Sunday, October 5, 2014

12,200 Feet Closer to God

Today was yet one more unbelievable, soul shaking, miracle on this girl's Journey! 

Today...I climbed a mountain! 

Today...I believed I could do something that might have once seemed impossible...and I did it!

Today...I got to live and breath one more of God's perfectly planned days in this life of a setting that took my breath away...literally and figuratively!

Today, I met a goal I set for myself and felt great doing it!

Today, I learned that I could take one more step than I thought I could yesterday!

Today, I truly experienced the progress of this Journey.

Today, I stood 12,200 feet closer to God...surrounded by His gifts...His Love and His Grace!

Today...I found inspiration on a Mountain top and in every step it took to get there!

Today was an amazing gift....Can't wait for tomorrow!

Thanks to my inspiring friend Michelle encouraging me to do this...for believing I could and for leading the way!

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