Friday, October 3, 2014

Mountains to Climb...Rainbows to Follow

So...I am in Colorado...ready for the next challenge!!! As I boarded my flight...all I could hear in my head was the song Climb Every Mountain from one of my all time favorites....The Sound of Music!

I can't wait to see, experience and learn from the blessings on this leg of my Journey! 

Beautiful setting....taking another step forward...spending time with an old friend...challenging my body...taking a risk...and energizing my spirit!
Tomorrow will be a day to acclimate to the altitude.  A hang out day! My friend Michelle has instructed me to drink a lot of water...that'll be a challenge in and of itself given my irrational hatred of water! :)
Then...hiking on Sunday! 

Prayers for Air are welcomed!

Speaking of The Sound of I was settling down sweet friend Karen sent me these Climb Every Mountain/Sound of music references!  Love that!!

Now some rest! I have got mountains to climb and rainbows to follow! 

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