Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Balance is Key

It has been a long time since I posted about a healthy "work-life" balance.  In the beginning of my Journey, it seems it was almost an everyday occurrence....that, and my obsession with the whole ups and downs of life "rollercoaster" analogy.

I have battled "balance" this entire Journey...or at least heavily wrestled with it. 
It is one of those topics you can find discussed in a million different places on the blogs, articles, funny internet memes, quotes...everywhere!
I know...because I have read them ALL!

Here is what I have found out...READING about work-life balance is a helluva lot easier than LIVING it.

Here is something else I have learned...having balance is essential to every facet of my life...physically,  emotionally, spiritually....

Another tidbit I have learned....when one part of my life is out of balance...the rest of it goes haywire in no time at all. I sit...out of balance,  outta whack...or as I like to say..All Jacked Up!

I would like to post a sign around my neck that reads:


I would like to blame my imbalance on middle aged hormonal crap..or this heinous Aircast boot contraption on my right foot...or maybe even blame it on the fact that I am in the middle of Fat Season and am surrounded by people who are NOT trying to lose big ass amounts of weight...

Sadly...though each of these things mentioned above surely deserve SOME blame is lame and profoundly unproductive! I am...stumbling through my Journey to redefine my life...rebuild my health and reinvent and refine this stubbornly, fluffy body!  Every Single Day!

After 2+ years...I know that having balance in my life is key...a must have and a must do.

For today...that balance is missing...Not having NOT about my circumstances though.. it is in fact, about my choices.  DAMN!

I wonder how much info I can find on the internet about making good choices....we shall see! :)

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