Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frayed Knot

A Joke:

A String walks into a bar...sits down on a barstool and orders a drink.
The Bartender looks at the String and says, "Are you are String? The String replies, "Yes"...Bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve Strings here"
The String leaves the bar...but REALLY wants a he sneaks back into the bar...sits down and orders a drink.  "The Bartender says "Hey, I told you, we don't serve Strings here!!
So, desperate,  the String leaves...goes outside, ties himself into a knot....messes up his "hair", walks back into the bar...sits down and again, orders a drink.  The Bartender looks at him closely and says..."Hey, aren't you that String?" The String looks at the Bartender and says
"Frayed Knot"

Sorry...but I love that joke!

So, I have a reason for sharing this joke today...I am hanging on to the frayed knot at the end of my pain tolerance rope.
I am out of the hospital with a good report on my ticker!  My heart palpitations were induced by the ass kicking pain of the monster migraine!
For those of you that have been on this Journey well beyond the past 18 months,  then you know that my Migraine headaches have been debilitating for me...and I have gone through extensive treatment over many years.
As part of this Journey,  I have seen diminished migraine attacks...for which I am profoundly grateful. I am getting quite used to NOT having them!

So truthfully....I have been experiencing headaches quite a bit lately....and this beast of a migraine is hanging on...

So...I hate feeling this sick...and I refuse to be stopped in my tracks...and though it may sound dramatic....The knot I am hanging on to is dwarfed by the size of the knot in my stomach! THAT KNOT...the one in my the fear of a chronic migraine cycle...hospitals, meds, shots, nausea and more nausea.

So here is what I am doing....I am talking about the knot in my stomach in hopes of making it smaller and hanging on to my hope "knot"...hoping that the ground will rise to meet my dangling feet!

That knot I am hanging onto is my has to be larger than the knot in my stomach!

"My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.- Psalm 63:8

Bottom line...I am feeling afraid...sick and overwhelmed...Today! But am I giving up? FRAYED KNOT!

Pray vs. Worry-I am working on THAT!

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  1. Best. Joke. Ever. How are you still making us laugh though you're in pain?! You're a champ, Jaime!!