Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015 has been a while since I wrote words on this page.  It seems though that as this year ends, I have a few things to say.

It has been another remarkable year and despite the fact that these last few months have been a little more challenging than I would have liked...some pretty unbelievable things happened this year, some pretty amazing people graced my life and some great lessons were learned. 

In my commitment to honesty, to myself and to this Journey, it must be said that I have fully embraced "Fat Season" these last few weeks...have been sidelined (more than I planned) by an injury and have let life stress knock me down. 

It is no secret that  I wanted to make this a one year Journey...I am in acceptance that this is, in fact,  a Life Journey...and I certainly have no shortage of wonderful souls in my life whom have worked hard to convince me of that very fact! I get that this "weight loss" Journey long since morphed into a life overhaul...a spiritual Journey, a Journey that would confront my way of thinking and living to the very core...a Journey that would lead me down some pretty amazing, scary, faith-building, physically challenging paths that would leave me thrilled, exhausted, rejuvenated, overwhelmed and eternally grateful at any given moment. 

Truthfully, I have come a long way and have a long way to go...the length of  a lifetime.

As I write this, my "ye of little faith" brain really wants to focus on my struggles as of late...But...that kind of thinking has no place on this Journey...

I need a reminder and I want to one more time, share some of the most brilliant parts of this Journey...the wonderful adventures, people, words and gifts of my 2014.

No order of any kind...just my random cutting and pasting...

Thank you for every prayer, every encouraging word, every step of the way!  You have no idea how it impacts the terrain I am traveling! much easier it makes this Journey.

Goodbye to 2014...I am grateful for every moment!

Hello 2015...Nice to meet you. Looking forward to our time together.  I enter this year prayerfully, gratefully with a trusting heart and an open mind.