Monday, May 12, 2014

Be Strong and Take Heart

So I received this from a friend over the weekend...a friend who by the way, is a gift of this Journey...we have become friends through this blog and our equal admiration for Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings!!!!

As I was reading this scripture...there was one phrase that I particularly heard in my heart! 

be strong and take heart!!!!


First...for me...strength takes heart...a dig down deep...way down deep in my soul kind of heart!  So when I read this scripture this really stood out for me...and of course it IS bolded in the text. 
Since this Journey began, I have invited change into my life...even when I thought better of it!! :)
I have asked God for help in "reshaping" my body AND my life.  Almost daily...that scares the hell out of me!!! 
Almost daily...I think...HOLY TOLEDO...what am I thinking. 


In some way, shape or form, I reach for those words...that mindset every day...either of my own accord or at the urging of others...Again...thank God for the Others...and almost every day of this Journey...I have needed a different kind of strength than I ever have had before!
Right now, my life has a lot of moving parts...and right now...I again, am outwardly, purposely and knowingly inviting change into my life. 
And I continue to freak out daily!!! 
I still absolutely know that I am destined to be on this Journey...and I absolutely know in my heart that Change has to happen for the "Reshaping" to continue and I further know that the "Reshaping" MUST continue.  I am not done yet. 
I have weight to lose, wisdom to gain, people to meet, challenges to face...I have a bigger purpose in a "littler" body!!!
But here is the deal...there are 5 WORDS....AFTER the Be Strong and Take Heart part...5 Words that are essential to "Reshaping" this girl's life...5 Words that I should have tattooed on my forehead...


After reading this scripture several times...I realized that the Strength that I need...The Heart that I about Waiting...Watching and Being Willing to fully see and fully embrace God's guidance.
The impatience that I have feeds the "freak out" moments...
So again, A LOT of moving parts in my life right now...and as I have eluded to in others posts...on just about every single level of my life!! 
I am Staying In Motion...Seeking Clarity...and know that while lots of changes are happening, there are plenty more changes me tons of opportunities to Be Strong and Take Heart and Wait for the Lord!
Before I are a few pics from Mother's Day...I got to spend it with my sweet Mom...
Facebook was filled with all kinds of great "Mom moments" yesterday...I loved seeing all the Love!!! 
Here is my contribution!!


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  1. Love it, and LOVE that that verse really spoke to you - as it did to me!! Like I mentioned, this verse has become my "resting place"... When I'm exhausted, feeling hopeless, feeling excited, whatever - I go back to it. It feels like I go back to it daily! I love the word "confident" -- I like that, despite uncertainty, there is confidence in all that follows that word!!! I'm so glad the Word is speaking strongly to you too! :) God's so good like that.
    And lovin' the pics too!!