Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blown Mind...Rocked World

So today was a good day of acclimating to the my new surroundings!

Watched a little youth flag football this AM and my new 9 year old pal Logan make a few plays!

Did a little shopping and did quite a bit of walking...uphill!

Good news...I managed a 1.5 mile walk...a gradual uphill walk...without sucking wind!

I am begrudgingly drinking nothing but water in hopes of a successful hike tomorrow.

Not that I have not said this a million times before...but I really at times cannot believe this transformation...this opportunity I have to live life so fully.  The power of God's Love and Grace continues to blow my mind and rock my world!

So incredibly blessed. So incredibly grateful.

Here are a few pics from today. 

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