Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not Fair

When my niece Emily was much younger she went through a phase of saying..."That's Not Fair" context to almost ANY situation....It kinda drove me crazy and at times...she wasn't exactly wrong...

Though I did tire very quickly of that "phase"...there were moments when it made perfect sense that she felt that way!

Today felt like a "That's not Fair" day...My professional life is a hot mess...I have seen friends lose their jobs as of late...seen a company that I have worked for close to 5 years slowly dissolve and I feel tremendous pressure to prepare for what feels like the inevitable...a job change/loss.
It doesn't feel fair and it certainly feels poorly timed. the middle of my the middle of my "that's not fair" day...this Journey continues.

It occurred to me tonight...after enduring this whole Not Fair day...that this Journey has been and continues to be about radical change...miraculous, uncomfortable, challenging, painful, glorious  change that has lead me down a path I could have never imagined possible. 

It occurred to me that as frightening as this change may feel right now...God still is driving the bus and I still have places to go...people to see and things to do.

I can't lose sight...and definitely can't lose Faith! I can't give up on the dreams I have or the plan God has made! 

It Would Not Be Fair!

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