Wednesday, October 8, 2014


While in Colorado and while I was standing on top of a mountain,  I decided that I wanted to take something home with me...something that I could always have with me that would remind me of the incredible blessing of the experience. 

Though I knew that nothing would be as energizing and exhilarating as standing at 12,000+ feet surrounded by some of God's best work...I wanted to commemorate this accomplishment in some meaningful way.

I wasn't sure exactly what that would be...a tattoo was an option...or not! Photographs would certainly be a great reminder...but I wanted something that had a special meaning.

So...I wear bracelets....several...everyday. Each of which has special meaning to me and two that I purchased on my last 2 trips to Cali.  I wear them as a reminder of the daily blessings in my life and as a bonus...when I purchased those bracelets, a portion of the proceeds went to a charity that has meaning to me.

So, on my last day in Boulder,  I decided to try and find a bracelet that I could add to my blessings collection that would serve as a sweet reminder of this part of my Journey!

I, at the suggestion of my friend Michelle, stopped in a shop called Alex and Ani.  Within just a few minutes...the bracelet below caught my eye...I thought it was perfect!  As I asked to see it...the salesperson said, "oh...these are great...these are our charity pieces"

As she began to explain...I had already made up my mind! This bracelet was the perfect reminder of this special part of my Journey. 

Below is the bracelet and the "story" that goes with it.

The words below speak directly to the heart of this Journey...ALL gifts in life do come directly from IS full of promise and in the present IS the ultimate gift...and we ALL are Divinely and completely blessed everyday in every moment. 

I found it wonderfully divine that I picked a bracelet that supports a children's charity...that helps keep kids healthy and happy! Made me smile...filled my heart! 


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