Friday, June 27, 2014

In Search Of Eternal Bliss

It is Friday...truly...Thank God!  It has been a challenging week!

I so wish I was one of those people that live in the Silver Lining...You know those wonderful people that weather the storm AND see the beauty of the challenge IN THE MOMENT!

That ain't me! I do my best to weather....but my Silver Lining moment is a little slow to shine through at times...

This week in this Journey has been jammed with unexpected challenges....tests of my spirit and my Fortitude and opportunities to fall flat on my face!  Of course....those challenges offer Silver Linings...they always do...I just don't always see them for clouds...

So today...I am making a concerted effort to see the hear the message and to be grateful for the opportunity to learn it...without eating cupcakes as a coping mechanism!

Wish me luck!

Below are just a couple of thoughts somebody else thought...wrote and shared...
I am sharing them with I continue my Journey to let my soul shine in search of eternal BLISS...:)

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