Sunday, May 4, 2014

Believe Beyond Reason

Happy Sunday...

One of my dear friends gave me this wonderful gift last week...

She gave it to me, I think, because she knows that it is something I need to hear, read, remember and live...

As you might imagine, when I started this Journey...I had to tap into a "Belief Beyond Reason" to even start this process. 

It was NOT reasonable to believe that I, this "morbidly obese", chronically ill, tapped out, middle aged woman, would quite suddenly say...I am going to pick myself up and start working out and lose (or at least try to) 120lbs in a year.  It was Beyond Reason to believe that was even possible.  I had been almost completely debilitated with chronic pain..and further defeated by ALL that comes with chronic illness...emotionally, physically and spiritually!!!  So  who would possibly believe...what reasonable person COULD believe that I, after literally 20+ years of living this way...would just GET UP and Begin this Journey...

Funny enough...It was ME who believed first (right after God)...through an absolute miracle...It was ME who believed when it was BEYOND reason to Believe! 

Then...others began to BELIEVE...the minute I spoke the Dream...Other Humans began to Believe that this tired, old, ragged, fluffy girl...Could change the trajectory of her life...Could stop traveling down a Dead End Road and find her way on this unbelievably different path...This path to more ways than one!!!

Another dear friend sent me this today:


Funny enough...though it was ME who Believed First...It is ME who lets FEAR slow me down...It is ME and me only, that thinks about Forgetting Everything and Running...BUT...Because I am now surrounded by Believers...Those that truly Believe Beyond Reason...that I even have the strength to Face Everything and Rise. 

It is because of the unbelievable Grace God has placed in my life...that I even can conceptualize Believing even when it is Beyond Reason.

As I sat in church this morning...I heard a sentence that truly touched my heart.  The sermon (generally) was about Living IN Christ...Living in Relationship with Christ and the concept that God created with intention that Spirituality is ALWAYS worked out in terms of Community...WE need each other...WE are better together...As the minister spoke (His sermon was much more in depth and cohesive that I am presenting here) he said a single sentence that struck a chord in me...that touched me...

He said, " We can't be who we are meant to be without each other"

We are a community...A community in Christ and we need those in our lives that Believe When It is Beyond Our Reason to Believe.

Though I cannot fully explain this very moment...I can share with you that this weekend...God has given me the Opportunity to Remember that I am capable of Believing When It Is Beyond any conceivable Reason to Believe. 

This weekend God has shown me, through my own community of Believers, through His community of Believers, that we are meant to be, work, live, trust and BELIEVE together...

WE are better together...ALL of us..

As I continue on this Journey...I am reminded that I started this Journey because God gave me an opportunity to Believe Beyond Reason....I have been able to continue on this Journey because others Believed Beyond Reason.

 As this Journey...This Fight To Light continues...The same Unreasonable Belief will be key! 

Thank you to all of my own...faithful...Believers in this Journey...

Today...thanks to my Guardian Angels (you know who you are)...for literally breathing a new brand of inspiration into this Journey...Thank you for Believing Beyond me!

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