Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Road to Nashville-A Thanksgiving Journey

So...I will try to make this brief (fat chance) After a few semi-unexpected delays...Mom and I struck out yesterday for a road trip to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle. We did not LEAVE Houston until 9:30 PM...but made the 5 hour 1st leg drive to Texarkana.  Got to sleep at 3:00 AM or so and back up and at 'em by 8:30 AM! Today, we drove another 9 hours and finally arrived safe and sound here in Music City!

I love road the drive was fun for me...I love traveling during the holidays...seeing families travel to go see other family and friends...always makes feel all warm and fuzzy! 

As I was driving,  I just really felt so incredibly grateful for all the parts of my family, friends, the amazing love and support I receive...daily.  Even grateful for the challenges, for those challenges make it possible for me to fully experience the Joy of this Journey.

Lately, I have been slumping...wearing my best Negative Nelly face and thinking that I am falling behind and failing. But funny enough, just the act of admitting that here, proves that I am still in the game...still swinging for fences and still "willing" to BE willing! 

Not perfect...but persistent! 

As I drove today...I was reminded that each minute of each day has value...even the most mundane, the most challenging, the most difficult...they ALL  add up to create an experience.  For me, it becomes about how I choose to view those moments,  how I choose to use that time that determines how MUCH value each moment has in my life.

So as Mom and I traveled on the Road to Nashville,  I made a point to document some of these little moments...highlight even those seemingly insignificant little bits that when gathered together create a wonderful experience.  An experience for which to be eternally grateful and forever Thankful.

Here are a few pics of our Journey...some funny, special, silly, even seemingly mundane moments on the #RoadtoNashville

Happy Thanksgiving my dears! 

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