Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That's All A Girl Can Do

So on March 6th, I wrote a post called Embracing the F.A.T...and I created my own definition of F.A.T.




  • Losing weight...takes Faith (more than I could have ever have imagined)
  • Losing weight-takes Action-Food choices, exercise, attitude...being in Action creates the energy needed to make big changes
  • Losing weight takes TIME...and Patience!!!  For me, it has been a slow, methodical, amazing, and at times, overwhelmingly frustrating process.
So...many of you know about my Mom's Garage Door Signs...they have been part of this Journey from the beginning...Olympic signs...Overcomer Signs...Birthday Signs...So it will be no surprise to anyone that after I created the F.A.T. acronym...a Sign was Born:

Lately...this whole Journey has been about Signs...and the opportunity to have the Faith it takes to hear and see the importance of those signs...The opportunity to take the necessary Action in heeding those signs..and the always challenging (for me) Time and Patience it takes to embrace those signs!!! 
Today..I am just looking for a little Joy...a few victories!
...I lifted weights last night for the 1st time in a while...SQUATS...and TODAY...my hind end and legs are ANGRY!!  But...I lifted AND got in my cardio as well.
Tonight...I will be walking/running (according to my own personal Jillian Michaels-(Lindsey) at Memorial Park (one of Houston's biggest green spaces)...We will be doing "The Loop" there...at least it is a lovely day here in Houston!!  Good to be outdoors! 
Here are a few Joys from this week:
My Em and I went to see the Mr. Peabody movie...in 3D of course
I went to see Maroon 5 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo..Me and 65,000 other people.

The sky last night...as I left the gym!
Riley and I...taking Selfies
I continue to seek that magical Clarity...To Seek that sometimes Elusive knowledge that everything is already OK...To Seek the even more Elusive loss of a lb or two...
AS the Sign above says...FORGE ON!!!  That's All a Girl can Do!!!  That....and pray with conviction...believe with Faith and Love with a full heart!!!
Still De-Fluffing...in more ways than one!
Thank you to ALL of the Champions of  this Grateful Fluffy Girl!




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