Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crashing Into Grace

So I am sitting here in Fredericksburg, the lovely Texas Hill Country...having dinner with my Mama and thinking about my Saturday!  Facing another uphill climb...only one I have CHOSEN to take...a climb that represents a different kind of me. Last time I was here I did not know if I could make the climb...If I could reach the Summit. Tomorrow I will go up and down twice...I will climb with a different purpose...but with the same goal. 

As I write this I am aware of how different this Journey is for me today than it was in March 2013...So much more than I could have ever imagined! 

I write this knowing that though I am not where I ultimately want to be...I wouldn't be anywhere else! 

I read this quote by an English Christian writer I follow on Twitter...her name is Anita Mathias. I think these words speak to the very heart of my my life! I LOVE THESE WORDS!

"We dash headlong, out of control-- & bad things really should happen--but then, miraculously, we crash into grace."

Tomorrow...I again...dash headlong into this Journey....asking, seeking...knocking...and I believe that I again...will crash into the miracle of God's Grace! 

I am counting on it! 

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