Life Intentionally Giving
Living Life Intentionally Joyful

Yes...this Journey is about lots of things...lots of special little moments...overwhelming big moments...and lots of in-betweens. 

As I said recently...there are parts of my life that are still in disrepair...and correction, healing, re-building ALL take time. 

And although I know that Time is precious and not unlimited...I choose to make the best of the Time I do have...Use it as wisely as possible but not necessarily conservatively...I want to LIVE...not bide my time!!! 

I want to face life challenges (and truly believe to my very core) that JOY is right there...just waiting for me to recognize it! 

After my struggles last week...I am aware that I have some more growing to do...more lessons to learn and more wounds to heal...AND...I can intentionally embrace the God moments...the big, bright obvious blessings and the dark, obscure moments that seem blessing free...but always have a silver lining.

So warning...I am going to intentionally and publicly post my blessings about the Joy...until it becomes a HABIT! 

So to all of you posting your Thanksgiving Blessings...POST AWAY!!!