Monday, March 3, 2014

Building My Faith on The Rock intention was to spend my time here today writing a little more about my trip to Enchanted pilgrimage!

Last year, Kristen took a pic of just my feet...taking steps up to the Summit...trying to reach the top of a place I had never been before.  I asked her to re-create that pic this year...those same feet/legs taking me to a place I had been before ONLY faster this time and with double the distance! 

As I began to write...I realized that this picture says a lot for me...It so represents this Journey and my need, my desire, my reluctance to take this Journey One Step At A Time...One Day At A Time!

I was able to put into words some of my feelings about the weekend to a close friend via email...a mere utterance of all the blessings this weekend held..I was able to enunciate as simply as I am capable of (today) meaningful this step along my Journey has become...This trek up a steep rock! This physically challenging, emotionally and spiritually inspiring, push uphill that SO mirrors this Journey for me!!

As I write this...I am aware that though this battle to lose weight feels like an uphill climb...there have been so many breath-taking, awe-inspiring views along the way...places that I get to stop and rest and just take in ALL of God's wonderful creations...

As I write this I think of ALL of the love that propels me upward...that battles the voice in my head that says I can't do it..and turns my defeated moments into Victories...I carry ALL of the words, love and inspiration from others in my heart and it encourages me to move forward...

I received this message from Kerri as I readied to climb the "Rock" on Saturday...

"You got it, Mama!!!! No mind tricks ... One step at a time!"

AND I got this message from her AFTER I completed both Summits!

"I'm SO proud. You're rad! There's nothing you can't do if you want it bad enough. Big hugs"

I climbed with people who took the time out of their own busy lives to make this leg of the trek with me!!! 


Some have known me for a lifetime and one just met me face to face that day!  How awesome is that! 

I got messages from home...text messages, fun pictures of support...big love from great people!

And when I got to the top...I knew God was saying...GET IT GIRL!!!  I was surrounded by His Grace! I could FEEL IT!

Kerri's right...There is NOTHING I can't do if I want it bad enough...AND...there is Nothing I can't do...If I keep the FAITH!!! 

I must say something before I go...Experiences like this weekend give me strength and fortify my courage. 

Again, thanks to my Sweet Mom, Kristen, Stephen, Donna and Karen for making the trip...Thanks to Brigette for always making me feel like  you are right there with me....Thanks of course to Kerri for your great support and continued inspiration..thanks to Camille for making my baby steps feel like giant leaps AND thanks to all of you who sent messages on Facebook, texts, etc...ALL of you were in my heart and in each step I took! kind of out of place thought...

I had a strange reaction to an experience today that quite frankly is too complicated to explain...too old to dig up and too awkward to blog about...But here is what happened for a part of someone else's story...I saw myself in a light that I did not like...a description that was painful and that triggered some not so fond memories of a very long time ago...

But here is the really cool part...Because of THIS Journey..because God has given me the strength to take an honest look at myself and be willing to face the good, bad and the ugly...I have perspective...I can see the progress...keep my own reality in sight and still coming out feeling great love for all involved!

As always, I have so many people to thank for that!!! Too many to name...If you are reading are one of them!!!  You can so count on that!!! is to battling uphill battles with Love and Courage and Faith! 

Here is to wearing the Full Armor of ALL situations!  Here is to Building My Faith on THE ROCK!!! 

Still Asking...Seeking...Knocking...STILL seeking Clarity of mind...direction and heart!!!

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  1. Love the post!! I'm so glad we got to literally "journey" together!! Next time we see each other, here's to being closer to our goals!!