Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No Limitations...More Miracles

It is Hump Day and I am having a little trouble getting to the back side of the hump!

I talk a lot about being honest here...and...I make every effort to tell my truth as I make this Journey.  I think it helps me stay grounded in the purpose of this trek and my hope, is that it invites truth and honesty into my life.

It is not always easy to speak the truth...not that lying is a good option either...but OMISSION....well, that is a viable option for me at times. know as they say...the truth will set you free.'s the thing.   I have shared from the beginning that I have some lingering health in particular...that is cyclical in nature.  I HATE talking about it...don't like thinking about it and really not too fond of the effect it has on my efforts to pound off the pounds.

But it is a part of my Journey and it does complicate matters.

For the last few weeks, I have been aware of some symptoms...fatigue, pain,  etc....and generally,  my solution has been to ignore...but that is becoming a little more challenging in the last few days. 

I can share here that I have seen so many remarkable improvements in my overall health over the past 2 years...that when I find myself back in this cycle...I get frustrated and fearful that I am going to get "stuck" in this cycle and lose ground on this Journey.  Just to be is not about losing ground from a time perspective....but losing from a quality of life perspective. 

So...if I am being honest...and I am,  I decided to share this here to

A.  Get it off my chest
B.  Further tell my truth about this Journey because that kind of honesty has gotten me this far!

My struggle...when to push through...and when to rest.  ALWAYS! 

Tonight...I pushed through...went to boot camp and worked hard. 

No real end to this story...other than this is one of those moments when that whole Walk In Faith part is imperative!

I can tell you brain and my heart are so in for the fight....I just need my body to cooperate. 

I can also tell you Journey has been chocked full of who am I to put limitations on what God can do! I just have to keep breathing, believing and battling! No limitations....More miracles!

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