Friday, March 21, 2014

Pray Vs. Worry

Happy Friday...I hope you all are geared up and ready for the weekend!

It has been an interesting week...another wild rollercoaster ride!

On the physical front...Lindsey and I walked 6.1 miles Tuesday night...the day AFTER I decided to do squats, lunges and the bike....
Let's just say that I may have cried a little bit on my way home that night...and laughed...because I cried!

Wednesday...all I can tell that any movement I made was accompanied by a sound much like that of a dying humpback whale! 

Suffice it to say....I did NOT workout on Wed.

The gift hidden in the agony of the 6.1 miles...great catchup conversation with my Lindsey and the burning of 794 calories!

In the middle of all of sweet friend Camille had to make a trip to ER...which of course, being the excellent "worrier" that I am...freaked me out!

She sent me these words...

Pray vs worry! If you worry, replace it with prayer. God can help us both that way.

Love her! Now my friend...with an already amazing heart...has a turbo charged  heart of Gold! Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers! 

I have thought a lot about her words....Pray Vs Worry...

When I started this Journey, I knew that I would have to replace unhealthy food..with healthy food...
Replace unhealthy inactivity with healthy activity. Those were no-brainers!

As this Journey has progressed,  I am learning to embrace Faith vs. Fear, Feelings vs. Food, Victories vs. Failures. These present a few more challenges for me! and has been just a part of whom I am for as long as I can remember....

Pray Vs. Worry...when I first read my friend's words...I thought...if I prayer instead of worry...I'll never stop praying....

Maybe that is the point!

Again...another way in which God offers the opportunity to see and feel His abundant Love...

Next week my life gets VERY I will be Coaching 2 girls volleyball teams...playing on a co-ed sand volleyball ball team...and planning for Year 2 of Play It Forward-Rally to Serve! 


Still my prayer is for Clarity of mind...of direction...and of heart!

If you see me...head down...eyes closed...hand clasped....Don't worry...just pray for me...that is what I will be doing!

Pray Vs. WORRY....Go Fluffy Go!

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  1. Great advise to you, for you, from you......A.C.