Sunday, February 8, 2015

Forty Eight...Feeling Great! I woke up 48 years old! Wow...that's a lotta years...
I suppose  I could talk about getting  old...creaky bones...achy joints...the occasional  hot know!
But instead, I am going to take these few minutes  to just let you all know that I am unbelievably  ready to pack all the fun, laughs, love, adventure, learning  and blessings I can into this year that lies ahead.

I am fully committed to this persuing  the best with the best intentions...loving with conviction and embracing every single opportunity God  puts on my path.

Somebody asked me before my birthday if this year was a milestone  birthday....For me...each year I get to live my life in the pursuit of this path...this special  opportunity to change, grow, learn and "defluff"...IS a milestone!

So...I'm gonna suit up...prepare for the next big challenge...pray for a clear mind and an open heart and enjoy the the best of my ability!

So...I will be bringin' it in this 48 year old body! Creaking, popping, hot flashes and all!!!

Started this 48th year of my life off the best way possible...surrounded  by friends, family...lots of love, laughter, great hearts and some serious fun!

Thanks to all who texted, tweeted, emailed, "Facebooked", called, etc...and made me feel special. A special  thanks to my weekend ge
taway  girls! You guys Rock AND Roll!
You make this Journey  Golden!

48 is feeling GREAT!

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