Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Practicing My Victory Dance-Mid Battle

Often...too often...I, when thrust into the middle of a stressful time,  turn to food as a comfort.
Even still.
Or at the very minimum, I want to turn to food as a means of hiding from those times that feel too big for me to handle.
Not easy words to write...harder still, to live with!

But...that is my battle to win...not to lose! 

I am struggling...

One thing I know about this Journey is that there will be battles...

One thing I have learned during this Journey....those battles can be won.

My goal...to keep the battles in perspective...to prayerfully move forward...asking all the way that I have the ability to discern the mountains from the molehills. Trusting my experience, my strength and my hope...having an unshakable faith...believing that with every battle comes a victory....and subsequently, a Victory Dance!

If you have a spare prayer...I could use an extra. It it appears that I have my first (more than bothersome) injury to contend with on this Journey and will be visiting a sports medicine orthapedist in the A.M.

Bummed yet determined that this will not deter my slow train to the MS 150 (or 180 if the truth be told).

In the meantime...I will continue to fight the fluff...wage war against old habits, work to strengthen my whole body...mind and spirit included AND continue to practice my Victory Dance...its gonna be kick ass...just wait and see!

Posted the below on Instagram/FB earlier...words to live by! Seeking God Daily! 

Lastly,  I have several people in my life who are experiencing great loss, health challenges and much greater obstacles than I...my heart and my prayers are with them while they bravely fight their own big battles.

God Bless!

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  1. Hope the appt goes great, Jaime!