Sunday, November 2, 2014

Beyond Measure

It has been a busy, fun weekend spent with people I love...people that always leave me with a full heart...people who, in their own unique way, challenge me, support me, lift me up...and even bring me back down to earth...when necessary.

Though they (and you) may not know it...each  provides some inspiration,  encouragement,  strength, hope and wisdom that keeps me on this path.

Each serve as a conduit to God's voice...all I have to do is listen...or at least be willing to listen.

God knows how I I can be reached and what it takes to touch my heart.

I am grateful for that. Beyond Measure!

So...holding to the truth that is key in my future success.  I again, am sharing here that I am feeling a little weary of this body is a little banged up and bruised and so is my spirit.

And yet...I still know...through God's voice...through His grace and his blessings that this Journey is still a GO...still essential....still neccesary and still a miracle.

Your continued prayers are invaluable! 

I will keep moving forward...not focusing on my mistakes and stumbles...but rather on the blessings that I receive daily...I know I can do it...because I have...because I am...because He is with me.

For that, I am grateful,  Beyond Measure.

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