Thursday, December 11, 2014

Status: It's Complicated

Do you remember that status option on Facebook....the "It's Complicated" one? Generally intended I think to describe the temporarily or possibly permanently dysfunctional romantic relationship and a short, concise way to vaguely share our most personal relationship in a social media kinda way!

Well...though I have no dysfunctional romantic relationship to be vague about here...I do find myself wanting to apply the "It's Complicated" tag next to my proverbial status update.

As I write this...I must admit I find myself wondering if IT actually IS complicated...or am I just complicating IT!

The latter may be more accurate...but regardless this Complication is distracting, painful and I find myself lost in it. 

This complicated situation is bringing out some of my less than stellar traits...prideful ego, anger, and my ability to throw sarcasm like a dagger.

I find myself unsure of how to "un"complicate the situation today...but if I am gut check honest with myself...I do know how to disengage from the complication...I do know how to lessen the stress of this It's Complicated moment.

Pretty clear as I sit here that I, as I said in last night's post, cannot allow myself to be distracted from this Journey....I cannot let old behavior undo the progress I have made.

I must stay true to my goal, to my Faith and rely on my own will power (it is in here somewhere) and to the Power in God's Will.

Not feeling courageous today...but trusting that my courage will prevail...

Today It's Complicated! Tomorrow though, is a new day!

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love this honest post!

    I feel I am sitting in some "it's complicated" myself!! Just so glad God is in control and cares about us and where we are/want to go/where He wants us to go, but despite that, I really want to have an adult version of a tantrum... HA! How's that for honest? (Even worse, I don't have a real good reason for it!)
    Karen I.