Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016...Time To Rise Up is 2016. A new year. Filled with a million moments yet to be experienced and full of promise. Thank God.

The last 6+ months of 2015 proved to be challenging for me and in an effort to maintain my commitment to honesty in documenting my Journey to de-fluff...well...let's just say that I hobbled through those months often using my favorite food crutches!!
So...with that what happens in most long journeys...I got a little lost...detoured to see a few sights...and did a little wandering.
It happens.
I learned some valuable lessons...laughed, cried and at times, ate my way through! No sugar coating...which sucks...because I love anything with sugar coatings!
But the journey does in fact, continue. And gratefully, I feel excited, ready and willing to step into 2016 with an adjusted attitude, rededicated to my health,  open to all of the blessings that are yet to come and re-energized and embraced by a fortified support system!
God continues to bless my Journey...walking me through some big life changes and blessing me with some pretty amazing fellow travelers.
I am not entering this next leg of my travels under the misconception that there will be no hurdles...or tempting food crutch moments. But I, for the 1st time in a pretty long while feel confident...hopeful...powered by love and covered in God's impenetrable Grace!

2016...Time To Rise Up and Rise Up a Thousand Times Again! 

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  1. HAPPY's your year!!!!!! A.C.