Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fighting a Few Old Demons

It has been a while since I have posted...at least, a while compared to my daily documentation of this continued weight loss, mind expanding, spirit growing, at times, ass kicking Journey I am on!

It seems that coming down from the mountain has been a little more challenging than I expected! 

I, before I left for Colorado, faced a few life challenges that I could have done without...work challenges and a few health challenges...nothing huge, but certainly not on my "to do" list.

So...upon returning from Colorado, it appears that I still have some obstacles to overcome in both the health and work arenas.

As most know, I battle the whole migraine headache thing...it  is one of my health issues that refuses to cave to my new healthier lifestyle.  It sucks quite frankly. Lately, in the last week...I find myself struggling with Migraine Associated Vertigo...a migraine headache with a side of dizziness!  Nice combo...not so much! I guess you could say I am just a Dizzy Broad these days!

It has really been an unfortunate little setback for me...really hard to battle and really easy to fall into old habits!
Throw in some job related stress...well...it can get ugly fast!

So...why share these bits and baubles of my life...well...because I feel like whining :) and because....these are the times when I struggle the most with staying on this healthy path.  These are the times when I turn to food to soothe, feel too bad to hit the gym and run a much higher risk of falling into old behavior patterns.

Pain and I don't mix...but...clearly,  relying on old coping mechanisms is not the answer either.

So I write about it here...get it out in the open. I find that giving it a voice...makes it smaller and less destructive!  No...I won't ever be perfect on this Journey....but I do want to daily do my best.

I can't give in to the false comfort of bad habits but instead, must prayerfully seek out ways to move through these moments that leave me dizzy....disoriented and feeling overwhelmed. 

These are the times...I must stay focused on how far I have come and who got me here...trusting that each time I face a challenge in a healthy way...I invite a change for the better into my life...A change For Good!

As always...your prayers are important and deeply appreciate.  As I fight a few old demons...It always helps to do so with a few, powerful angels!

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