Monday, November 10, 2014

The Fat Season Blues

I have recently heard this time of year described as "Fat Season".  The 1st time I saw it...I truly l laughed out honest to goodness LOL!

That laugh was closely followed by this thought...Hell...I LIVE in Fat Season...Every Day!!! Is there a Thin Season? Or even a Well-Proportioned Season??

As I enter this time of year...I struggle like many...with all of the temptation this season brings and if I am not careful, I enter Fatter Season crooning the Fat Season Blues! 

This Journey is a little tougher right now than preferred...I "feel" like I am working my ass off...without results!

I have hit the weight loss wall hard...and genuinely don't seem to know how to get around it...through it or over it!

However,  despite feeling some embarrassment at this fact...I STILL believe that this is God's plan for me...just not seeing that plan too clearly today!

Just one of those roadblocks that feels bigger than it is...too big to maneuver gracefully, today!

So...I tell the truth here in hopes that by doing so, I can keep my focus, acknowledge the uncomfortable parts of this Journey, trust blindly in God's plan, count my blessings and just keep going!

My friend Brigette sent me this today...Perfectly timed! So very true in So many ways!

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