Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Doesn't Kill Makes You Stronger!

Like I was saying...Things are busy...and heating up everyday!!!  WE ARE 2 MONTHS AWAY from Play it Forward-Rally to Serve Year 2!!!!

We are in full gear preparing for this years event!!!  You will be hearing lots about it!!!

So Mark your Calendars...SATURDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 2014 AT 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Of course...I am still working to try and drop at least a few more pounds before the event...just for motivation!!!
On Saturday...I did another mini-goal challenge...one I had done last year...a doozie of a fitness class called Soul Grooves!!!
The creator and instructor Tammy Harris is unbelievable and recently won a national contest on the the Kelly and Michael show.
Here is a clip
This is no ordinary dance/aerobic class...THIS class will kick thine butt!!! 
So on Saturday...my dear friends Brigette, Kathy and her kiddos (shout out to Olivia and Cloie) all suited up and showed to bust our Soul Grooves!!! 
Now...given the path of this Journey...it is NO SURPRISE to me...that there is an undeniable depth of "Soul" in Tammy's Groove that makes this class yet one more reminder that God is guiding this Journey. 
It makes me smile to think that while I am busting a move ( a sight to see I am sure)...that I SO felt a spiritual "Soul" connection...
You see...I had done this class 6 months or so ago...and really felt the "Soul" connection then...but physically it was quite a challenge...especially the next day!!!
So on Saturday...I had a bad feeling that I was not going to handle the class physically...I have been having some health struggles and just not feeling strong lately!
I had hoped that I would have that same "Soulful" connection and that maybe that would see me through my physical shortcomings!!!
But guess what!!!  I did it...Just when I thought "I Can't"...God said, "Oh Yes You Can!!!!  I physically held up...Spiritually held on!!!! 
It is so funny to me the way in which God has given me Angels along this Journey...in all forms, shapes, sizes...any number of manifestations...Angels that pull me up, push me through...carry me over and help me rise above the obstacles.
Even when I don't believe...these Angels DO!!!
Here are a couple of pics!!!
Tammy and I...please note the that I am drenched!!! I am telling this is one serious workout!!!

Brig and I with our Soul Grooves T-Shirts!  1st Edition!!!

And lastly...Brigette sent this to me...made me LOL!!!

Generally though...What Doesn't Kill You...DOES make you stronger!!!!


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