Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Is All We Need

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today is the day we have designated to celebrate Love! Typically a romantic love for those significant others in our lives that fill a special place in hearts for a season or a lifetime.
Now...I am a single girl...but am still quite a big fan of love despite the absence of Cupid's touch!
I have found that all of its many forms truly is the tie that binds and certainly is essential to my daily life.
Love is a feeling that can create an actual physical reaction...a warmth...a fullness of heart that can calm, inspire and encourage in the simplest of forms.

Love presents itself in many ways in my life...a simple thoughtful act, a look, in words, music, nature or in a complex, mind blowing moment when there is not a single shred of doubt that the most powerful love is that which we are given by God...For me...all those presentations are in fact, gifts and reminders of God's love for me and for those around me.

Love is key to my Journey...feeling it...expressing it....accepting it and believing it with every step I take and in every way it presents itself as I travel! Unconditionally.

I am blessed to have those people in my life who genuinely, without judgement, without limitations, love me for who I am...even when I don't...even when I can't. A rare gift.

So as I sit and ponder Valentine's Day from my single girl is my observation. Love is universal. Love is God's greatest gift to us and Love Is All We Need!

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