Friday, May 2, 2014

A Beautiful Life to Embrace

Life is funny...It is unpredictable, exciting, scary, laughable, enjoyable, hugely challenging and profoundly can be tiring and rejuvenating all at the same time! It is complicated! Life is Good and Bad...but...It is always better than the alternative for sure!!! In the words of someone very dear to me...No matter what...Life is Beautiful.

These past few weeks have been challenging for me...challenges I really could not comfortably share here...or anywhere for that matter. 

My faith was stretched to the opaque...til it was barely visible...and yet, again, I am on the "other side"...I, in the last week, have truly thought that this Journey was bigger than me...more than I could take...only to be reminded that this Journey IS bigger than me...But not bigger than God and the amazing, unrelenting, power of His Grace. 

I wish I could write that I will not ever again doubt God's unyielding love...but truth is, I probably will...
I  am flawed that way! 

Truth is while I was  busy being angry about those that underestimate me...I underestimated God.  Again.

So...I have some work to do...Everyday! 

Today, I reached out to a personal trainer/nutritionist.  I need a boost along this weight loss, I am asking...seeking and knocking on someones door!  Asking for help, seeking some wisdom and ready for the change.

It is May 2nd!  In less than 4 months, I, along with a dedicated group of friends and family, will be hosting the 2nd Annual Play It Forward-Rally To Serve event,...AUGUST 16TH, 2014!

I want to lose 20lbs before that event.  It has been a while since I set a goal within the goal!  So I am setting one today. 

In the midst of ALL of the many growth opportunities I have encountered on this Journey lately...I need to Get Back to Shrinking!

I will need help doing that! 

So while life has seemed crowded with faith testing moments lately...God has literally blown me away...and placed some amazing Angels in my life! 

So 20lbs in 3.5 months...20lbs less of me to worry, to fret and 20lbs less to haul around! 

Again...this place will be key and so will your support! 

Lastly..Truth is for me...Life does not always appear outwardly beautiful.  At times, my limited vision keeps the beauty hidden and I can feel lost in the mess...but I have realized that in order to fully embrace this Beautiful must not only open her arms...but equally important open her heart, her eyes and mind to the possibilities that exist in God's Big World..Possibilities that far exceed the imagination.

I have work to do...I have shrinking to do...I have a beautiful life to live...a beautiful Life to Embrace!

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  1. Okay, Aug 16 is on my calendar! I'm no angel, but I'm in your corner. Prayers for renewed strength and success!!