Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just Passing Through

I heard a single sentence in church this morning that inspired this post:

We are the recipient of God's Love as it passes through us on its way to others.

The sermon was about giving back...paying forward the abundance of God's Grace and that we have a responsibility to be an active conduit of that Love...

The minute I heard the sentence I visualized "The Wave".  If you have ever been to a large sporting event you have probably been a part of or seen "The Wave"...a ripple effect, on-your-feet kind of cheer that is passed on from one section of the arena to the next until it reaches the opposite side of the arena and potentially continues around and around in a continuous loud, celebration...quite joyfully!

I share often here of the daily blessings and grace I receive as I make this Journey...this Wave of God's unwavering it passes through me and on its way to others.

Without it, I would have never lost a pound, walked a mile, climbed a hill, or faced the challenges of failing health and a rapidly aging body...

Without the transference of God's love from those that are in my daily life and those that are just passing through...I will not have the strength and courage needed to continue on this Journey.

I KNOW that as God's love passes through my life, it travels to me from others...I know this because I have felt it in a gesture, a conversation, a smile, through tears...through joys, through vulnerability and through the strength of those that God chooses to place in my life.

Sometimes I feel God's presence immediately and at other is a slow realization that hits me just like the thunderous sound of The Wave as it reaches the other side of the arena!

I believe that as I receive these daily blessings...these expressions of love...It is my responsibility to get on my feet...and loudly pass on God's love to the next the people that are part of my daily life and those in whose lives I am just passing through.

On my Feet...Arms up...Loudly Celebrating....Sharing the Love as it passes through me on its way to others...on its way to you!

Happy Sunday....Ride the Wave!

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