Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time Well Spent

I lost a friend today to cancer.

He fought cancer with the full armour of God. He believed that God intended for his life to have greater make a difference in others lives. He was right.

Steve and I were co-workers. He was kind, funny and humble. We lived in the same part of we often started many a conversation by commiserating about the drudgery of our lengthy morning commute.

We talked about our families and had lengthy conversations about sports...AND American Idol! Yep...deep stuff!

Funny enough, though our topics of conversation were often light...they were never superficial.

Though we no longer worked together, over the past few years, we kept in touch, emails, quick conversations, a chance meeting with he and his sweet wife at a local restaurant...

When he was diagnosed with cancer, he sent an email to several of his professional contacts. I called him immediately to let him know that he had my support and the end of the conversation he said this...

"You know are one of the best friends I have that I never hang out with."

Breaks my heart!

Since his courageous battle began, we have exchanged texts, shared a few thoughts on how God has graced our lives and how much our lives can change in just a single moment.

Time is is one thing in life that is constant...never ceasing...but time can feel like it zips by...leaving me in the dust...and conversely...can feel as if it is moving at a snail's pace....mind numbingly slow.
Time can seem in short supply and hard to come by...and at times, never-ending.

But here is the single most important aspect of time...It is precious...every single moment.

Today...I find myself wishing for a little more.

In the last 2.5 years, God has given me the opportunity to see, with unprecedented clarity, the fragility, value and importance of time.

He has offered me the opportunity to reassess my definitions of quality time, timelines, wasted time and time well spent.

Today, though I find myself deeply sad, I am also eternally grateful.

Steve would tell me to ditch the sadness...embrace the the gratitude! Live Life Fully

So I think I will...

Live with great intention...Love with my whole heart...and walk bravely...Head Up...Heart In It...Walking not by sight...but instead by Faith.

My friendship with Steve was relatively short in terms of time...but was infinitely special... time well spent.

As I close...this a prayer Steve shared just a week or two ago.

May I all I do today begin with you, O Lord. Plant dreams and hopes within my soul, revive my tired spirit; be with me today..." Amen!


  1. Your life was enriched by him, and his by you. I am sorry for the heaviness in your heart; one day it will be replaced by the closeness of his Spirit. Be well. Love, Jackson

  2. Although I didn't know your friend, I'm sad for you and others who love him. You've written a heartfelt eulogy...A.C.