Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Rope Holders

I walked into church this morning, got settled and opened the church program to see that the title of the sermon for the day was the following.

Jesus Is....Healer

The minute I saw those words I thought...Sign Me Up...I could use some healing!!

As I sat and listened there were several thoughts that struck a chord with me. 

The minister told the that I have heard many times...about 4 friends who carried their very ill friend on a mat to see hopes that he would be healed.  The friends knew of Jesus' healings of the sick and believed that He could help their friend. When they arrived, the crowd was so large that the men could not get into the building where Jesus was, they carried the man on the mat to the roof of the building, removed a portion of the roof and lowered the man down (using ropes) to the center of the in fact, ultimately be healed...rise up...and walk out the room...carrying the mat on which he had previously been confined.

After the minister finished the story, he asked this question,  Who are your "rope holders" and who are you a "rope holder for"?

Great question...I have had and do have many rope holders in my life.  Some long term and some only for a moment....but all have at times, carried me in my sickest, weakest moments to a place of healing...a place where I was given the opportunity to be healed....rise up...pick up my things and walk on my own. These rope holders are the conduit to the miracles of this Journey. They bring me to Jesus when I can't get there on my own.

The Minster said this today...Christianity is nothing if not relational.

This really is so true for me...As I look back on my Journey....there is not one moment that I have not had support, encouragement, prayer, guidance and inspiration relationally.  Other people's I like to call it...and ALL possible because of God's Grace...and ALL in relationship to His plan for each of us. I face a few challenges with my health....I am so gratefully aware of the many rope holders who lift me up and lead me to God's Grace so that I can continue on this Journey...One Step At A Time and be Healed.

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