Monday, June 23, 2014

Help Me Share the LOVE keeping with the idea of last night's post...I am here today to spend a couple of minutes "passing on" the Blessings I have received by reaching out to you for your support for our 2nd Annual:

I have been so incredibly blessed over the past 2 years that I cannot hardly wrap my head around it.  I have had the opportunity to be the recipient of other's kindness, grace and generosity in ways that literally blow my mind.
I can tell you that very often I think about how I might "pay back" some of those blessings.  Last year, this event was a celebration of the end of my 1st year on this Journey and a way in which I could outwardly give back in some way...a way in which I could maybe "Pay Forward" the amazing love I had received by the truckloads!!
I was surrounded by an amazing group of people who wanted to help me see these efforts pay off by giving back.
This year...the blessings continue to light my way on this Journey...
I again, am surrounded by a group of people that are brave enough to make this Journey with me again...and again...This event is about giving back in anyway I can...this event is about Passing Along God's it travels to others.
I know that many of you are busy, committed to other causes and are overcoming your own challenges.  I hope though, that you will join me for this event.  I would love to celebrate this Journey with you by sharing something that I love with those that I love!
I have learned a tremendous amount in working to organize and host a charity event and I have a deep respect for those that do this day in and day out.  It is challenging...however, ultimately an amazing experience!
As we approach the date of the event, I hope to share with you some of the reasons why I have chosen the charities (Cy-Hope and Good Tiding Foundation)  that we support and some of the amazing ways in which those organizations impact our communities.
Over the next several weeks, my posts will include information on how to donate to this event and how to participate by joining us for an afternoon of great family fun!
Please take a few moments to check out our event page on Facebook at:
If you have questions regarding joining us you can email us at
If you find it in your heart to contribute to our event, you can do so via our PayPal account
Your support through your attendance, your contributions and your prayers is most appreciated.
I hope to see you in August! 
Help me share the L-O-V-E!

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