Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Pedal At a Time


Man...I am feeling the uphill climb of hump day today!  Drained and Pained!!!

 I am trying to lose 20lbs by mid I have this sense of urgency....which can be a good thing.  AND...unfortunately...I am physically off my game these last several days. 

Last night...I took one for the team...and made my way to the gym. is not out of the ordinary for me to make a reluctant walk into the gym on any given day...however, I usually get going once I am there and shake off my apathy pretty quickly...

Last night...not so much the case! 

I am having a few physical surprise at 47 years of age and no surprise given my less than stellar health history!  So I have a few things to "work around" during my workouts this last couple of weeks...particularly a rather raucous back spasm!!! 

So last was the recumbent bike for me!!  I felt like it was my first time on the bike!!!  Sluggish...Sluggish and more Sluggish...

I turned on the TV (on the bike)...said a little prayer and tuned into the Spurs vs. Heat NBA Finals game...hoping the view of the powerhouse NBA players cruising up and down the court... would help me find my mojo and "rebound" a bit from my sluggishness...One Pedal at a Time!

So hear is the good news...I managed to complete one hour on the bike...burn a few hundred calories and...cheer on the Spurs...

The bad news...well...I am physically struggling a bit...aware that I have "been there and done that" though...I will continue to push forward...trusting that I am still on pace to meet my goal...God's Pace...God's timing!

Prayers as always are welcome and needed...

I did receive the following from an old friend...a friend who has diligently kept up with this crazy Journey to defluff...this crazy roller coaster I am on...She sent me these words as a new mantra:

"Every Day, in Every Way, I am getting better and better." ~Emile Coue

This is a great thought to embrace...Yesterday, I wanted to just drop...lay down and NOT move...but instead...God gave me the strength to move ahead...One Pedal at A Time! That is better!!! 

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  1. You got out there!! It's every single step - big or small!! Karen