Monday, June 30, 2014

Resiliency is a MUST

So I started a Standard Process Cleanse abbreviated version. 

In less than 30 days, I will be boarding a plane and heading to Long Beach, CA to support, cheer and selfishly...hopefully, get a booster shot of inspiration from my inspiration...My favorite Olympian, Kerri Walsh Jennings.

I started the cleanse in hopes that I can detox a bit...lose more weight and FOCUS...FOCUS...FOCUS.

I have found in doing these very regimented cleanses that it requires a great deal of focus, mental and physical diligence that seems to remind my mind and body that I am on a bigger journey to negate my food addiction and improve my health. 

Additionally, we are headlong into the planning and execution phase of our 2nd Annual Play It Forward-Rally To Serve Event.  Another action that requires a different level of that challenges my courage, faith and organizational skill set! 

I continue to vow to tell the truth here for myself and because I think it is important for the integrity of this Journey.  Having said that...I am finding myself challenged by lapses in faith and trust...

I want this Event to be is important to me and is something I feel called to do...I want this Journey to be too, is important to me and is something that I HAVE to  do...It is something I feel called to do....

Inspiration is Key....Resiliency is an Absolute Must...

Late last week, Kerri shared the following article about the 5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People.

Normally, I would just post the link to the article so that those that want to can read the text...however, I am posting this article in its entirety...for myself...and for others. 

Kerri posted that she strives to be the "Elegant Spirit" described in this article...I shared with her that from my view, she already IS an "Elegant Spirit"... As I read through the article....I realized that I believe that we all have the ability to BE an Elegant Spirit...and I further realized that with Great Faith...comes Incredible Resiliency.

So I will continue to practice this Walk In Faith...I will look to God, inwardly and to others for the inspiration it will take to continue to move ahead.  I strive to be this Elegant Spirit...This Incredibly Resilient Person!

Here is the article...

I remember the day I found out that my aunt had cancer. Although she was the most positive person I had ever met, I still worried about how she would handle such an overwhelming diagnosis.
Looking back, now that her cancer is in remission, she continues to be the most positive person I know. But even more than that, she is what I call an elegant spirit.
Cancer, in my aunt's world, was a small valley hidden amongst the many glorious peaks of her life. While she may have had some moments of despair as we all do when we find ourselves alone in our thoughts, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, she never showed this to the world outside.
She never complained. During her treatment, she continued to go to work and share her passion. She turned long days of chemotherapy in the hospital into a party with her friends where they would share stories, laugh and play cards.
Life threw her an arrow, and she, an archer herself, caught this arrow and created her bow. She knew that she could not control the fact that this arrow had come to her, but her bow could hold it stable. Instead of defeating her, the arrow ultimately strengthened her.
As a physician, I have met many such elegant spirits. Their resilience is awe-inspiring. They have the ability to handle even the most devastating diagnosis.
How then, do people cultivate such strength? And how can we do that for ourselves?

Here are five things resilient people have in common:

1) They practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention to your life on purpose. Mindful people monitor the thoughts that come through them. However, instead of reacting to their negative thoughts, they observe them like a storm that is passing through.
Furthermore, they pay attention to what is right in their lives. They give it strength and value, thereby turning up the volume on the beauty that surrounds them.
They understand their role in the universal flow of life. They realize that they are a part of a divine cycle of life and death.
And in this understanding, they remain like the eye at the center of a tornado.
The world will continue to change around them. But at the center of this tornado, is their mind, where there is tranquility and calm.

2) They don't compare themselves to others

They don't spend their time feeling sorry for themselves. They realize that every soul has a different journey and therefore it is pointless to compare the path of your life with someone else.
They are continually trying to be the new and improved version of themselves. And as long as they are better than they were yesterday, they know they are on the right path.
They are their own measuring stick of success.

3) They understand that after every big setback is an even bigger transformation

I remember in medical school when part of our rotation was to learn how to deliver bad news to patients, I shadowed a physician who informed a young 40-year-old woman that she had stage four breast cancer.
Immediately, without missing a beat, this woman said, "I know one thing. After every big setback is an even bigger transformation."
Resilient people understand this. They see difficulties as stepping stones to a transformation.

4) They find humor in everything

Laughter, in its very highest form, is a spiritual practice. It connects us to the part of our soul that heals. When we laugh with others, we gain a sense of interconnectedness and belonging.
Laughter may help lower our blood pressure and increase our vascular blood flow. It can do wonders for our health.
Resilient people look for reasons to laugh. They find humor in the mundane. They understand that paying attention to the ordinary is what makes life extraordinary.

5) They do not try to control their lives

Gary Zukav wrote about elegant spirits like this:
The journey of a hawk depends on both the hawk and the wind. The wind is your life. It is all the things that happen from the time you are born and the time you go home. Elegant spirits don't know what will come up next, the same way that hawks don't know which way the wind will blow next.
This doesn't bother them, because they don't try to control their lives any more than hawks try to control the wind.
Resilient people do not try to control their lives. They surrender to the flow of the wind. They adjust their sails and ride the next wave of their life.
People that have overcome hardships, tremendous obstacles or disease often feel that life goes from black and white in the before to many beautiful colors in the after. The have turned up the volume of beauty in their lives. They practice mindfulness. They stop comparing themselves to others. They find humor in everything.
And they know that they have been transformed.

            BY Smita Malhotra, M.D.

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  1. Dear Girl,
    You ARE an elegant spirit! Might I remind you of #2 above? Don't be the stories elegant or Kerri's elegant. I've never met Kerri, but considering she was lucky enough to meet you and share some Jaime Life with you, she must be blessed in other ways also. But that is her spirit. Your elegant spirit is yours. Your spirit makes me smile and is often full of joyous contempt for what gets us down sometimes. Other people would have difficulty with comparing to you.

    We sometimes lose ground, stumble and even doubt. We aren't perfect. Improving that elegant spirit is a journey. Your blog is called a Journey. You know as well as anybody, a journey is our progress towards a destination. Just keep stepp'n and that warm heart you share with us will continue to walk with you while you wear your own elegant spirit.

    Keep the faith.