Sunday, April 13, 2014

God-Defined Success

Happy Sunday to you all...I  hope this day finds you rested, happy and healthy.

I am heading into what looks to be an incredibly busy week. One of those weeks that could get away from me if I am not in conscious contact with God...asking for His Guidance....Seeking His Will and Knocking on His door when I need a safe, quiet place to regroup.

This week I will have the opportunity to live fully in His Will...professionally, personally...emotionally...physically and of course spiritually.

This week I have the opportunity to live with great intention...purposely...trusting that I already have everything I need before this jam-packed week even begins.
This week I have the privilege of knowing that God has a plan...beyond my imagination...a plan that will guide me down a successful path...with success already having been defined by Him. Embrace the words that are coming out of my mouth and onto this page. THAT is my job!

So...switching gears a bit.  For those of you that don't know...I am coaching 2 indoor youth girls volleyball teams AND  I  am the eldest member of a 6-man Coed Sand Volleyball team.  In other words...I spend 3 days each week playing/coaching a sport I love with people that (generally speaking) I could have given birth to....a fun...but at times, sobering experience. ..:)

Here is a harsh...yet quite humorous reality...It seems that my BRAIN thinks that I am a volleyball ROCK STAR...BUT.. I do not have buy-in from my body...

So a few observations about that...

I hear the word M'am at least 20 times a week...often followed by...Are you OK?

It takes me one FULL week to recover from 3-5 hours of playing/coaching volleyball weekly. 

It takes my body at least 1 to 2 minutes longer to respond to a physical command given by my brain...resulting in some awkward delayed responses...that leave me face down in the sand and one more opportunity to hear..."M'am. ..Are you OK?"


In my head the "rushing" sound I hear while I am on the court is the aftermath of my sheer lightning quick speed...when in is the sound of a fluffy girl  gasping for air! my minds eye..I am a lean, mean, fighting machine...but in reality

I am a leaner...hopefully not meaner...bit of dreamer...who LOVES the fact that I am getting a second chance to do the things I love!

My hope for this week...Is that I can keep an open open mind...and a willing body!

Here's to a week of God-defined Success!


  1. Well "Ma'm" you made it all sound like much fun even with the challenges! Here's to a good week.....A.C.

  2. I love this!! GREAT way to look at it. :) "lean, not meaner, dreamer"!! Perfect!!