Sunday, March 2, 2014

Climbed Every Mountain...AGAIN! has been a triumphant weekend...a weekend of climbing, conquering, laughing, talking, sharing and looking forward to the next great moment!
I had the privilege of climbing Enchanted Rock not once...but TWICE this weekend and in record Fluffy Girl time.

I had great support from old "youngsters", my family and my favorite Olympian.

As you might imagine,  I am tired tonight...lots of physical activity....lots of shopping....lots of driving!

So...for tonight,  a few pics...with details to follow.
I can tell you this...this weekend was filled with lots of God moments....a picturesque setting filled with so many reminders of why this Journey is so blessed!

I had tons of moments when I absolutely knew God was smiling just watching.

So sweet dreams for tonight...if you know know the story will continue...

Goodnight and special thanks to Mom, Donna, Kristen, Stephen and Karen! Much love to you all!

We Climbed Every Mountain! Again!

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