Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Braving the Thin Air-All In the Name of Defluffing

So in 10 days...I am climbing a mountain...or at least hiking in the one of my major-mini goals for this Journey.

I am looking forward to the challenge and still quite nervous about breathing!!! 

I find that at times...I have trouble "breathing" through this Journey.  So the thought of taking on a challenge that literally may take my breath away is a little daunting.

As always...each time I step out and do something different and stretch through many of the self-placed obstacles in my head...I experience a few growing pains.  I feel some discomfort...outside my "normal"...some fear and hesitation. 

However, the past 2 years I have learned something quite valuable.  I have learned that when I take those risks...when I do step out on the ledge of new and different...I feel pretty amazing afterwards. 

I feel liberated...I FEEL lighter!  Though the scale doesn't necessarily reflect that "lightness" heart and spirit shed another layer of what I like to think of as my "internal fluff".

That fluff that lives on the inside...that makes at times, for a heavy heart, a worried mind or a dampened spirit.  It matters little these days how that fluff got there...what matters to me is that I am finding ways to shed it. 

I just spent a better part of 5 days in an environment I LOVE...celebrating my Mom (whom I love-DUH) with a group of wonderful people that know how to love in a big way and DO so as naturally as breathing and whom I can't help but love!!!

I got to spend some priceless hang time with a friend who just so happens to be a gift of this Journey and a lovely, God-placed inspiration that reminds me how important it is to Dream Big and Believe and actively encourages me to do so!!! 

I was reminded throughout the entire 5 days that this Journey is about taking my life to a new level...stripping away the fluff...really embracing all of life's possibilities!  I may stumble through that at times...I may at times, let the fear and hesitation sneak in...but each time I push through that...each time I choose to breathe in that seemingly rare air...another layer of fluff bites the dust.

That my friends, is such an amazing blessing.  God continues to put people, opportunities, challenges and moments on my path that strip away the internal me the strength I need to reach new levels...reshaping my insides and my outsides. 

So....I will take on this mountain of a challenge to reach new heights (literally) and I will brave the thin air...all in the name of DeFluffing!!!!

Feeling Inspired and weepy (LOL... Liquid Fluff...comes with the territory)

Phil 4:13

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