Sunday, June 1, 2014

God Has Planted Greatness!

Happy Sunday....

I hope this weekend has been filled with Great Love and Joy! 

My favorite Olympian and her fantastic partner (Kerri Lee and April) won the 1st AVP Beach Event of the 2014 season...and being the goofball that I am...I like to send them little encouraging notes before each tourney! 

On Friday, I sent this to them both:

I thought it perfect for them as they embark on their 1st full season together and on their Journey to Rio in 2016!!!  AND....they won!!!  However, after I sent it to them...I read and re-read these words Joyce Meyer spoke. 
I have a tendency to believe that God has planted Greatness in others...but don't always see the Greatness He has planted in me.
Greatness is a gift from God that lives in each of us....I believe that IT IS in fact a gift.  I readily see that Gift in the hearts of the people that weave in and out of my life and in the works and accomplishments of those around me. 
I struggle to see that in my life. 
But what I do see....Is that God is working in my life...daily giving me the opportunity to be Great...I just have to "Let Today Be the Beginning of A Great Adventure...or really...I have to Let Today be the Continuation of a Great Adventure.
So Tomorrow is a New Embrace the Gift of Greatness...that lies in me. 
I am one week into a new healthy eating/fitness plan....I hope to Embrace each Day of this New Plan as the opportunity to accomplish Greatness...Great Health...Great Willpower...Great Motivation and Great Accountability.
I need to write here, as a reminder to myself, that I have lost more than half of the weight I set out to lose on this weight loss Journey so far...and though I struggle at times with how long it is taking me to lose the whole 120lbs...the Truth is that God has planted Greatness in my life by providing the strength that I have needed to lose these lbs so far. 
I have to trust that more Greatness lies ahead...lies in me!
So here is to a week of embracing Greatness...even if I when I don't see it...I must believe it lies within me...lives around me and will blossom from me as I step into His Gifts!
Have a great week. 

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  1. Just so you know... I see GREATNESS pouring out all over from you!! God has/is totally working through you and shining His light!!!! KI