Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keep Moving Forward...Even If I Don't Move An Inch

So I am in the middle of Week #2 of training for my 1st MS 150...Training...really making an effort to prepare for this ride...These are just a few observations I have made so far:
  • Riding 20 miles  and not moving an inch evokes a little feeling of claustrophobia...Stationary bike problems!
  • Padded bike shorts are not adequately padded and strangely enough, neither is my ass.
  • It appears that Cycling gear companies do not believe fat people should bike seriously.  Lycra kills!
  • The inventor of the bike seat was an evil, evil, human
  • My ass is numb...but not numb enough
  • I find myself wondering if I will ever ride a bike again after this ride
A few more observations/confessions:

  • It feels good to have this goal to work towards
  • I may be just deluded enough to believe I can actually do this.
  • I truly hope I don't lose any butt fluff before this ride...padding is key.
  • While riding, I play the final race scene in the movie Breaking Away in my head for motivation..
  • Thinking that I will start a bike ride for fluffy people...Tour de Fluff

Lastly...really grateful that I can even attempt this challenge!

Really happy to have a numb butt from riding a bike instead of from being in a hospital bed too long.

Really stoked that I get to participate in an event wearing clothes that make me look like a sausage on wheels...ok...maybe not grateful for that!

Even more grateful that I, by the Grace of God, have people in my life who buy into my madness...believe in my dreams and never mention how bad I look in Lycra! 

    JUST GOTTA KEEP MOVIN' FORWARD! (Even If I never move and inch)

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