Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Charming Gardeners

I saw this quote today and loved what it had to say...shared it with a friend...thought about it...and decided to write about it here.

It's funny...there really is not a day that goes by on this Journey that I am not supported, loved, encouraged and inspired to keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward.  Even on those days when I feel like I have lost my way...there is always someone there. The only difference on those lost days lies within me. 

The dedication it takes to move forward...the perspiration generated from my efforts and the inclination to do it all over again...day in and day out is achievable because of the "Charming Gardeners" that grace my life.

God has seen fit to plop me right down in the middle of some pretty skilled gardeners and these people help me cultivate this "better than ever" life I am going for...that I am trying to grow! 

I love the whole imagery of this quote....the idea that I am surrounded by a joyful group of happy horticulturists...that help me stay out of the weeds...keep me firmly planted in the ground and make sure that I bloom to my fullest potential! 

Trust me...at times, I have felt choked by the weeds along this Journey...but no matter how tough times get...there is nothing more powerful...more reviving...than the wonderful touch or the kindest words from one of the Charming Gardeners in my life. And you can trust this...to those people in those moments,  I am forever grateful!  

Thank you for helping this soul blossom...for keeping me grounded in God's plan  and for putting up with me when I am a "blooming idiot"....hehehe...couldn't resist!

You are ALL quite charming!

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