Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Too Legit To Quit

Training for the MS 150, the 180+ mile bike ride from Houston to Austin has begun.

I am back at boot camp...for a 6 week session...3 days per week and beginning to get some time on the bike (saddle time)  when I can.

Starting in November, I will steadily increase my time, distance and hopefully,  speed on the bike.

In January,  I will begin a more intensive 16 week training program to prepare for the Spring 2015 ride.

Right now...I am physically struggling through my workouts...largely due to an increase in migraines, I guess...but am doing my best to push through. 

I just want to keep moving...taking that one more step than I thought I could...knowing that this physical challenge I am preparing for will be one of the toughest yet!

I need to build stamina and strength...mentally and physically over the next few months! 

This week has been quite challenging physically.  My workouts are sluggish and a little on the ugly side...but I am trying to keep my focus...fix my eyes on the goal and take my best shot!

I am working on trusting the pace of the Journey....being patient with my physical body and remembering that every step counts...even when I stumble!  Replaying the words "Don't  Stop" over and over again in my head...Trusting that I am "Too Legit To Quit!" :)

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