Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Trust The "NO"

I have a problem with the word "NO".

Hearing  it....


Saying It.

The hardest part about NO...is trusting that there will, at some point in time, be a YES...and all the No's will suddenly  make sense.

Over the past few weeks...my body has been saying  NO quite a bit...making training  for a physical  challenge  quite  complicated.

In the past several months, I have been the both the recipient and giver of the dreaded NO in both my personal and professional  life...and daily, I have to say NO to food, fear and a huge desire to just be fluffy and complacent!

My challenge  today  is to trust the NO...trust its purpose...trust the lesson and trust that with every  painful NO...comes a better, brighter...YES.

The hardest part about NO...is not believing it is permanent!

As a practice  in Faith...I am working  daily to trust that the YES will be illuminated by God's  Grace and that I have the eyes to see it, the heart to believe it and the courage to accept

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