Monday, October 27, 2014

Does God Need Glasses?

So I sent a dear friend the quote below that was sent to me by my friend Karen at some well-timed moment on this Journey! 
It made me laugh when I received it the 1st time and I shared it here in a previous post.

You see... my friend Mary is in her 1st year of Medical school...a second career for her...a brave, bold life change that blows my mind and inspires me to keep pushing onward in my Journey! 

Med school is hard...a big damn deal! She is working her butt in an effort to cheer her on from afar...I send her weekly text messages...a little something to remind her that I am in her corner...and more importantly, so is God!

What is important to know is that my friend Mary has the remarkable ability to make me think...AND laugh...which makes for some really good medicine! Heals the soul!

So today....I send the below...and her response (after a Thank you)...was..."Hopin' God doesn't need glasses!

I truly laughed out loud!  Funny enough made me think.

As I continue this Journey...and particularly in the last several days...I have wondered...Am I as strong and courageous as God seems to think I am? Am I as much of a "badass" as I need to be to handle this Journey?? Does God need glasses?

But here's the thing...just as my vision gets cloudy and I begin to lose sight of the path...Amazingly...Miraculously...God provides some clarity...some guidance...some clear perspective that in fact, reminds me that God's vision is perfect!  It is me that needs the glasses...It is me that clouds the view...God's vision is crystal clear! much as I have pondered this Journey....analyzed the speed at which I am traveling or direction I am always comes back to this...

I must live by Faith and not by sight...I must close my eyes and trust that God will see me through!

So Mary...I think God is right...we ARE long as we let our imperfect eyes see His perfect vision!


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  1. I think I'm printing this for my cube :) And yes, we are ALL bad-asses :) Sometimes we just need to be reminded.